Madison Square Mall


Madison Square Mall Lahore is an ultimate and preferred commercial project set in the heart of Lahore Gulberg feature beneficial properties which represent a high investment return. Developed around the modern architectural and development concepts, this place is an excellent choice to buy property to gain immense financial benefits to you. With the strong rental incomes, you can earn desirable returns on your investment without any delay. LDA and other concerned authorities have already approved this project, where one can safely invest to gain enormous benefits without any risk.

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Facilities and Features

Here the extensive shops and deluxe 1, 2-bed apartments are available at the most prestigious location of Lahore, offering great living and investment opportunities with an international approach. You will also have an incredible retail experience with a certain amount of down payment, followed by an easy installment plan.

Madison Square Mall Lahore

Madison Square is all set to cater to the shopping, entertainment, and living needs of people according to the latest trends and demands. Close to the city’s best attractions, this place is a hub to own property in such futuristic projects in a developed areas with high rental incomes and growing resale value along with the excellent accommodations options to choose from. This project is an excellent example of a rise in the real estate sector of Lahore as everything is designed to cater to the varying needs of people.

Moreover, you will have a fantastic shopping experience in Madison Square Mall, which is offering quite unusual activities. It enjoys a great appreciation and market value as it is a very excellent addition to the real estate of Lahore. It stands very prominent among all the projects of this city for its high status and appreciation. Here the visitors will find all from the eye-catching food court to shopping requirements, from accommodations to the gym and all the modern amenities. This place holds all the necessities of urban life in one place.

Madison Square Lahore

The whole place is defining luxury, eminence, and high quality in the true sense where the attractions are numberless to offer exceptional investment, living, and recreational aspects. Whatever property you will choose here, great value and huge futuristic benefits will come to you in the coming time. Madison Square is the top commercial project in Lahore, having so much for the potential buyers and for those who want to get good returns of their money. The well-defined and elegant lifestyle according to the new standards is also available, which you can own with attractive prices at the current time. This modern and thoughtful commercial project which will become the most visited retail, entertainment, and shopping destination. 

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Why invest in Madison Square Mall Lahore?

Madison Square is the finest commercial investment place in Lahore, offering some of the most excellent options to potential buyers and investors.

- State of the art shopping, living and entertainment options

- Located at the drastic business and investment location

- Investing here assure futuristic, beneficial and long-term returns

- Stable investment opportunities compared to other places

- Assure substantial gains in the coming time with favorable rental yields

- The value and demand of the properties here will definitely fluctuate over time

- World-class attention is given to each and every detail

- Continuous growing resale value

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This place is planned to be the mixture of excellent retail, entertainment, residential, investment, and shopping facilities developed by the highly prestigious developers. Whatever property you choose, great value and quality are attached to every option available here for you. It is a 14 Floor high rise commercial project located in the heart of the city while enjoying excellent connectivity and accessibility. The best local and international brands are there in a classy and ambient environment.

The chic fashion stores, five-star hotel, best dining opportunities, and unlimited entertainment are all combined very well in Madison Square, which has something for all. The entertainment floor has a great appeal to the visitors, which treats in a unique way with enormous fun driving options. Luxury and well-furnished apartments on the fourth floor are excellent choices to start a lifestyle inspired by high comforts, luxuries, and conveniences enclosed to all the advanced facilities. These are truly unmatched living spaces where each and every part is defined by the urbanization and excellence.

Along with enormous food courts, a five-star hotel is also made the part developed on high standards with elegance, quality, and sophistication. This project is designed explicitly to cater to the entertainment, residential, shopping, rental, and investment needs of people at best. Luxurious delights, comforts, and exclusivity are spread throughout in order to gain a higher level of relaxations on the part of visitors and investors. All your dreams about an ultimate lifestyle and futuristic development will be fulfilled here in a real sense while pursuing modern features including cinema, top brands, playland, restaurants, rooftop dining, fitness club, swimming pool, and more. The luxurious apartments allow you to enjoy a lifestyle of your settled vision with quality surroundings and high standards of architectural designs.

- 1 Bedroom Apartment (509 sq ft)

- 2 Bedroom Apartments (1325 sq ft)

Madison Square Mall Lahore

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Madison Square Mall Lahore Payment Plan

Madison Square is a great investment hub where excellent investment and residential opportunities are waiting for you. You can make many huge profits and golden benefits in the future by buying a place here. All the commercial and residential properties here are priced very attractively.

You can own them through cash payment as well as easy installment policies. Prices differ according to the size and floor in the building. All the properties are very reasonably priced, while the booking procedure is so easy. The potential investors and buyers can own a place in such a tremendous project Madison Square Lahore without being troubled about the complicated booking procedure. Investors will get huge profits off their money in the future; however, the high rental incomes are guaranteed. The payment plan is arranged by keeping in view the convenience and affordability of buyers, which is mentioned below!

