Industrial Estates are most important developed area of any city which plays important role in the success of a city. Lahore is a metropolitan city and its economy based on both agriculture and industries. Talking about industrial areas of Lahore Kot Lakhpat and Kala Shah Kaku are well known and developed Industrial Estate of Lahore whereas Kot Lakhpat is the foremost and most developed Industrial Area of Lahore with numerous facilities.


The area previously known as Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate and spans over about 565 Acers of land. The area is divided into 477 Industrial plots while the project to develop an industrial Estate started in 1960s with an aim to offer industrial plots of 1 Kanal to 100 Kanal. Availability of several facilities makes the Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate hot favorite one and people are mostly looking for plots and place in the area. The managing authority is LDA while the previous managing authority was Housing & Physical Government of Punjab.


The Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate is located on prime location of Lahore City i.e. Township and Green Town are located on Western side of QIE, Eastern side faces Faiz Ahmad Faiz Road and Lahore Race Club, Northern side faces Maulana Shakuat Ali Road and Kot Lakhpat Railway Station. The Southern side is yet to develop. The area is a big source of employment for public and people comes from not only Lahore and also from other cities of province Punjab. About 50,000 thousands employees alongwtih 10,000 females are working in QIE.

Following industries are existed in Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate Lahore:



Dyeing & Printing



Auto Parts



Food & Beverages

Facilities that are part of QIE include Electricity, Water Supply, Roads, Sui Gas and Sewerage. The area is protected by armed security guards while an active fire fighting system is always ready to tackle any fire broke out.