Are you looking for an authentic and best living experience in the historical and famous city called Lahore? If yes then your search is going to be ended soon after the establishment of Soha City Lahore which is on its way to acquiring the heights of success and popularity in the real estate sector. This new project is designed on such terms where the quality, price and facilities will be highly appealing to the clients. A sustainable and remarkable lifestyle could be achieved after choosing this place. It is planned to be developed on amazing landscape design, striking features and modern amenities which will increase the value and demand of this place.

A beneficial impact and residence are going to be offered through Soha city because of its fabulous location and affordable payment plan. The property value will be increased because of the location while the easy payment plan will attract prospective buyers. Even before the official launch, it has achieved a great progress and esteemed name by leaps and bounds. Several fascinations are part of this project as the place aims to help you build your dream house into a reality.

Combination of modernity and luxuries in this project is the foundation of building a pleasant and desirable residential environment. A clean, safe, caring and serviced residence is available to you in the form of Soha City Lahore which caters to the requirements of all. You would be fallen in love and desire to live here after visiting this place.

Soha City Lahore Location Map

Let’s discuss the locality of this project which is no doubt a crucial aspect to consider while deciding a place to live. This project is located on Rohi Nala Bypass which is connected to many important roads and spots. A good location determines a home’s value and same is the case with this project. It’s ideal and prime location levelled up its value as it is surrounded by many important places.  

This place is easily accessible from all over the city because of its easy and famous location. Soha city would become the most desirable for its tactical location and closeness to important places like business centers, hospitals, best of schools, shopping destination and entertainment zone.

Soha City Lahore Location Map


Who are the developers of this tremendous project? This is a very important question while choosing a house in a housing society. This project is developed by Soha developers who have shown great public concerns and excellence in the form of outclassing development.

Modern designs, provision of the latest conveniences and facilities, a variety of choice and an easy payment plan are the basics of this project. All these things are provided in the best possible way in order to upgrade the living standards of people. Their approach seems to be very unique and will earn them a remarkable position in the real estate sector.

Features and Facilities

You would get more than what you have desired for while living at this place. Plans for schools, hospitals, public transportation or other public infrastructure would radically improve property values of this society. Commercial development can also improve prosperity value. New public, commercial or residential developments are planned and consider how these additions might affect the desirability of the ideal living. The spacious and modern living is available to people with a lot of facilities and features which are crafted to perfection.

1. Safety and Security

This project lays emphasis on the safety aspect which is a very important aspect in today’s world. The security system is organized very highly and actively which assures a terror-free environment for people. CCTV cameras are fixed everywhere to keep an eye on all the suspicious matters around you. The monitoring staff and system are very high alert and active while checking at the entrance is very strict. The security system is managed by an experienced team to provide a best suited and safe living place.

2. Modern Infrastructure

A very large and developed road network is a part of this project where walking and driving would be a source of much ease and delight. Road security is and prevention from traffic mess is assured to people through advanced and international designed roads. There are also green belts along with roads which add more beauty to this place. The roads are extensive, neat and smooth on which walking and driving are really enjoyable. Quality construction material and exclusive planning of advanced infrastructure are the basis of this tremendous project called Soha City Lahore.

3. Electricity, Water and Gas Supply

While living at this place every household would have a proper access to clean water, electricity and Sui gas. Through the undergrounded electrification connections, the uninterrupted power supply is assured by this project. Major breakdowns could be avoided through this which is very convenient for people.

A water filtration plant is also a part of this project through which the residents would able to get clean and pure water. Sui gas supply will also be continuous even in the winter season.

4. Modern Sewerage

A very advanced and reliable drainage or sewerage system is developed in this project. All the pipelines are organized very carefully where people would be able to avoid the serious and trouble making drainage problems. The maintenance staff maintains the system on daily basis to assure a clean environment.

5. Parks and Playgrounds

Much land of this project is allotted to the greenery which is both need and demand of modern time. The parks are lush green while different plants and flowers are grown here which give a very pleasant sight. Walking or sitting among these beautiful parks are really a source of relaxation and delight. To provide a safest and enjoyable playing experience to children, special playing areas are also developed within the society.

6. Educational and Health Facilities

A plan is also being set to provide the best educational and health services to people. The establishment of High-level schools and hospitals is planned so that people can avail the best services very close to their residence. You would experience best health benefits and facilities while living in this place.


A home is much more than just an investment and it must be according to your dreams and desires.  Soha Housing Lahore aims to fulfil all these cravings of ideal living in the best possible manner. A quality, trust, and commitment have established in this tremendous venture which is a name of the trust. This place would help to fulfil the aspiration and desires of people in owning their dream houses very easily and conveniently.


Soha City Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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