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Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City provides you with an opportunity to invest in energy-efficient living spaces. The innovative technology and smart home systems with the futuristic approach make this project to stand prominent among the other real estate developments of Lahore. It is home to some of the most lavish and luxurious houses which enhance the sense of modern-day living at the top-class location while surrounded by numerous conveniences. This place is setting high living standards for those who want to adopt an exceptional lifestyle packed with the exclusivity and smartness.

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Facilities and Features

The concept of smart homes is getting trendy because of the high comforts and versatility attached to it. This high-end residential project is featuring top-class villas with exceptional smart features and setup in order to maintain the living style of people as per the latest trends and techniques. The smart features and high-end technologies are installed during the construction where the homes are more secure and smart to experience luxury in a real sense.

Through the latest technologies, you will be able to manage your home control easily and efficiently by sitting. Even if you are away from your home, you can keep an eye through the smart security camera system that is happening behind you. You will get the ultimate lifestyle full of ease and relaxation at Multi Smart Homes, which are designed on global trends. Because of the unique approach in the development and smart residential ideas, this place is becoming the favorite destination for those who have high aims regarding their lifestyle.

Multi Homes

The homes are planned and designed appealingly which promotes an environmentally-conscious and amazing community assuring high living value to people. You will get a remarkable and luxurious residence close to the world-class amenities and facilities. All the villas for sale are priced attractively indicating the bright investment opportunities. The rental yield is also very high, where people can remarkably get benefits.

An exclusive lifestyle is available here along with the best neighborhood that provides the best landscaping, neat roads, commercial options and other facilitated options to makes one living full of comforts and conveniences. You will find peaceful and favorable surroundings away from the noisy environment where peace prevails all the time without compromising the accessibility. 

Multi smart homes

A very top-class and appealing location is decided for the development of this smart project so that the outside conveniences and comforts can also be assured in the best possible manner. The residents will find this address perfect for making investments as well as to start living as the indoor and outdoor, both the environments are favorable.

The market value and demand for this project are definitely very high because of the bright investment prospects and unique approach in all matters. The modern architecture of the homes along with the availability of smart technology makes it possible for everyone to improve the living quality in all the spheres.

The stylish and sophisticated smart homes for sale in New Lahore City offer the most preferable and appealing sort of accommodation packed with relaxation and elegance really suitable for families. The access to the recreational and basic amenities increases the charm of living here; however, the luxurious offerings are catchy enough to grab the attention of everyone to buy a property here and enjoy a lifestyle that appeals.

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High Rental Income Options 

Investing in Multi Smart Homes is one of the advantageous opportunity as this place is offering the best rental yields while assuring the best returns. The smart and luxurious homes are available to you at the most competitive prices and you can gain excellent value as the rental income of all the properties in this project are remarkable. Investors can gain quick and sustainable profits by owning property here as it is an incredible choice for potential buyers. 

Multi Smart Homes Rental Income

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Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City Payment Plan

The payment plan of any real estate project is always of paramount importance, and people are curious about this as it determines that either they will be able to buy property in a particular housing scheme or not. The payment plan of Multi smart Homes furnished apartments has come to surface, which has a high attraction for the potential buyers and clients.

You will find this property an excellent destination to invest your money to gain profits as the entire living spaces offer something exceptional to their customers, along with the best present values and desired future outcomes. It is an appropriate time to book a living space of your dreams to which a lot of attraction from the residential, investment and rental point of view is attached.

The customers will get a discount of 10% on full payment or 1% monthly rental income which is an excellent option for those who want to earn quick profits through their investment. The detailed payment plan containing all the booking and installment details are described below for you. Have a look and make the futuristic decision of buying your property at this tremendous and smart residential project as limited 100 homes are available on a first-come first-serve basis!

Multi Smart Homes Payment Plan

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Multi Smart Villas 

Multiplierz group is now presenting Multi Smart Villas in New Lahore City to provide idyllic living and futuristic investment options to you. Here 3 Marla and 5 Marla luxury villas are available for complete family living. The villas are strategically planned to cater to the residential and investment needs of people with attractive prices. You can book your desired villa with easy installment plan however high rental income is also guaranteed.

The villas are modernly planned and designed to assure the ultimate luxury and sophistication. Multi Smart Villas payment plan is arranged conveniently while keeping in view the requirements of clients. Here is the detailed payment plan containing all the details!

Multi Smart Villas Payment Plan

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1% Rental Income on Full Cash Payment till Possession 

Multi Smart Villas offering the best rental income options to clients. People who book their villa with full cash payment will get 1% rental income opportunity. In this way, the investment outcomes can be enjoyed even from the time of booking. 

