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Project Highlights

- Located on Adyala Road Rawalpindi

- Spread over 3,000 Kanal of Land

- NOC Approved

- 5, 7, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal Residential Plots

- 4, 8 Marla & 1 Kanal Commercial Plots

- 4 & 8 Kanal Farm Houses

- Booking from 15%

- Well Designed Community

- Easy 48 Monthly Installment Plan

- Modern Lifestyle Amenities 

Rudn Enclave is a gated residential project on Adyala Road Rawalpindi offering great investment options to all. Developed by Rmrsco Pvt. Ltd, it is a topmost real estate development in Pakistan where residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale, and farmhouses for sale are available at attractive rates. A great investment chance is waiting for investors to gain huge profits. This housing scheme will be the hub of commercial and industrial activities as many big projects are going on around.

Project Plan

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Residential Plots for Sale

Commercial Plots for Sale

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Facilities and Features

Rudn Enclave is a golden opportunity for you to build your dream home at the most secure, beautiful, and peaceful locality of Rawalpindi. You will be able to spend a facilitated and quality lifestyle in the midst of world-class amenities. The green surroundings along with the amazing meadows provide an incredible serenity to you so that you can keep your bond strong with nature while enjoying advancement in every way.

Every piece of land here is unique and prime however the farmhouse living will surely be a great experience for you and your family. This huge development is spread over various Kanal of lands featuring great living and commercial options for potential investors and buyers. National and international town planning skills are utilized in order to make it a hallmark of luxury.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

The place is ideal not only for living but also for investment purposes. As we know that Rawalpindi is a hub for the best real estate investments. Rudn Enclave is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad. You can book a residential and commercial property with much affordability as the developers have arranged Rudn Enclave payment plan according to the convenience of middle-income people.

Those who want to raise their living standards with ease of prices must consider this place. Ideal location, advanced development planning, and availability of premium facilities make Rudn Enclave one of the best real estate developments in Islamabad. An incredible sort of lifestyle is available to you with much affordability.

Rudn Enclave housing scheme is a highly ambitious project planned to be a safe and beneficial investment hub. The collection of commercial plots, farmhouses, apartments, and other residential lands makes it capable to cater to the needs and demands of various people.

This prime community is best for regeneration where the incredible properties make it one of Rawalpindi's top housing projects. The inspirational surroundings and community assets such as commercial areas, supermarkets, recreational spaces, and vast open areas increase its value and demand.

Residential, commercial, and investment, all kinds of cravings can be fulfilled here in the best possible way. Though the development work is under process, still the properties here enjoy the high value and guaranteed future return. Moreover, a family-oriented environment along with attractive features helps you to achieve an active lifestyle. Residents will enjoy amazing access to the main roads, best shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and more.

Best residential and investment opportunities await you in this housing scheme. People are showing great interest to invest here because of the futuristic benefits, affordability, and world-class status. Many properties are already booked and limited plots are available now. It is the best time to be a part of this best housing scheme in Islamabad to live and invest for futuristic benefits. Let's consider other important details of this project!

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Project Plan

Developed by RMRSCO (Pvt). Ltd. Rudn Enclave is a master-planned gated community in Islamabad offering the best properties for sale. Spread over 3000 Kanal land, Rudn Enclave is the largest residential development. Society is sub-divided into three parts i.e Sector A, Sector B, and Sector C. In all the parts, the development work is going on at a fast pace.

This place consists of residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and apartments so that the needs and demands of various clients can be fulfilled. Rudn Enclave is planned and designed by NesPak that is a prestigious government company. The best designers, architects, and planners contribute to making a sustainable and advanced living community for people where they could spend a quality lifestyle.

This housing scheme is planned in a unique and appealing way. The impressive architectural designs are applied everywhere surrounded by beautiful meadows and lush green landscapes. While designing and planning this community, the main considerations are to develop the overall design of a society that facilitates people and ensures a quality way of living for the residents. Safety, security, and long term sustainability are key elements that are kept in view for Rudn Enclave project plan.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Master Plan

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The main aim of the developers is to provide a sustainable community to people by creating a high-quality living environment. Here people could enjoy the basic necessities of life and can move easily within the society. You can avail world-class features and facilities including education, health, recreation, shopping, grocery, and transports in order to lead a convenient life. A walkable and compact neighborhood is promoted in the development and designing of this community.

Everything here such as streets, structure, landscapes, residential units, commercial areas, and open spaces are planned within the urbanized framework. The best interrelationship is developed between all these places in order to make a proper living space. The quality of residential development is extremely high due to the close proximity of parks, streetscape, residential and commercial areas. Rudn Enclave enjoys a coherent structure exactly according to international community planing.

There are various options available for those who are looking for affordable properties with excellent future value.

