Model Town Housing Scheme is a newly developed residential project in Nankana Sahib who aims to accelerate the living standards of people and to provide them with the best living solutions. As far as the development is concerned, Nankana Sahib is growing than in the previous years. With the massive growth comes the massive responsibility of delivering the work and fulfill the requirements of the customers.

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Facilities and Features

If you want to have your property in Nankana Sahib with all the best facilities and a maintained life standard which is sustained by the developer of the residential area you wish to choose, you are at the right place. Model Town Housing Scheme is the best place to live when your demands are high, and you want to select the best in the less. This place has already gained permission or approval by TMA and LDA however there is no illegal policy behind this scheme. Affordability, comfort, and quality are the core factors in establishing this place. Everything here is planned and organized excellently to cater to all the needs and demands of investors.

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Model Town Nankana Sahib Plots for sale are available in different sizes equipped with all the amenities. It is the only well developed and standardized society in this area which is gaining importance with time. The infrastructure and every other thing are wonderfully planned so that remarkable investment and living opportunities can be given to people. Location, features, properties and everything about it make it a good investment hub ensuring the maximum future growth and benefits.


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Aims of the Project

People want to invest or live at the best location which is near to all facilities. Model Town is a modern and urban development in Nankana Sahib which assures the desirable living to everyone. It is the best project to invest in and get the valuable residence. This place is developed to accomplish the following aims:

  • There are many societies that aim to earn money only, but here in Model Town, the objective is to provide the facilities to the middle-class people who don't want to live on rent.
  • For all those who have to have their property even if it's on a small scale, this project facilitates all those clients too.
  • This project is developed keeping in mind that few people will buy the residence near the best educational complexes and they don’t want big homes as their relocation is just for the tenure of education and job after that this home will be a spared on, that is the reason why Model Town Housing Scheme provides the best facilities to its clients and keep them happy from their service by providing the best living area near the most convenient places and revenues of Nankana Sahib. 
  • The main aim of this project is to facilitate people and makes their lives even more comfortable. That is the reason why the Model Town Nankana Sahib Payment plan is more efficient than any other society's payment modules wich no hidden charges at all
  • The aim is to provide the best in less price and convenient way.

Project Plan

This community is planned with high standards and quality while it is developed completely. From the entrance to the end, everything is planned exceptionally to meet the latest development trends. Here the residential plots of various sizes are available to meet the different living and investment needs of people. Approved by TMA and LDA, the developers aim to give people a chance to elevate their living standards with great investment opportunities. Model Town is one of the hottest and attractive destinations to buy the residential property.

The best way to buy a house is to make sure that you choose a safe and secure portal to buy the property you like. This place committed to offering a satisfied, secure, and fast gateway for living highly and conveniently. You will find such amenities that will introduce a new mode of living. Be ready to have a delightful and unique living experience. Lively safely and happily in a deluxe atmosphere this project is offering to its residents.

project plan

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Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib Plots for Sale 

Here the residential plots for sale available in various sizes which are equipped with all kinds of facilities. Buying a plot here lets you make your dream home at the best location while surrounded by every necessary feature. The investors will get the desired value of their money because of the developed status of this venture and properties here. All the plots for sale are well-equipped with electricity, water, and gas while approved by the concerned authorities. Various family or investment needs can be fulfilled here because of the choice of the vast plot. Contact us now to discuss which property you want to buy and all the other terms to be a part of this marvelous housing society. 


plots for sale

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Plot Sizes 

The following Model Town Plots for sale are waiting for you to come and own the property according to your requirements. Easy payment plan and flexible installment policies are available for these plots. 

  • 3.5 Marla 
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla 
  • 5.5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 
  • 20 Marla

Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib Location Map

This housing scheme has chosen a tactical and top-class location. It is located on Bucheki Road Nankana Sahib which is close to Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills. It is also the first CPEC interchange route. From Thokar Niaz Baig, you can reach this community within 20 to 25 minutes. The investors and other interested clients will find this location appealing from many perspectives. Surround yourself with beneficial spots while living in this place.

You will enjoy the proximity to many great schools, colleges, hospitals, transportation spots, and commercial areas. Some significant developments are also going on close to this project which indicates that the future of this project will be bright.  You can also reach easily and rapidly at this luxurious address as this place is connected to many important roads which make access easy and rapid. The address is simple and easily understandable without any ambiguities. Many important roads are also connected, which makes access more flexible and increases the demand for property here. It is an excellent location for all perspectives! 


model Town

Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib Payment plan

Now let’s discuss the payment plan on which is an essential aspect while deciding a place to live. The payment plan influences the decision of the buyers greatly as they want an easy and affordable payment plan. If you are in search of a high-quality lifestyle within your range, there is no better option than the Model Town Society.

The best part of this successful venture is the payment plan offered by the developers. Model Town Housing Scheme payment plan is the easiest one as compared to other societies, where the advantage is given to the customer, and that is because a developed society considers more revenue, and then they gained profit even if it is low. The developers of this society aim to give people a standardized way of living without setting very high prices which an average income person cannot pay. Despite this factor, the plots are priced very reasonably with the high future growth so that the investors can gain enormous benefits through their investment. Those who want to make their dream home should also consider buying a plot here to enjoy the best location, futuristic living, and much more.

