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Project Highlights

- Ideal Location of Kalma Chowk near Ferozpur Road

- Tallest Apartment Building in Lahore

- A Project of Nova Developers

- Comprised of 40 to 60 Floors

- Corporate & Retail Spaces 

Nova one is an upcoming luxurious development in Lahore by Nova Developers. This project is going to introduce incredible living and commercial opportunities. Designed with excellence and innovation, it features an abundance of modern-day amenities. Through this high-rise project, the developers aim to redefine living standards.

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Facilities and Features

Everything about this development is extraordinary. Nova One will host a variety of commercial, recreational, and residential options. Moreover, this project will have access to all the parts of Lahore. You can buy luxury apartments for sale here at attractive rates to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. This place lets you immerse in exclusivity and luxury like no other. However, Nova 1 Lahore world-class real estate development that is offering something unusual in all forms.

Nova One Lahore

The incredible city views, exclusive amenities, ideal location, and marvelous architectural designs make it a premium destination. Here, you can turn out your dreams into a reality. This is a place brimming with exclusivity thus offers an ideal lifestyle with the options of deluxe apartments. Also, it will host corporate spaces, shopping spaces, and more.

The project is exceptionally designed according to international concepts and ideas. Every space comes with an incredible floorplan and spaciousness where you can relax and enjoy ultimate living. Both the living and investment perspectives are high at this place. 

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Nova One Lahore Project Plan 

After the tremendous success of Nova City Islamabad, the Nova developers are now coming to Lahore with new and remarkable development. Soon, they are going to introduce Nova One Lahore that is an exclusive real estate project featuring excellence and innovation. This project is planned innovatively according to advanced standards. However, it is a mix-use project at Prime 1 consists of 18 Kanals offering apartments, commercial and corporate spaces.

For this development, the most iconic location of Lahore is chosen. Nova 1 project is designed by renowned architectures. However, it comprises 40 to 60 floors featuring multiple properties including residential and commercial. After completion, it will be the tallest building in Lahore combining luxury and sophistication.

This high-rise apartment and commercial project will have a connection to all the major parts of Lahore including Gulberg, Ferozpur Road, MM Alam, Kalma Chowk, etc. However, this state-of-the-art development will host a variety of modern facilities and features. This includes exclusive retail areas, lavish hotels, gourmet spaces, deluxe apartments, corporate offices, and shopping areas. Also, Nova One offers many recreational facilities.

Nova 1 Lahore is planned by international architects where modern concepts and ideas are highly kept in mind. Hence, it is a promising living and business community that is not seen before in the history of Pakistan. This is a top-notch project of superior interiors, exteriors, and construction quality in all aspects of real estate. 

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Nova One Lahore Properties 

Nova One in Lahore is a mix-use, high-rise development featuring multiple properties for sale. This project is a true definition of luxury, innovation, and excellence. Here, premium apartments for sale are available in multiple sizes. Also, it offers corporate spaces, gourmet destinations, retail places, and more.

You can experience an extraordinary experience at this place from all perspectives. All Nova City Lahore properties are exceptionally planned by international architects. While designing, attention is given to each and every aspect. Nova City is offering the following properties! 

  •          Luxurious Apartments 

  •          Corporate Spaces 

  •          Retail Shops 

Nova One Lahore Apartments for Sale 

Nova One comes up wiih an incredible collection of luxury apartments for sale. These apartments let you experience extraordinary living full of comforts. Hence, all the residential spaces are innovatively planned and designed by experts. Nova One apartments for sale feature top-notch interiors, exteriors, terraces, windows, spectacular city views, and much more. Besides, they will have contemporary spaces including kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Nova 1 ensures luxurious living with the ultimate sophistication, relaxation, and recreation. 

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Nova One Lahore Payment Plan

Nova One Lahore is a high-rise project offering commercial, residential, and retail spaces. This project is planned to upgrade the living standards of people. Also, it has many business and commercial opportunities. However, this mix-use development aims to create a world-class, modern, and sustainable community in the heart of Lahore. Nova one payment plan is conveniently designed by the management.

Here, the brand new and deluxe apartments are available at very attractive rates while close to all the comforts and amenities. All the modern concepts and needs of people are highly kept in view to meet their standards. Each apartment of this project is modernly designed and furnished, spacious rooms, integrated kitchen, and modern bathrooms, all this make this place truly ideal for living. With a certain amount of down payment, you can book property at Nova 1 Lahore.

The residential, commercial, and businesses chances are very bright here because of its admired and high financial status, market value, and tactical location. Your dealing today with attractive and affordable prices will earn you a desirable lifestyle and enormous benefits in the future. Currently, the detailed Nova One Lahore payment plan has not come to the surface. This will be announced soon by the management. Stay tuned on to know the detailed Nova 1 Lahore payment plan. 