Residential Plots for Sale

Rawalpindi is considered the most important and beautiful city where living would surely be an incredible experience. Residence here is a matter of numerous conveniences as all kinds of facilities are closely available. Moreover, you will get the best returns on your investment due to the ideal location, advanced community planning, and high real estate value. You can book your desired residential plot in Rudn Enclave at very affordable rates. The following residential plot sizes are available here:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots for Sale

Rudn Enclave is a highly valuable project from a commercial point of view. Commercial plots in Rudn Enclave are available at a very reasonable price plan. It is an upcoming commercial hub where the return on your investment and business is extremely high. The developed location and growing value of the properties make it ideal to invest for commercial purposes. Rudn Enclave commercial plots are available in the following categories:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Farmhouses for Sale

Those who are looking for a tranquil, natural, and peaceful living will find their destination in Rudn Enclave. Here farmhouse lands are available at the best prices that ensure the quality way of living and best returns to you. Rudn Enclave farmhouses are available in the following sizes from which you can choose according to your requirement:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Rudn Enclave is the best place to invest in because of its peaceful surroundings, availability of modern amenities, high development planning, and most important is affordability. A very convenient and flexible price plan is introduced by the developers of this scheme. People are feeling much inclined to buy property with such attractive rates. The future value, rates, and demand of all the properties here will encounter a great boost in the coming time.

You can book commercial plots, residential plots, and farmhouses easily. Booking starts with just 15% of down payment followed by 4 years easy installment plan. Such a convenient and appealing payment plan allows you to own your dream home without going out of your budget. You can also make futuristic investment benefits at this top real estate development.

Rudn Enclave Payment Plan 2021

The aim of this project is to provide great opportunities for everyone. Average-income people can also become property owners because of the convenient 4-year installment plan. Usually, people find it difficult to buy property because of the high prices. Rudn Enclave has resolved this problem excellently while allowing everyone to make real estate investment in Islamabad to gain exceptional advantages.

The requirements and demands of the clients are highly kept in view while planing this community. We can see special public concerns in the Payment plan of Rudn Enclave because of the convenient modes it is offering to clients. Booking procedure is very simple without any ambiguities. Through the easy installments, customers can buy their desired property with the minimum down payment. Such kind of payment plan enables everyone to take step towards booking their home, commercial land, or farmhouse.

A variety of properties with a convenient mode of payment encourage a lot of people to fulfill their residential or investment needs. The detailed Rudn Enclave payment plan containing all the details and information is given below for you. Have a look!

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Rudn Enclave Location Map

Rudn Enclave is situated on Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. This project is initiated in the most urbanized setting as such kind of location is important in recent time. It is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a property for investment or living. Rudn Enclave fulfills all the requirements in this regard as this society enjoys a well-connected and easily accessible location.

The surroundings are beautiful and beneficial however various important developments are situated around this scheme. DHA Phase 4 and Bahria Town Phase 8 extension are closely connected to Rudn Enclave. Almost 20 new housing projects are developed at this location making it commercial, residential, and investment hub. A lot of amenities and modern features are available within a walking distance. This high-quality urban development enjoys sustainable neighborhoods while the accessibility is extremely good. 

It is a strategic location that connects you to the most important parts of the city. Such connectivity increases the value and demand of residential as well as commercial properties in Rudn Enclave. The surroundings are facilitated and beautiful at the same time. High mountains and lush green landscapes provide residents with a peaceful ambiance away from the hustle and bustle. New Islamabad International Airport is just 5 to 10 minutes' drive away however Giga Mall, T-chowk, and Zero point via Kashmir Highway are also near this society.

Property investment will surely be a long-term and fruitful here as soon this area will become a real estate hub in Rawalpindi. The prices of all the properties are suitable for investors in the current time that will increase in the future because of this rich and developing locality. From the investment, business, and residential perspective, it is the most favorite and best location to buy property in Islamabad.

A lot of buyers and investors are attracting to this housing scheme mainly because of its high development aims and central location. A lot of attractions such as parks, restaurants, hospitals, schools, transportation and recreational places are close to this place. The families can easily start living here as they can find the best of lifestyle and basic amenities very close to their residence. 

Rudn Enclave location

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Development Status

In Rudn Enclave, the development work has already started in all the blocks. Almost 25% of the development has completed while the remaining work is going on rapidly. Heavy and latest machinery is working to complete the development soon. The latest ideas and methods are applying to construction, infrastructural development, and roads. After the completion of the development work, the demand and value of the properties will surely increase to give the best returns to investors.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Development work

Reasons to Invest in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

A lot of people are investing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad as many renowned developers have introduced the best real estate projects there. Islamabad real estate is growing so much because of which people are showing great interest to buy commercial and residential properties in this city. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan with a lot of amazing living and investment opportunities for potential buyers.

