Sumsum Towers Karachi is deluxe project that is ready to warm welcome you in the royal living area which is well planned for your comfort. Are you looking for the complete new modern residential zone? would you like to see Shopping malls, Restaurants, Parks, Commercial market around your living? Are you dreaming to own the residential property which has greenery around you? If you are agree to my discussion the let’s plan to participate in my company because I am going to revealing the secret about new residential project in the boundary of Karachi.

Sumsum Towers Karachi Location Map
Sumsum Towers Karachi Payment Plan

Sumsum Tower Karachi is ready to offer you well planned living area having ready to live apartments. Here in one building you can enjoy lot of residential varieties including 2 bedroom apartment and 3 bed room apartments. These apartments totally changed the concept of life because when you found ventilated house with entertainment facilities under full security, definitely you feel royal.

Sumsum Towers Karachi

To know more about Sumsum Tower Karachi, observe following discussion.

Sumsum Towers Karachi Location Map

Sumsum Tower Karachi Location map allows you to easily access destination without follow difficult location map. If you are coming from inner areas of Karachi, you can even approach Sumsum Tower Karachi through clear way. I.B Soomro Ave Road directly leads you towards Sumsum Tower Karachi. Govt Primary School Jan Muhammad is located around about Sumsum Tower Karachi. If you talk about health care center or hospitals, you don’t need to cover more distance because Sindh Clinic and Ahmad Medical Center is located nearby Sumsum Tower Karachi. Local and branded food corners are actually admirable feature of Sumsum Tower Karachi, BBQ Express Restaurant Maymar Broast, Karachi BBQ Restaurant are food point closely connected to Sumsum Tower Karachi.

Sumsum Towers Karachi Location Map

For child entertainment well managed parks are planned under full security. On the right side of Sumsum Tower Karachi, you can visit Masjid Jamal for offering your prayers. Sumsum Tower Karachi has all these closely connected features because Sumsum Group select dominate location in the heart of Lahore.

Get ready to visit the actual location Sumsum Tower Karachi, and involve in the booking activities if you are planning to be a part of global hearted residential project.

Sumsum Towers Karachi Payment Plan

Sumsum Tower Karachi payment plan is mapped according to complete research of money cycle in Pakistan. Do you have any idea how can a single payment plan meet the requirement of all customers? You can see the clear answer in the single click of Sumsum Tower Karachi.  Economical property prices are waiting for you in the form of ready to live houses.

Sumsum Towers Karachi Payment Plan

If you talk about those customers who cannot afford complete payment at time, no worries Sumsum Tower Karachi Management has planned a outstanding installment schedule for you. get ready to own the outstanding living area for your bright future and profitable investment.


Sumsum Group is an expert name of mapping new project ideas, with implementing new idea developers are also experienced for arranging export and import business. But if you talk about Sumsum developers over all accurate expertise, you will be in shocked to see the previous project state of art because the projects are planned under high security and strict protocols. In the start of the developer’s career, they focus on the trading business both nationally and globally. After few year Sumsum Group turn/ enhance their business flow by taking step in real estate world. Sumsum Group deliver back to back blockbuster project for the development of different areas.

But now they are going to surprise all of your by launching landmark residential project in the form of Sumsum Tower Karachi. To know complete inner and surrounding details of Sumsum Tower Karachi, you have to scroll down your page and keep joining discussion.

Project Plan

A project is offering variety of residential flats for comfort living in the form of Sumsum Tower Karachi. The project is mapped on the basis of advance features having combination of all traditional and western luxuries. Sumsum Tower Karachi has unique property plan because it is offering different size apartment according to requirement of customers, both small and large combined families are warm welcome in Sumsum Tower Karachi.

But if you talk about facilities and comfort zone, you will found equality in all apartments. On the other hand, if you are worried by the myth of congested apartment environment, just forget about it. Because Sumsum Tower Karachi is actually implements to change the myth because here you can observe that each apartment is equally ventilated whether it has main location, corner location or center location.

Once you visit Sumsum Tower Karachi, you cannot feel difference that you are standing in the wide villas or Sumsum Tower Karachi apartment. On the behalf of current customers feedback, no ventilation, furnishing, conservative issues comes up.


Most attractive features are attached with property main features for mapping Sumsum Tower Karachi. Sumsum Tower Karachi is planned under the complete research of all customers requirements, you will be at your dream land by being a part of this admirable projects. Those who want perfection in their living, they must visiting Sumsum Tower Karachi at least once because you cannot stop yourself for applying booking in Sumsum Tower Karachi.

Here the project features slides are given below:

Sumsum Tower Karachi Main Project Features:

  • Electricity Availability
  • Sui Gas Supply
  • Pure clean water
  • Internet service
  • Wide corridors
  • Pure construction material usage
  • Ventilated apartments
  • Proper sewerage system
  • CCTV security
  • Security Guards

Sumsum Tower Karachi Project Nearby Features:

  • Nearby schools
  • Nearby health centers
  • Nearby commercial areas
  • Nearby restaurants
  • Nearby shopping malls

Sumsum Tower Karachi Lavish Essentials:

  • Entertainment zone
  • Kids playing area
  • Community Lawn and Gardens
  • Community Gym
  • Mosque
  • Community Centers
  • Satellite cable TV


Sumsum Towers Karachi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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