This project is highly developed by PIA Employees Welfare Trust. This new residential project aims to provide an ideal and best sort of living to people according to global standards. Various size residential plots are available which are equipped with basic necessities. The main concern of this venture is to provide a standardized and quality existence to PIA employees so the venture is highly established according to advanced modes and trends.

A best, comfortable, deluxe and secure residential experience is available for the residents of PIAEWT. One can acquire a place of one’s settled vision or dreams here at very convenient payments. Adorned with all the modern amenities and features this place draws the attention of people considerably towards it.

The prime location of this feature along with other facilities is really attractive as it is surrounded by a serene atmosphere while beneficial spots are also near to this. PIAEWT is an ideal place to live in every way as the land is packed with everything one wants to live remarkably. All the essential amenities one will find at this one place to live in a desirable way.

Project Plan

This is a very huge project spread over many Kanals of land. The land is divided into different blocks while various property types are there. 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marla residential plots are available to provide the best living and investment opportunities. The development work is going on very rapidly and successfully. Everything in this project is designed in a very exceptional and exclusive way.

PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi Location Map

Now let’s discuss the awesome location of this venture. It is situated near New International Airport while closely link to Fateh Jang Road and Motorway. This housing scheme is located on a very prime as well as the beautiful location of Rawalpindi.

Among stunning mountains and lush green environment, a healthy and peaceful living is accessible. Many beneficial spots are closely situated in this place which is a source of many conveniences.

PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi Payment Plan

PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi Payment Plan

An exclusive and standardized lifestyle is obtainable now very easily and in an affordable range as the payment plan of this society is highly convenient. Plots can be booked on cash payment while 3 years instalment strategy with 20% down payment at the start is also introduced. Plot prices are less for the PIA employees as compared to the common public because this is a project especially organized for PIA employees. Here is the payment plan for this tremendous venture which is highly attractive to people. The payment plans are separately introduced for the general public and PIA employees.

For PIA Employees

PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi Payment Plan for PIA EmployeesFor Overseas Pakistanis

PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi for Overseas Pakistanis


This project is developed by Airline Associates & Developers (Pvt) Ltd to provide an exclusive and outstanding way of living to people. It is developed especially for the PIA employees and it is designed and established on international standards. Exceptional values and standards are provided to people through the excellent planning, quality services and features this project offers.

Features and Facilities

This project is packed with enormous features and facilities while offering an ideal place to live excellently. The place is full of modern amenities where desirable lifestyle waiting for you in a very convenient payment plan. Following are the features and facilities the place offers to its residents.

1. Safety & Security

The place is highly secured and protected as the security system is high alert and active which assure the peaceful environment to people. The monitoring staff is very careful and alert while monitors all the circumstances keenly. The central security system is organized according to advanced modes and techniques where people experience a safe and sound existence.

2. Electricity

The electricity is supplied to people properly and they do not need to be troubled about electricity failures or load shedding. High-quality wiring and undergrounded electrification system have made this place free from the major breakdowns in the result of a bad climate. The proper electricity is assured to people which are a very attractive feature of this place.

3. Clean and Pure Water

Clean and pure water is supplied to people as it is really a blessing for people because clean and pure water is not available easily in the present time. The society has its own water filtration plant which provides pure filtered water which is very necessary to stay healthy.

4. Modern Sewerage

Sewerage and drainage problems are very serious and trouble creating. PIAEWT organized a very modern and advanced sewerage system. Quality pipelines are used everywhere while the maintenance staff maintains the whole system on regular basis in order to avoid the serious issues regarding this aspect.

5. Central Mosque

There is society’s own mosque which is established according to modern architecture. The society’s interior and exterior is very beautiful while it is equipped with every basic feature and facility. The mosque is built for the residents while it is also a symbol of Muslim unity.

6. Parks and Playgrounds

The place is one of the most beautiful and pleasant residential places of Rawalpindi. The surroundings are very peaceful and eye-catching while there are many small and large parks within the community. Walking and sitting in these beautiful parks is a source of great pleasure. A separate playground and sports area are also available where children can play in their leisure time.

7. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is available within the society where people can go to have a good time. A swimming pool in this project is added so that people can go there to get relaxed and fit. It is a source of entertainment and a very attractive feature of this project.


If you crave to lead a secure, luxurious and advanced way of living PIAEWT is a perfect choice. It is the finest solution to one’s residential issue. This project is designed to provide a place full of comforts and luxuries in all the ways while in a very convenient payment plan.

Come and be a part of this place to experience a totally new and unique residence you have never experienced before.


PIAEWT Housing Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment plan - Details
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