Multi Smart Villas Rental Income

Multi Smart Homes Buy Back Offer  

Multi SMart Homes Buy Back Offer

Project Plan

Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City presents extensive, deluxe and smart living spaces that define the sophistication and luxury in a true sense. The developers have some high aims behind this project. They want to deliver something exceptional and high-class, which allow people to maintain their lifestyle as changing residential trends. To fulfill this conception, the developers have gathered the professional and technical minds in order to bring the high technologies into the everyday living of people.

Multi Smart Homes real elevation

All the spaces within the Multi Smart Homes are carefully maintained and designed. You will surely have a memorable living experience at this place which separates you from a traditional sort of living and introduces something innovative where every minute of existence will make sense to you. Inspired by the global interior trends, all the inner spaces are luxurious and well-furnished packed with smart features.

All the villas configured the high-class and privacy through which the residents will be able to acquire a sense of spaciousness and exclusivity. The main entrance, living and dining spaces are lavishly maintained; however, the modern style kitchen and extensive rooms featuring balconies where the auspicious designing, privacy, and comforts, are all available at the same time.

The floor plans are very appealingly managed and designed by the professional minds with a complete range of smart amenities and facilities. A variety of smart homes combines very well the concept of luxury, style, and comfort with the fantastic artistic and architectural touch everywhere. Smart features and technologies are installed everywhere through which the residents will be able to manage the security, lighting and other management systems through their phones which give them a chance to improve the quality and standards of their living.

All the homes have high residence and investment appeal in real estate because of the best prices, fantastic architectural approach along with a wide range of smart facilities. From head to toe, this project is developed on the elevated ideas of luxury and high quality which assure a lifestyle something unique within homes that have the revolutionary standings. The smart and innovative amenities and all the aesthetics bring forth the style and leisure; however, the home layouts promote the sense of welcome.

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Ground Floor Plan


Multi Smart Homes Ground Floor

First Floor Plan

Multi Smart Homes

Second Floor Plan

Multi smart Homes

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Smart Features of Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City

High-tech smart homes are no more a dream as Multi Smart Homes provides you with a chance to transform your dreams into reality. This project is initiated to introduce the unique, smart and elevated sort of living to people along with innovation and luxury. All the homes possess the advanced design having intelligent controlling systems with a touch control which takes the living standards so high. The energy maintenance technologies lead towards a remarkable energy saving while offering world-class living facilities to enjoy every moment of life. The main features of this project are as follows:

- Reduce the bills by energy-saving technology

- All the entertainment systems of the home can be controlled through the tablet and smartphones

- The doorbell can be answered from your phone

- All the locks are automatically maintained and managed by you however you can open and lock the doors    and windows from your phone

- Sensors and alarms to tell you about any unusual activity within your home

- The lighting, cooling and heating systems can also be controlled with a single touch

smart features

Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City Location Map

Multi smart Homes enjoy the best location of the city which assures a luxurious, beneficial and facilitated living to people. This project is developed within the New Lahore City, located on Canal Bank Road, which is a rich and most tactical location of Lahore city, 15 minutes away from the Thokar Niaz Baig. Within the community, the multi smart homes are planned to be established at a remarkable location which is close to all the facilities available within the society. Moreover, the overall location of this project brings enormous benefits both for investment and living.

Because of the strong road network and linkage to the main highways, one can access this place easily from all parts of the city. The ring road passing by this place is a great advantage to increase the value and demand of this place. Numerous commercial and remarkable residential developments are also going on around, which determines the high value of properties in the coming future.

As we know that New Lahore City is one of the top developments in Lahore and gaining a high position in the real estate market because of the advanced development approach, attractive prices, and top-class location. Multi Smart Homes is a great development within a city which assures a convenient living as it is positioned in the midst of every comfort, which is essential to lead a significant life.

While living here, the residents won’t have to go far away to access the best necessities as the educational, commercial, recreational and transportation, al kind of facilities are closely available within the society which is developed on the new living concepts. The vicinity of all these attractions let you enjoy a lifestyle full of delights and relaxation.

From the investment point of view, the location of multi smart homes is excellent. The beneficial surroundings, strong road links, easy accessibility, and nearby facilities, set this location high for investment purposes. Modern investors and clients understand the value of such a developed location which determines the best value of the property as well as the advantageous future returns.

What you buy at this prime location will give you the desired outcomes in the coming time as the value and demand of properties which enjoy the prime address definitely increase and assure the excellent value of your money. You will find this location really suitable to make an investment or start living among all those amenities and comforts you always want.

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Why Choose Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City?

