Maham Riser Mall & Residency Residential and Commercial project which offers residential apartments and commercial shops in the vicinity of developed area of Karachi City. Maham Riser Mall & Residency is a project of Harem Constructions while East-Land Company is marketing the project. The developer of Maham Riser Mall & Residency claims that the project is equipped with Ultra Modern facilities to upgrade the life style of its residents.


Maham Riser Mall & Residency is located in Ghulistan-e-Johar, Block 19 near Johar Crossing. One can access it from 200 feet wide main road, while the availability of all residential and commercial facilities attracts people towards project.


The developers have started the construction of project before starting booking of project, this creates a relation of trust between developers and public who are interested in project. The project features entrance from 200 feet wide road, use of quality development material and prime location of City with Ultra Modern Facilities.


Maham Riser Mall & Residency is a project that offers Commercial Shops and Apartments of 2, 3, 4 and 5 Rooms. You will be provided by quality construction that will lead to luxurious life style in Karachi City. First three floors are dedicated for shops.

Price Review:

Price at Maham Riser Mall & Residency starts from10,00,000 excluding 50,000 as loan . Booking starts from as low as 25,000, while the monthly installment is lower than monthly rent of apartment of two rooms i.e. only 6000.