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Sandal Residencia Lahore is here to turn out your dreams of ideal living into reality. It is a new residential project in Lahore, which is offering quality properties in various sizes to people. Those who are looking to buy property for the best living experience in Lahore, this project have exceptional opportunities. You will be able to elevate your lifestyle to a high level by becoming part of this place. A very well known group of developers have established this place with the ideas of modernism. You will find the desirable living here surrounded by the best facilities of life all the time.

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Lahore is becoming the centre of many remarkable real estate developments. In the current time, the residential demands have grown so much. The population has increased while the living standards have also changed. Everyone is looking for the best residential solutions to live remarkably. People want to shift their lifestyle to an elevated level, which is both the need and demand of the current time. That is why the developers are working and establishing the best living spaces which provide people with affordable yet exclusive living experience.

People are continually moving to housing societies to find out the lifestyle of their dreams. Keeping in view all these aspects, the developers of Sandal city Lahore aim to provide an exceptional living to all. This affordable project has so much to offer its residents so that they can get the best value and standards. Sandal Residencia is not only best for a living but also an ideal investment place in Lahore. The demand and worth of property here is very high in the current time, which will be increased excellently in the future.


sandal residencia

The properties for sale in Sandal Residencia Lahore are available in the best prices and equipped with all kind of facilities. The developed residential plots and homes you can buy with an affordable price plan. The amount is payable on the easy installment plan. Current status and value of this place are very high because of its tactical location and beneficial surroundings. High development approach also makes it the sought-after community to achieve an incredible life here where all you need are considered highly in every sphere.

Living and investing here will be a source of much delights and comforts. The luxuries and quality are at the core of this place, which is a perfect picture of dream living area. Here everything is appropriately designed to meet the international standard living. The plots and houses are available enriched with all the facilities. You will be able to acquire a smart lifestyle based on exclusivity.

Owing a place here is the key to futuristic benefits along with the accomplishment of your dream about an ultimate living. Sandal Residencia housing scheme will bring all the exclusive and proper way of living with the modern infrastructure and urbanized standard.Every moment of your life here with your loved ones will be memorable and unique, having luxuries and comforts around.

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Recent Update

Sandal Residencia Lahore has successfully launched the residential plots of 5 Marla and 3 Marla. All the plots are available here at the best community location while having necessary facilities including the electricity, Sui gas and water connections along with the best road links. The homes are also planned to make the part of this community so that people can immediately shift to attain the smart lifestyle. Booking for the residential properties is open now on the rule of first-come, first-serve basis. 

After the residential side, the developers have now decided to fulfill the commercial needs of people. People want to gain tremendous benefits by purchasing a commercial property here as this community is enjoying the most tactical location and becoming popular day by day. That is why the 2 Marla commercial plots are going to be part of this housing scheme soon. Like residential properties, these plots will also be equipped with every facility. The payment plan and other details about commercial plots for sale in Sandal Residencia have  announced with easy installment policies. Keep in touch with us to get informed about the more latest news and updates about this place.

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Project Plan

This community aims to be one of the premium housing schemes in Lahore, offering something unique to its inhabitants. The builders first planned everything properly so that a well-established living and investment place can be provided to people. The needs of people are considered by the planners to support them in the right way. The homes are also planned to make part here to assure the quality yet affordable lifestyle to all.


project plan

All the essential utilities of life, including health, educational, recreational, and commercial, are made part of this housing society to cater to the needs of those who choose this place to live.  The best location is selected by the developers to improve the accessibility and for golden investment opportunities. This place is beautifully crafted where the residents will revitalize and relish every day of their lives in the beauty of nature and best of facilities. The designers and engineers give proper attention to every single detail to make it a promising place in every manner.

Here 5 Marla plots are available with the advanced approach where you can make your dream home, which elevated styles. All the society enjoys the extensive road network where the inner roads are 30 feet wide and 60 feet wide entrance roads. There are many small and large parks and green spaces while the central community park is so beautifully maintained, which can be a source of great entertainment for the residents. Every facility of life is available in the community, which makes it a complete city in itself. The smart features and technologies are made part of this place sufficient to live.

