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Project Highlights

- Shopping and Business Opportunities

- Located in Etihad Town

- Shops and Offices

- Booking with 30% down payment

- 24 Monthly Installments

- High Rental Income

- Innovative Interior and Exterior

The palace mall is the best commercial development in Lahore, located in Etihad Town, where the best investment, retail, and rental opportunities are available to potential buyers. This place embodies a fast vibe and a cosmopolitan, making it one of the top real estate developments to buy commercial property with very attractive rates. This place is very much linked and connected to the relevant parts because of which people can reach it easily and conveniently.  The palace mall offers investors a range of commercial spaces, including shops for sale and offices for sale, so that people can choose according to their requirements as this place has all. The properties here are excellent for investment and rental purposes because of the high potential and state of the art planning.

Project Plan

Floor Plan

Payment Plan

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Facilities and Features

The Palace Mall Lahore

Lahore is the most significant place in Pakistan as it has gained much prominence politically, socially, and also in the real estate sector. Here the best residential and commercial developments have changed the living and investment concepts for people with the futuristic approach. All the projects are established with the special aims and public concerns and contribute excellently to the success of this sector.

Lahore is also famous for the best and innovative shopping malls, which have changed the economy of this city as well as provide people with advantageous options to invest their money for high future returns. Living, investment, and rental, all the options are much bright. There are many proven commercial projects or malls in Lahore which are providing high income to their investors.

The palace shopping mall is gaining much appreciation among modern buyers as the place has something exceptional to offer everyone. The best residential and commercial properties in this project provide people a chance to enjoy capitalizing opportunities where the top restaurants, apartments, shops, and offices where you will surely want to invest. In the most flourishing and growing environment, you will find great real estate profits in the best possible manner.

Palace Mall Lahore

This place is planned to be established at the most sought after location of Lahore, close to all the facilities and necessities. New potential and options are provided to people so that they can earn huge profits in the coming time and make the future secure. Everything is planned according to the latest trends and advanced ideas in order to give people the best returns of their money.

You will find the best retail, fashion brands, food, supermarkets, and entertainment options here at the new level of exclusivity. This shopping mall is managed by the largest and well-known group who have mastered in developing the remarkable projects in Pakistan. The palace mall attracts great investors because of high rental profits and capital permanence; however, it will redefine the shopping, business, and investment concepts in Lahore. Palace mall will surely be an amazing business, investment and entertainment hub where people will find something incredible in every way.

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Project Plan

Palace Mall is planned to be constructed and established with the elevated quality to fulfill all the requirements of modern real estate. The building design is very auspicious with the advanced interiors and exteriors with the large floor-ceiling through which the natural light can pass through easily. Spanning over the large area of land, this project consists of basement, ground floor, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor where different properties such as retail stores and offices will be available in various sizes.

The 2nd floor of the Palace mall is specified for the restaurants, food courts, and entertainment area for kids; however, the other floors offer the best investment and rental opportunities to people. The shops or retail stores are also categorized, such as MB facing, MB facing corner lobby, standard and corner lobby; however, the prices of properties for sale in Palace Mall vary according to the category, floor, and size.

Moreover, all the shops are designed spaciously and globally, featuring global layouts. The current rates of shops for sale and offices for sale are very attractive, and you can avail the chance to book your property on pre-launch booking prices; however, these prices will increase after the official launch of this project.

Here the visitors and investors will enjoy the international standard experience while the visitors will have incredible shopping, dining, gaming, movie, and entertainment time as Palace Mall has it all. The ideal location, state of the art planning, and world-class amenities of this development surely catch the attention of everyone, while in the coming time, it will surely be the largest shopping, entertainment, and business hub in Lahore.

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Palace Mall Lahore Payment Plan

 Currently, Palace Mall Lahore is attracting a large number of investors because of the world-class development and attractive payment plan, which is designed to cater to all the investment needs of people by promising them high future returns to you. The developers of Palace Mall have arranged an appealing payment plan which contains easy terms and conditions for interested buyers. With a certain amount of down payment, you can book your property as the pre-launch booking is open, and special discounts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here the shops and offices are available in the Palace Mall in different sizes while the prices vary according to the property size, type, category, and location. You have to pay 30% of the total amount at the time of booking, which will be followed by an easy 24 monthly installments. The whole buying process is extremely simple and easy, which allows people to gain desirable profits and investment opportunities.

Moreover, the rental yield is also very high here while investing here is entirely free of all risks. This new business center in Lahore has a great appeal because of the flexibility in a payment plan and valued location, while this project includes all those factors which can make the investment returns high to you.

You can book your desirable property easily here as the developers have arranged everything by keeping in view the affordability and convenience of buyers without compromising on quality. Anyone who invests in this project will encounter best returns and remarkable annual income as everything is arranged according to the latest market requirements. The detailed payment plan containing all the information and details are given below for you.