The residential plots are typically designed to seek your relaxation prices and plan of your residence with the easy down payment and flexible installment plans. This payment is very proficient and affordable, which is the reason for the popularity of the housing society. It is the best time to book your desirable plot here as the current prices of plots for sale in Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib are very attractive while the value will increase in the coming time. The down payment is liable to be paid at the initial stage of buying a property at this place. Have a look at the detailed payment plan which is given below:



Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib Developers 

This project is developed by Bin Shafi Realtors Builders and Developers who deal with property and real estate development excellently. They provide the best residential opportunities through a team of qualified and talented people who enjoy respect & reputation in the profession for our astounding achievements. They believe in giving the most favorable value to their clients by remaining still to commitments and fulfilling the gap of delivery.

The professional brilliance, reliability, and unique public concerns are at the core of the developers of this venture. They have earned a reputed and trustable name in the real estate sector because of their trustworthy nature and dealings in all their projects. A new landmark is added to the real estate of Nankana Sahib in the form of Model Town which attracts the attention of people at a substantial level. The developers managed everything in such a way which makes it possible that the customers get exactly what they require. At this place, the real estate professionals aim at helping the customers more on a human level rather than on a business level. This venture aims for satisfied customers by providing quality properties where they can lead a significant life with the best of facilities.


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Model Town Housing Scheme Features and Facilities

Do not you want to be facilitated in every walk of life? If yes, then Model Town is here to provide you with the best of amenities and features which are essential to lead a meaningful life. This place offers not only peace of mind but also an exceptional living experience inside the place. Amenities within the building are provided to ensure that the inhabitants live in the womb of luxuries at the best level. 

There are many facilities which have been provided through the continent location and within society all the significant facilities are provided keeping in mind the requirement and a bonus there are many services which are specially provided to the clients for making their lives easier. The following are the facilities which are provided to the clients when they want a cool and excellent place to live in this place. 

Smart Security System

An integrated management and security system are organized within the building. It considers all the circumstances with great care to provide a peaceful and protected living environment. 


Many of the areas in Nankana Sahib are underdeveloped, but the thing which is not given much attention is the supply of power, and this is the reason why the majority of us faces troubles and is unable to find the desired location for residence. Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib facilitates their resident in possible ways, and the wiring is so reliable that there is no ambiguity due to any climatic effect. Load shedding in this area is also very less which makes this the best for residence.

Gated community

The gated community is the way of living, and the most important aspect of Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib, which provides a secure and gated community environment to the residents and the client who want to invest will also know that this investment is the best and most valuable one. 

Commercial area

The grocery stores and other stores are mandatory and in the case of Model Town Housing Scheme. The location is so ideal that many markets are just a few mins away from your residence, and the best part is after the drive. You do need t go very far away for necessities because of the proximity to many commercial sectors and markets. 


There are many famous schools that are closely available to this housing scheme so that the residents can provide quality education to their children. Major hospitals and Medical College of Nankana Sahib are also just 5 to 10 min away from Model Town Housing Scheme because of this most prime location many people settle here leaving their previous locations in Nankana Sahib for a better future and facilities. 

Main road

The main road is extensive, and it represents a very soothing effect when someone visits society for the first time. This makes it more prominent and infrastructure could be observed from the entrance. All the other roads and tracks are also carpeted and neat. 

Green Belts and Landscapes

To ensure a safe, facilitated, and peaceful living to the residents, the developers have considered each and every aspect. Many areas of society are specified for greenery and parks, which makes the overall picture of this place pleasant. The green belts around the road also look very amazing. 

Street lights

Street lights are not only provided, but they are also maintained because, at night, it is essential to have street lights on the roads to avoid the accident and to keep the society safe also.


All the parameters are decided after looking at their effect on the environment, and things kept simpler. Even if the purpose is to urbanize the society still this urbanization is been kept very natural and particularly very well balance so that it won't affect nature. 

Sewerage system

The sewerage system is made on the modern infrastructure to provide the proper facilities to the consumers, and this is the best aspect of this society that all the modernized things are developed by seeking the clearance from the rules and keeping in mind the demand of nature also.

Parks and Jogging Tracks

Many people are very concerned about their fitness, and for those people, there is a special park with a jogging track where children can plan while mothers and all the fitness freaks of the house can enjoy the taste of fitness through jogging on the proper track.

Entertainment Facilities

You will be able to discover many outstanding recreational facilities in Model Town. The Lake view resort, water slides, lush green parks and swimming pool are the most prominent amenities which are a source of much amusement. 


So what do you think about this place after reading the above information regarding this project? You cannot say that it does not appeal to your dreams and desires of a perfect and upscale living. Of course, it does along with its top-class amenities, striking features, recognized location and affordable payment plan. Just visits this place one time and you will fall in love and desire to start living here. Luxurious and comfortable living is waiting for you, so be quick to become a part of this outstanding venture by consulting the reliable team of, who is available to you every time. 


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Model Town Housing Scheme Nankana Sahib
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