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Development Status


development status

Sandal Residencia Lahore Location Map

Location is the most crucial factor while deciding on any place to live or invest.  The value, importance and worth of places will be doubled when it has a prime location.  That is why Sandal Residencia Lahore is sharing a very best and tactical location of Lahore with you. The project holds one of the ideal and core locations of the city and found to be located near Shahkan chowk and Defence Road which links it to the Izmir Town Road.

It enjoys the proximity and connection to many essential developments in Lahore. Jubilee Town Lahore is also closely available. The developments are still happening here, which indicates that the worth of this locality will grow in the future. It is the best place for new real estate investors who are in search of a potential destination offering golden opportunities to all.


Sandal Residencia Location

The location of Sandal Residencia Lahore is one of the ideals is it has access to all main areas and spots. It has excellent access to restaurants, commercial centres, health and educational institutions of the city. The place is also surrounded by a peaceful environment, including the green spaces and landscapes which allow you to live in an ideal ay away from the noise.

Here you will find out the real comforts of life and peace of mind. The modern investors and buyers will find out this location suitable to cater to all their purposes and cravings. Everyone who chooses to buy a place here will be able to make the best of their money because of such a strategic location. Anyone can easily access this community from all over the city as it enjoys the best road links while many important highways are intimately connected. All this make Sandal Residencia a perfect and well-connected place to live. 

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Sandal Residencia Lahore Payment Plan

Property prices in Lahore have risen very high in the current time. People who are intended to buy plots or any other properties find it difficult at the time to buy. Those who want to elevate their living standards are finding the high prices obstacle to achieve their aims and dreams. At this time, Sandal Residencia has come to surface with a lot of golden and appealing options for people. 

The payment plan for this project has been announced, and it grabbed the heart of many people towards this place. It is very well-organized with easy terms and reasonable payment prices. All the properties are very reasonably priced and waiting for you to own them and start living happily. It is a place which has been developed to cater to the residential and investment needs of people excellently. It is offering very affordable solutions to people where they can boo their desired property very quickly. Here the residential plots are available while soon the commercial property will also available for you. The prices of plots are very attractive while you can own them easily through a very convenient booking procedure.


 sandal residencia payment plan

Sandal Residencia Developers

The project has developed by Panjtan Pak Developers who have been serving the real estate of Pakistan for many years as leading contractors. It is the most exclusive and top-class project of these developers who are introducing the latest and most advanced ideas of living to people. This place is established in an unusual way where the living and investment ensures vast profits to you. We can easily see that the real estate of Lahore is rising high day by day. Many top-class developments here have altered the living standards of people by introducing new ways to them. Many developers are putting efforts to provide the best to people by adopting different approaches.

The developers of this project are contributing remarkably to flourish the real estate and to give people profits in true sense. The current ideas and demands of people, as well as the real estate market trends are highly kept in view by the developers so that the modern investors and clients find out the substantial value of money.  

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Facilities and Features

- Advanced Community Design 

- High Alert Security System 

- Boundary Walls 

- Excelent Road Network

- Pure Drinking Water 

- Uninterrupted Electricity Supply 

- Advanced Sewerage System 

- Parks and Playgrounds 

- Ideal Location close to important areas

- Green Belts 

- Wide Carpeted Roads 

- Mini Golf Course 

- Commericla Sector 

 - Schools & Hospitals 

- Gymnasium 

- Central Mosque 

- LED Street Lights 


Sandal Residencia Lahore is the best place to invest in real estate. The project is initiated to provide the people with a more developed, affordable, well-managed and luxurious life which have all necessary conveniences.  The urbanization and living standards of people will change those who choose this place. For developing the best home and investing at the best location Sandal Residencia Lahore is your ideal place which will provide you with the best and the more facilitating environment. Do not miss this chance and be a part of Sandal Residencia, which is worth living in every aspect.

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