The population of Karachi is growing fast with every day passage; this is due to available opportunities of business and employment in City. Karachi is also ranked as most affordable city of World in terms of available facilities. This creates problem of land and place. There are two solutions to overcome to this situation, first one is to develop and start new housing projects in city, but this option result in expansion of city and people may strive for reaching to specific spot of city. Other option is to start projects which are offers apartment life style to pool people in surroundings of main city. Sarah Dreams features same idea to play it’s role in providing affordable residential solution.


Sarah Dreams Karachi is a recent addition to Karachi Apartment life style. It linked to North Karachi 4K Square. More specifically Sarah Dreams Apartments are located just before KDA Flats.


-          Located on 300 feet wide road

-          Capsule lifts

-          Standby Generators

-          Top roof Terrace

-          Parking code wise

-          Intercom facility make it easy for communicate

-          Ground floor dedicated for commercial usage

Price Review:

Sarah Dreams Apartments offers unbelievable low price plan, cash price starts from as low as 6,99,000, while you can select installment plan as well starting from 15000 only with 5000 monthly installment plan. Apartments of 3, 4 and 5 rooms are available.