Shazia Heights Lahore is a special project developed in Lahore with new trends and techniques. It is developed by an international development company which offers new ways of living to people. It is a multi-storey building that provides a chance to start the business here as it is offering shops to people who are interested. The location and surroundings are beneficial for both purposes. The design of this building is based on the concept of integrated development where you will find every facility within the place or at a few minutes walk from this place.

Shazia Heights Lahore Location Map
Shazia Heights Lahore Payment Plan

This sophisticated place is offering much more to you in a good and unique quality. Everything here is designed and established according to the people ambitions, needs and demands. If you do not compromise on anything less than an extraordinary, you will be really fascinated after visiting this place which is here to provide you more than ordinary. A new phase of development and style has been initiated in the real estate of Lahore with this top-class venture which combines luxury, style and comfort at one place.

Shazia Heights Lahore

Project Highlights

  • Modern Designed Building
  • Strategically Located
  • Secure Place with Modern Amenities
  • Multi-Storey Building
  • Tasteful Living Experience
  • Premium Residencial Apartments
  • Shops

Floor Plans 

  • Basement is specified for flats
  • Ground Floor is here for shops
  • 1st Floor to 5th floor there are luxurious flats again

Shazia Heights Lahore Location Map

This project is located at the most prestigious location, Bahria Town Lahore which ensures you never really need to step out of your neighbourhood for facilities and basic needs of life. This place is offering you all very close to your doorstep. This place is really very beneficial and outstanding to live or for business purposes. It is the top-class location with the best surroundings. You will be able to enjoy a great connectivity to many important roads and projects here.

Shazia Heights Lahore Location Map

You will never feel your self out of conveniences and facilities while living here. It is a very ideal living or business place where you will be packed with comforts all the time. The closeness to important schools, roads, hospitals and transportation make it a very desirable address for modern investors as this type of location is more beneficial and attractive. The value and demand of this locality have already increased much while it is increasing more and more with the passage of time. It is really a right time to own a property here for the best returns which are guaranteed with this developed location.

Shazia Heights Lahore Payment Plan

Book your property here while following a very convenient and easy payment plan. Never miss this chance to avail such valuable property which is available to you very easily. This convenience in the payments may not remain the same in the future because of the constantly growing financial status of this locality and properties here. The prices are very reasonable of flats as well as of shops.

Shazia Heights Lahore Payment Plan

It guarantees the best returns to you of your money in form of enormous benefits it will offer you during your stay here or while doing a business. Easy instalments policies have also been introduced with the specific down payment at the initial stage. The quick possession of your property is ensured without being indulged in complex terms and conditions. The detailed payment plan is given below:


The high class and quality development status force us to think who are the developers of such an outstanding project? It is a well-established project by Crescent Elite Limited which is an international based company who have established this project exactly on international designs, plannings and ideas. the global approach of this place makes it very popular among people while the developers established it in such a way which make it one of the top-class projects of Lahore with new standards and unique quality.

Outstandingly developed, each and everything is constructed with quality building material while making it a significant mark on the real estate of Lahore. Foreign engineers, designers and planners participated with much interest to provide a place of elevated standards and quality which is highly appealing. The modern infrastructure with high development status makes it the most desirable asset to own a property here.

Facilities and Features 

While offering enormous facilities to you, this place is the most desirable one for all who want to actually live among comforts. This project is established with the vision to offer something more than the expectations of people. You will find yourself facilitated in each and every aspect of your life after being a part of this sophisticated building. Indulge in luxuries and comforts after choosing Shazia Heights as your business or living asset. Let’s go through all the facilities and features this project is packed with.

  • Beneficial Surroundings
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Smart Security System
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • 24/7 Electricity Supply
  • World-Class Development
  • Car Parking Area
  • Business Opportunities
  • Developed Location
  • Luxurious Living Spaces


Shazia Heights Lahore is one of the top-class projects which encompasses luxury, peace and exclusivity. It is the best choice for those who really want to enjoy an out-class living and business experience with the best amenities. You will find this place really very attractive and it is the right time to book your property here for golden opportunities in near future.


Shazia Heights Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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