Here a best residential project called Shahzada Sweet Towers is going to present luxury, class and quality. This high residential venture is based on high and most exclusive ideas of development. Located on the top address of Karachi, it is a mega project where desirable living conditions are available to you. This secure, modern and distinctive residential building is becoming the centre of attention of almost all the people.

Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi Location Map
Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi Payment Plan

A very memorable living experience you will get here exactly according to the latest trends and technologies. This beautifully crafted building is attracting a large number of people towards it to own a place here. Your life will become very easy, comfortable and remarkable after becoming the part of Shahzada Sweet Towers. It is emerging as the most exceptional and desirable living hub.

Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi

The building and flats within are sophisticatedly designed with modern trends. This place is a perfect presentation of undefined class and luxury while packed with all the world-class amenities. The apartments are perfect to live an out-class and delightful life for families. Every aspect of their life will be highly facilitated whereas living would be more enchanting than ever.

Apartments’ Amenities 

  • Fully Furnished
  • Quality Construction
  • Glass Windows
  • Best Ceiling
  • Extensive Rooms
  • TV Lounge
  • Modern Accessories and Fixtures
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Leisure Amenities

Property Types and Floor Plan

  • 1st Floor to 3rd Floor 

3 Bed Flats of 1,487 Sq. Ft (Type A)

  • 4th Floor to 6th Floor 

3 Bed Flats of 1,487 Sq. Ft (Type A)

  • 6th Floor to 8th Floor 

3 Bed Flats of 1,487 Sq. Ft (Type A)

Shahzada Sweet Tower Karachi Location Map

This place shares a very ideal and tactical location of Karachi which increases its market value and attraction. It is located on Lyari Expressway which is a very well-known location. It is a very well-known area which enjoys great connectivity to the important parts and places of the city.

Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi Location Map

Important schools, hospitals, transportations and roads are closely connected to this place while making the location very beneficial and facilitated for all. Along with the facilities it a very peaceful and beautiful location for this city, You can approach it easily and it enjoys good links to the main roads and areas of this place.

The value and demand of such location are very much in the market. Thus it is increasing more and more with the passage of time. Modern buyers are highly interested and attracted to this place because of everything and most importantly because of its location. It is an ideal and very developed area to live.

Shahzada Sweet Towers Payment Plan

A very convenient and affordable payment plan is here for you. This place is developed for special public concerns, to provide them with a place of their dreams full of luxuries. All this is available to people with a very easy and affordable payment plan.

Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi Payment plan

Flexible instalment policies are also available through which you can book your flat with a certain down payment. All the prices and policies are designed according to the needs and desires of people. Its payment plan is very attractive and appealing where you can buy luxuries and comforts without being troubled about high prices.

A very bright opportunity is available for all those people who find it difficult to raise their standards to a new level as they find money as a barrier. With the establishment of Shahzada Sweet Towers, there is no need to be worried about high prices. The detailed payment plan is given below for you. Have a look at it.

The Developers

Highlighted with excellence and quality, this project is developed by Sweet Enterprises. This is a very new and top-class development in the real estate of Karachi where you will find your self indulged in luxuries and quality. Everything is so well-established here which makes it the best development with many attractions.

A very suitable location is chosen by the developers to build in the project which has become the name of reliability and brilliance. It has packed enormous attraction s within itself for the people. The high-quality professionalism of developers is evident from each and every part of this place. Marvellous ideas are being applied everywhere.

Here a blend of modernity with the luxuries and affordability make it the top-class development and choice for all. All the world-class amenities are made available to you. Experts and modern architects are hired to make sure the availability of the best and something incredible. This idea is highly maintained by the developers and you will also approve it after visiting this place by yourself.

Features and Facilities

The residents of Shahzada Towers Karachi can experience all those facilities and comforts they want o have for you in their life. No aspect of life is left in which people are not facilitated by this place. It is a highly appealing and exceptional place which is offering world-class amenities to people.

A wide range of exclusive facilities and features are here to provide comforts at every walk of your living here. Shahzada Sweet towers Karachi is an exclusive place to spend a life while packed with every essential. Life is very easy and pleasurable here at this place. You cannot avoid the premium options it is giving to its residents. All is established in a very convincing way for you. Let’s have a look at all the facilities:

  • Modern Designed Building
  • Quality Construction
  • Spacious Lobbies
  • Parking Space
  • High-Alert Security
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Reception
  • Power Backup
  • Gym
  • Praying Area
  • Modern Elevators
  • RO Plant
  • Proper Water Supply


Come to book your flat here in Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi which is a place of your dreams. If you want to have a life with a remarkable status then choose this place as your living asset.

You will find each and everything highly appealing including the location, payment plan, class and quality of this project. It is a worth living place from all the aspects with its modern and unique standings in the real estate market.


Shahzada Sweet Towers Karachi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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