Metro City Rawalpindi is the most existing and modern housing society while talking about the popular schemes of this city. It holds an attraction both for domestic and foreign investors because of its high development in all the ways. It is completely a premium project where business opportunities are as bright as the residential options. Each and everything is designed and developed with state of the art planning and exclusive ideas are applied everywhere.

Metro City Rawalpindi Location Map
Metro City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Quality living is guaranteed to people who choose this as their residential hub. Moreover, its economic status and demand are increasing because of its elevated approach, ideal location and best payment plan. The investment and business sides are very bright at the place which enjoys such a renowned position in the real estate market like Metro City Rawalpindi does.

Metro City Rawalpindi

A superior and facilitated sort of living will available to you as this project is packed with enormous world-class amenities and services. It is crafted on such trends in such a way which fulfil all your living, business and investment cravings. The best place is here with the best facilities, ideal location, affordable payment and golden future returns. Come and turn out your dreams into reality with Metro City which is evoking a lifestyle with modern and contemporary lifestyle.

Metro City Rawalpindi Location Map

This area is located on the prime location of Rawalpindi. It is situated on Adayala Road, adjacent to Isl. Rawalpindi Farmhouse at the distance of 4 km from Zaraar Cantonment and few minutes’ drives from Lahore Motorway Chakri. The site is found to be attractive as it adjoins with the area of Rawalpindi Farmhouses. Many important places and roads are closely connected to this place and it is also very easily accessible from all over the city.

Metro City Rawalpindi

This is the main hub itself. Here the development will make the other investors visit and then invest here. This project offers a limitless development not only for the natives but also for the international clients. Such renowned and the top-class location is very popular among the modern investors where investment will be very fruitful and beneficial in form of golden returns of your money. Its connectivity to all over the city and important places makes it attractive for people to live ideally while surrounded by all the facilities.

Metro City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The payment plan is very simple and elegant. This is a very good opportunity to invest and double your investment afterwards. Here you will find your desired properties without going out of your budget. Everything is organized according to public requirements and desires. The prices vary according to the property type, size and location. Easy instalment policies are also available for the convenience of people. You can book with 10% down payment while the remaining amount can be paid in easy instalment plan of 4 years. The detailed payment plan is given below:


It is a project by Country Concepts who has developed an integrated community offering exceptional value and living quality to people. This expert and an excellent group of developers have placed themselves at the forefront of residential property development in the real estate market. Bringing the expertise of project development professionals and exclusive planning, the developers aim to create elegantly master-planned housing society which is smart, luxurious and sustainable. This project is really a fine example of their brilliance and exclusiveness which is self-contained and offer residents the best facilities and services.

Features and Facilities

There might be many towns which are providing best facilities but Metro city is providing much more than you think and desired for. It is packed with enormous facilities and features which will enhance the standards and quality of your living while facilitating you in every walk of life. Following are some of the best facilities which are provided by this housing society.

Commercial Area

There is a commercial area in every sector. This is the new and modern style where the facilities are provided on the doorstep for all the people. This is the reason why all the important shops are near your residence.

Shopping Malls

There is a super doper project of shopping malls which will change the way you thick development is. This shopping mall will be a source of your entertainment. This will facilitate not only the citizens of Rawalpindibut all other citizens of Pakistan will also come to visit such a great place.


A central mosque is established within the community where Muslims can say prayers in a peaceful, facilitated and sacred environment. It has a very beautiful interior and exterior while packed with all the essential facilities and features.

Wide Roads

The roads are very wide and clear. These are fully developed and maintained. From the main boulevard to the roads in front of the residential area all the very wide and very much convenient for all the residents

24 Hours Service

The electricity, Sui gas and water supply are never interrupted as the systems are built underground. No weather and climate impacts are there and these services are 24 hours available to the residents.

Water Treatment Plant

There is an international standard water treatment plant for supplying the pure water to all the residents. This way the water will be purified by the new techniques.


There is a central park and other parks are also there in every sector this is also for the best entertainment for the families. There are jogging tracks which are built for the fitness freaks so that they can enjoy and maintain their fitness also.


So do you want to be a part of this tremendous place? If yes, then book your plot as soon as possible. It is truly self-contained and offers residents all their needs in close proximity.  Living here would be a source of much delight and convenience in all the ways. It is appealing and attractive from all the points; from value to amenities, location and sustainability considerations. Investing or living in Metro City Rawalpindi enables customers to shift their lifestyle to a standardized level according to contemporary time’s trends. Live happily and comfortably with this project which is a name of reliability, opportunity and benefits.


Metro City Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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