Rudn Enclave is one of the best housing schemes in Rawalpindi. The best town planners and developers are providing incredible options to people to become part of this place. When buying a home for your family, you have to consider a lot of things in order to make a wise decision. When so many great developments are here, you must find an opportunity that suits your need, budget, and desires.

Rudn Enclave has made it easy and simple as this housing society is proposing ideal opportunities at the competitive prices in a developed location. It is exactly what you are looking for in your investment or living place. The growing demand for properties indicates that the coming value of this place is high. Your investment today will give you desirable returns and excellent value for your money in the future. Here are the main reasons for investing in Rudn Enclave that is a new development with a lot of amazing features.

  • The real estate of Islamabad will surely encounter a boom through this project. This housing scheme is located at one of the most popular locations of Rawalpindito buy properties and gain benefits. New constructions around and the development work within the community is making this place the best real estate choice to secure your money. 
  • It is the safest and excellent place to live and invest. The lowest crime rate at this place along with the developed surroundings makes it your top choice to live and invest.
  • Location is another important element to consider. Due to the central location of Rudn Enclave, it can be accessed easily from all parts of the city. Not only the accessibility is excellent but the location is beneficial from an investment point of view.
  • A lot of leisure options are available here so that you can enjoy a desirable lifestyle. You will be able to spend a quality way of living while surrounded by such leisure features that redefine the meaning of urbanization.
  • Investment in Rudn enclave is a matter that looks positive in the light of high development status, advanced infrastructure, and modern town planning.
  • This place ensures that residents of this housing scheme enjoy a healthy, visually appealing, and safe living environment with much affordability. 

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Facilities & Features 

Those who want to lead a comfortable, facilitated, and remarkable living, must consider Rudn Enclave. This housing scheme aims to provide a great level of comfort to the residents. Living here would be am incredible experience while surrounded by all the basic and exceptional amenities.

Social, recreational, educational, health, shopping, and transportation, all kind of facilities are available within walking distance. You will be able to enjoy immense luxury and conveniences while enjoying world-class features. Global standards and concepts are kept in mind while planing this place.

A lot of benefits and comforts are attached to this gated community while it enjoys easy access from various roads. In a safe and secure environment, the most desirable features and facilities are provided to people to meet their expectations. The following amenities are available in Rudn Enclave to make a remarkable improvement to your living quality. Have a look! 

- High Alert Security 

A safe and secure living environment is available to the residents in this housing scheme. 24/7 high alert security staff and surveillance systems are always active to ensure a peaceful ambiance. 

- Supermarkets 

Various supermarkets and grocery stores are closely situated so that the residents can fulfill their daily needs easily. People do not need to go far away to get the basic necessities of life while living in Rudn Enclave. 

- Theme park & Landscapes

A theme park in Rudn Enclave is one of the most attractive features of this gated community. This project is situated at the most beautiful location of Rawalpindi and that is why it is surrounded by amazing landscapes and meadows. 

- Commercial area

A considerable land is specified for commercial purposes in Rudn Enclave. People can fulfill all their commercial needs however it increases the value and demand of properties in this housing scheme. 

- Shopping center

The residents of this place can have the best shopping experience without going far away. Remarkable shopping plazas and shops are closely connected to this place where people can find everything they need. 

- Restaurants and 5-star hotel 

Well-known food courts and restaurants are available within the community where people can enjoy delicious meals. A luxurious 5-star hotel is also planned to be part of this project where the best dining, recreational, and dining facilities will be provided. 

- Schools 

Renowned schools and educational institutions close to Rudn Enclave ensure a quality education for the children. These schools are suitable for providing a high standard of education however all these institutions are easily reachable.

- Hospitals

In case of emergency, people do not need to waste time to get medical aid as best hospitals and clinics are there. Rudn Enclave aims to provide complete relief and comfort to its residents. These hospitals are equipped with professional staff and the latest equipment so that patients can get the best medical care.

- Water Filtration Plant

Rudn Enclave has its own water filtration plant through which the residents will be able to acquire pure drinking water. Neat and clean water is a basic necessity of the current time. That is why the management of this place has given considerable attention to providing uninterrupted and filtered water to people. 

- Advanced sewerage 

For environmental protection, an advanced sewerage system is installed throughout the community. An effective waster water treatment system is managed for exceptional circumstances. The sewerage pipelines are also undergrounded and arranged according to the latest techniques. 

- Graveyard

The society has it's own spacious and wide graveyard. A considerable area is specified for the graveyard however it may be expended more with the passage of time according to need. 

- Playgrounds 

Beautiful wide playgrounds are also made part of this development in Rawalpindi. People can spend cheerful time with their loved ones in these parks and playgrounds. Children can play easily there without creating trouble for others. 

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