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Nova One Lahore Location Map 

Nova One is going to be the tremendous commercial and residential hub in Lahore. This project is going to establish at the heart of Lahore, Kalma Chowk, Ferozpur Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore. However, it will have connections to the surroundings including Fortress stadium, International Airport, MM Alam Road, Liberty Market, Saddar Town, and more. The developers have chosen the most iconic and sought-after location of Lahore for this high-rise apartment project.

Adjacent to all the important facilities makes it the favorite destination in Lahore to live a remarkable lifestyle. The excellent connectivity from the main roads, commercial sectors, and all the main places also increases its worth and demand among modern buyers. Also, the business and investment potential is high at this place. Such an excellent and prime location sets the worth high of your property in the present as well as in the coming time.

The social, commercial, transportation, recreational, educational, and health, all kind of facilities are closely available. Residents do not need to go away to fulfill their daily needs. In terms of accessibility, this project is connected to the main routes of the city and anyone can reach out to this place easily.

From every point of view, Nova 1 Lahore location is a perfect choice with the amazing neighborhood, best development plans, up-to-the-mark amenities, safe living environment, and much more. This project ensures your investment's high value and appreciation over time because of the remarkable location.

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Nova One Building structure specifications

Being excellently developed and designed, Nova One will be the biggest and iconic project of Lahore real estate which has the potential to meet not only the residential needs of people but it will also enhance the quality of living. In the modern time, where the status and living style matter a lot, this venture comes with excellent residential solutions which will give a boost to your living standards by adding exclusivity, comforts, conveniences, high investment future, and much more.

The developers have planned the floors, interiors, and exteriors right according to international standards with a sustainable approach. Everything is so well-organized that a lot of people feel attracted towards this place even before the development completion. All the building specifications are really attractive and invite everyone to be a part of this tremendously planned project which will gain more and more value in the coming time.

To make the building interior and exterior plans, very professional and experienced architects are consulted who gave the best ideas in developing a living venture full of attractive features. The inspiring infrastructure is not only a great addition to the real estate of Lahore but also essential in improving the living status of people. Let’s discuss the salient features of the Nova One building.

  •          Reinforced building frame of concrete with excellent concrete floors, slabs, concrete columns, and piled foundations
  •          Earth-quick and high-quality building material 
  •          High performance and reliable roofing system
  •          Best interior designing according to the global standards
  •          Proper ceiling with smoke or heat detectors

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Nova One Lahore Developers 

Nova One Lahore is a project of Nova Developers. They have initiated this project in Lahore after the tremendous success of Nova City Islamabad. However, Nova One is a mix-use project featuring apartments, retailing and commercial spaces. After completion, it will be the tallest building in Lahore combining excellence and innovation. The developers have high goals and intentions behind this top-notch real estate development. 

International and modern designs and ideas are applied to provide a place of exclusivity and sophistication. Sincere efforts and public concerns have made this place one of the finest and desirable living places of Islamabad. With sustainable designs and quality construction, this project is gaining earned excellent market value.

The developers have planned everything according to global standards. An integrated and luxurious living will be available to people son in form of this project. Also, it has enormous commercial, business, and recreational opportunities. The team of developers of this project is consists of professional engineers, architects, and planners who work with much excellence and hard work to meet all the needs and demands of people in the best possible manner. 

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Nova One Lahore Features and Facilities

You will find this place very appropriate to live in as every aspect of your living will be facilitated here. This project is established with the concept and aim to provide people with more and more convenience and happiness more than their expectations. The whole project is planned and designed on the latest architectural and technical concepts.

Global trends are applied during the development or construction of Nova One where all of them have magnificent designs themed in exclusive style, having a remarkable interior, exterior, and smart elements that make life full of comforts, quality, and conveniences.

Everything about this place complements the elevated lifestyle where the appropriate floor plans and settings let you enjoy spacious and world-class living. However, this project hosts the following amenities and facilities!

  •          Modern Architecture 
  •          Contemporary Interior 
  •          Ideal Location 
  •          High-Alert Security 
  •          Deluxe Apartments 
  •          Corporate Spaces 
  •          Retail Centres 
  •          Gourmet Spaces 
  •          Lavish Hotels 
  •          High-end Floor Plans 
  •          Basic Necessities 
  •          Well-equipped Gym 
  •          Recreational facilities 
  •          Modern Elevators 

Nova one is a great addition to the real estate of Lahore. With its innovation, modern architecture, high-end interior, and ideal location, this project is going to make history. Contact the expert team of for Nova one Lahore details and booking. 

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