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New Shakrial Rawalpindi

Shakrial is a residential area which is located in South-East side of Rawalpindi City facing Islamabad Expressway. The area has a great value due to its location and availability of all living amenities and facilities. It is very close to the Islamabad International Air Port of Chaklala Cantt. The area spans over a vast range of land starting from Kurri Road towards north and KRL Road in South side. Easter side faces Islamabad Expressway while Air Port is located towards western side as well. The area is developed according to urban rules of development. The area is divided into two parts i.e. New Shakrial Rawalpindi and Old Shakrial and all of basic and modern amenities are available to the residents of both parts but New Shakrial is more prominent and attracting people due to its development and economical status.

Areas in Shakrial are Mohallah Islam Nagar, Professor Colony and Mohallah Amir Hamza as well. The Professor’s Colony is one of the main areas of Shakrial of Rawalpindi as well. The literacy rate is higher than any other part of Shakrial and that’s why the area is named as Professor’s Colony to tribute the people with higher literacy rate in Shakrial. The Health situation is satisfactory while the new hospitals and health care centers are under planning as well. All other living facilities are available including Electricity, Gas, Drinking Water, Drainage and Sewerage. The streets are paved well while street lights provide lightning in evening and night.

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