- Innovative homes having smart and energy-efficient technologies 

- Contemporary architecture including the interior and exterior

- Peaceful and Facilitated Location with the futuristic approach

- Close to the remarkable commercial and residential developments

- High rental yield along with the immense capital growth

Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City Developers

Multi Smart Homes is a project of Zaitoon Developers, the same company that has developed New Lahore City and gained a remarkable position in the real estate of Lahore. Now they are presenting a more innovative and advanced form of development that will revolutionize the living concept.

The technical minds, expert engineers and designers have planned everything according to the latest trends and techniques which allow people to adopt a lifestyle of high comforts and conveniences. Everything is maintained and prepared in a smart way to open the doors of new style living packed with exclusivity and sophistication.

The whole project is highly unique and state of the art where the proficient members of Zaitoon developers bring new living concepts so that everyone can get the chance to have more stable, secure and luxurious sort of living. The developers have planned to design the whole systems appealingly during the construction or renovation of the smart homes in New Lahore City where the residents will encounter great potential with access to smart appliances, security systems, and control systems.

Professionalism, high class, and excellent quality are some of the main attributes which are attached to the Zaitoon Developers who have a prestigious reputation in the real estate industry and gaining more high position because of the global ideas they are bringing to the real estate of Pakistan.

All the team members have worked with high public concerns and hard work for the progression and introduction of safe and exclusive living features. The team members are dedicated to professionalism and reliability to bring the best living solutions to people packed with the latest technologies to match the new lifestyle, which is a part of continuous development.

The residents of this place will be able to adopt a lifestyle of their dreams full of smart essentials which the development team has managed at every step of your living at this place. Advanced systems and technologies in everyday life are now available to people through this project that has higher aims.

The main objective is to make accessible a smart and safe life full of high class, quality, and facilities. The sincere and remarkable efforts of the developers are evident in everything of this project where the lifestyle of everyone will be improved notably; however, the excellent property value is guaranteed all the time.

Multi Smart Homes New Lahore City Facilities and Features

The one who is in search of a perfect home and lifestyle will want to live with facilities and amenities. They are important, and that is why you will prefer a place which is richer in facilities.


That is why many new and amazing features and amenities are made part of this place which will enhance the living quality of people. Here all the needs and demands of an ideal and facilitated life will be fulfilled in the best possible way. The following are some exclusive and best features you will find in Multi Smart Homes! 

Smart and Luxurious Homes

The best-designed and advanced homes packed with the latest technology are available for those who want to enjoy the urbanization in the true sense. Almost 100 smart homes are planned to be part of this project which all offer incredible living and investment opportunities to potential buyers. Available at the attractive prices and with promising future returns, you will find this place a perfect destination to enjoy an exceptional lifestyle along with the smart features.

Modern Architecture

Along with the smart and innovative technologies, the architecture of villas is also very appealing and compatible with the latest development concepts. The interior, as well as the exterior, are significantly planned and maintained by the experts so that a lavish and contemporary residence can be assured. All the Multi Smart Homes are excellently established on global trends; however, the needs and demands of modern clients are also kept in view. The floor plans and layout are managed to cater to the needs of residents because of which numerous buyers are fascinated to buy property here.

Contemporary Interior designing

If we talk about the interior designing and setting of the living spaces, we will find it very appealing as the professional architect and engineers have planned the things. Global trends and ideas are highly kept in view however the careful finishing and designing of all the spaces including bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, washrooms, and other parts grab the attention of everyone.

High-tech Features 

The smart or high-tech features of this project make it unique from the other real estate developments as the residents will be able to experience something unusual. You are available with a chance to adapt a smartest and convenient living where everything including the security system, door locks, light systems, heating, and cooling, can be managed from a smart device either phone or tablet which allow you to adopt a convenient and high-quality lifestyle which is the need and demand of modern time.

Beneficial Neighborhood 

The surroundings and neighborhood of any residential place are of vital importance as it affects the value of any project as well as determines a facilitated living. Being developed in New Lahore City, Multi Smart Homes have access to some of the best amenities and options including commercial, educational, health, and transportation. It enjoys the strong road links to all the parts of the society; however, the everyday comforts are closely available in order to cater to the requirements of residents easily. You need not go far away to access the basic facilities of life.

Basic Necessities

Multi Smart Homes assure access to the basic necessities, including the proper supply of pure water, electricity and more. All the houses have the appropriate connections of Sui Gas pipes and water pipelines; however, the filtered drinking water is available to the residents. The underground electrification and high-quality wiring assure the appropriate power supply. The proper and advanced sewerage system is installed in all the homes of this project because of which no issue will be created.


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