Palace Mall

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Palace Mall Floor Plan

Palace Mall Floor Plan

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Palace Mall Building Specifications

- Fast-moving elevators

- High-quality flooring all through

- Spacious interior and exterior

- Innovative architecture

- Best retail store plans

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Palace Mall Lahore Location Map

The location of commercial projects is extremely important as it plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of customers and people from the trade area. More ideal and prime the location, more the value and demand of the properties will grow. Palace Mall is located on Main Boulevard Etihad Town on Raiwind Road Lahore, where all the basic, as well as advanced facilities of life, are closely available.

Canal Road, Multan Road, and Lahore Islamabad Motorway are close; however, this area is becoming the hub for residential and commercial activities. The developers have chosen the city’s best and sought after location for the development of this project as it enjoys excellent connectivity and accessibility from all the parts. This area is much developed and advanced, where excellent opportunities are available to all. The investors will find this location extremely beneficial in terms of investment as the property price and value will surely increase in the coming time to give the best returns of an investment to people.

Palace Mall Location Map

For investment and commercial purposes, this area enjoys great popularity and appreciation among the buyers as one can access it easily from all parts of the society; however, many significant developments are closely connected to this place. The seamless connectivity to the main attractions of the city set this project one of the top real estate investments in Lahore where people can buy property for the secure financial future.

The surroundings are developed while many developments are still going on, which increases the worth of the location more and more with the passage of time. All the modern and necessary facilities of life are close to Palace Mall, where the investment or business will surely be an incredible and advantageous experience.

Such a prime and futuristic location greatly attract the buyers and investors to be a part of this project where the high returns, commercial opportunities, and desirable rental income are guaranteed. People can surely gain quick and excellent benefits by investing here.

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Palace Mall Developers 

Palace Mall is a project of Q-Links developers who have achieved the new levels of success and appreciation in the real estate market. The developers are famous for their thoughtful planning and development concepts because of which their every project defines the new meaning of quality, luxury, and sophistication.

Jasmine Mall Bahria Town Lahore, Jasmine Mall 2, Orchard Mall Lahore, and Pearl Mall Lahore are their remarkable real estate developments that give futuristic investment opportunities to inhabitants of Lahore. Now, the Palace Mall is their recent commercial development, which is becoming the hot investment and business hub because of the prime location, exclusive development approach, and reasonable property prices.

This project is established on the unique concepts which can be seen in all the projects of Q-Links developers as their all establishments enjoy much prominence and value in the real estate market of Pakistan. Professionalism and honesty are the central traits while welcome new and modern investors to gain profitable returns and rental income.

Elevated development standings and modern approach in all the matters add more to the worth and demand of Palace Mall, where the exclusive commercial options are waiting for those who have high aims regarding their business and investment future.

The location, project plan, floor plan, building architect, interior and exterior, everything is planned auspiciously while defining the high class and quality. Because of the trust level and good relationship, the developers maintained with their customers in all their projects along with on-time delivery, and people prefer to invest in their projects.

Palace Mall has also gained a remarkable level of success and customer’s attention even before the official launch of the project. It is truly a vast and excellent development of Q-Links, which will provide sought-after benefits and opportunities to people at the competitive rates. This development is worth investing with all of its potentials and up to mark the development approach.

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Facilities and Features

Palace Mall is going to offer the following amenities! 

Spacious Shops

Palace Mall is offering extremely spacious and luxury shops for sale, which contains all the modern amenities. All the shops enjoy the best planning and design while fulfilling the latest market trends. The clients and investors will surely have the best investment experience here.

Office Spaces

People who want to work in a comfortable, growing and innovative environment should consider buying offices for sale in Palace Mall Lahore. All these properties are planned to be established on modern concepts and contemporary development ideas packed with the services you want.

Contemporary Architecture

Palace Mall is a symbol of modernism and exclusivity, where all the things are designed according to the latest trends. This project is planned to have a state of the art building’s architecture, interior, and exterior, which increase the worth and demand of this project in the real estate market.

Ideal Location

This place enjoys an ideal location in Etihad Town because of which its investment, business, and commercial value is very high. The seamless connectivity to the important parts of Lahore and highly developed surroundings make it perfect for investing money. 

Fast Elevators

Fast-moving and modern style elevators are made part of this project through which the accessibility to all the parts of this place will be convenient. One can move from one place to another easily while using these elevators.

CCTV Security Surveillance

A safe and secure environment will be provided to all the visitors, workers, and investors of the Palace Mall, where CCTV cameras will be installed everywhere to monitor all the circumstances. These cameras improve the security scenario very much.

Earthquake Resilient Structure

The building of the palace mall is planned to be made of earthquake-resilient material in order to provide maximum safety and reliability to people.

Food Courts

You will be able to enjoy the best meal and food in a classy ambiance in the food courts, which will be part of the Palace Mall. Your dining here will surely be a memorable and unique experience.


World-class and 3D cinema is also made part of the Palace Mall, where a quality movie time can be enjoyed with your family or loved ones. The big screen, comfortable sitting arrangement, and a classy atmosphere let you allow enjoying the incredible movie time.

Praying Area

The special praying area is specified in the building where people can offer prayers. This place is well equipped with all the facilities and necessities.

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