Madison Square Mall Payment Plan

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Madison Square Mall Lahore Floor Plans 

Madison Square has the best building floor plan that fits the commercial and residential needs of various people, as well as the latest style requirements. The technical team has discussed and given attention to everything so that complete customer satisfaction can be attained. All the plans are designed and handled efficiently. The retail shops and range of accommodations on different floors offer the best experience to the interested buyers. Let’s have a look at the appealing floor plans of this project! 

Upper Floor Plan

Madison Square Upper Floor Plan

Lower Ground Plan

Lower Ground Plan

1st Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

 Second Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan

Madison Square 3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor Plan

fourth floor plan

5th Floor Plan

fifth floor plan

6th to 10th Floor Plan

6th to 10th floor 

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Madison Square Mall Lahore Location Map

Madison Square is one of the top real estate developments in Lahore full of utmost luxury, set in the superb location. It enjoys the excellent location of Gulberg III, Mehmood Kasuri Road, opposite to Al-Fateh, which is a hub of many well known residential and commercial projects surrounded by excellent amenities.

From all the perspectives, Gulberg is considered a superb place to live and invest both for commercial and residential. This place is full of potential for beneficial returns, profits, and growth for the investors. Madison mall, being so primarily located in Lahore Gulberg III, assure higher investment and rental outcomes in a short period of time.

The residential properties in the form of luxury apartments in Madison Square also assure the excellent value of the investment as well as facilitated living. The closeness of all the basic and advanced necessities provides the residents with a chance to have a highly comfortable and convenient life with promising future benefits for their properties.

All the essential roads are also connected to this area, which makes accessibility easy; however, properties here are always in more demand than any other area of Lahore. It would be a wise decision to invest in Madison Square now both for residential and commercial properties because of the high market value and regular price increase.

Madison Square Location Map

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Madison Square Mall Lahore Developers

6th Sense Group PVT.LTD has developed this project at the most valued address of Lahore city. It is a leading real estate name aim to deliver something high through their developments. Some of the finest and top-class commercial projects are established by this company in which the Imperial Mall, Burj Ismail, Chenon Tower, and Burj Huraira are remarkable; however, the Madison square is now giving them new heights of success by bringing them forth in the real estate market of Pakistan. Their properties always ensure exceptional value and demand, along with the prime investment location.

The innovative and advanced constructional approach provides high quality, sustainable, and efficient living to people while assuring the excellent money value. Through Madison Square, the developers aim to give people immense profits in the form of higher rental profits, which no one else can provide you.

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Facilities and Features 

Madison Square is all about the latest features and facilities to make the visiting, living, and shopping experience exceptional. The whole project is packed with exclusive and world-class amenities assuring a quality shopping and living environment for everyone. Here all the best entertainment and shopping attractions are combined. You will be able to spend such quality and memorable time while surrounded by the best facilities and amenities. Enjoy yourself with the best options available in Madison Mall Lahore.

A lot of entertainment activities are available to you. Many world-class amenities and features are also here, which make this place truly exceptional with good standards. It is worth visiting the place to enjoy all those things which are here to provide you with a memorable experience. Prepare yourself to enjoy the following amenities and essentials here, whether as a visitor or as a buyer!

IT-Based Security System

The whole project is developed on advanced techniques and concepts where safety and security are the core concerns so that a safe and peaceful environment can be provided to people. A 24/7 security system based on the IT system assures the coverage of all the areas excellently; however, high alert security staff and smart CCTV cameras are always active for professional monitoring. A higher level of protection is provided to people.

Car Parking

Quality and proper parking is the essential need for commercial projects which is fulfilled remarkably by Madison Square, A well constructed and advanced parking lot is built where people can park their vehicles efficiently and safely. The valet attendees are always there to park your car without any difficulty.

3D Cinema

Madison Square provides you with an unforgettable experience to enjoy your favorite movies with friends and families in a deluxe and classy environment. The premium screens and comfortable seats allow the visitors to have a quality time surrounded by premium quality, comforts, and luxury along with the top-class cinema features.

Best Dining Experience

This place is offering some of the best dining options with the finest ambiance where you can enjoy your favorite food. Various food options as per your taste requirements are available from which you can choose and enjoy the delicious taste. On the roof-top, the best dining environment is set along with a variety of food options.

Swimming Pool

Madison Mall is full of world-class and entertainment facilities so that people can have a quality time here. The finest swimming pool is an excellent chance for you to come and enjoy the unusual leisure activities along with your friends and family. You can enjoy the best swimming time to remain fit and active.


Dining is the integral shopping mall activity; that is why Madison Square is bringing variety of cuisines to cater to the needs of every visitor who comes here. This place offers some of the best dining options from which people can choose and enjoy according to their taste. The food courts, roof-top restaurants, coffee shops, and other dining facilities offer the best flavor and ambiance enriched with high-quality.

Best Local and International Brand Outlets

The best local and international brands are combined in Madison Square, along with their finest collections, where the standardized and quality shopping experience is guaranteed. You will find a variety of options to choose according to all the seasons, occasions, and current tastes in the fashion industry.

Luxury Apartments

Madison Square is grabbing the exclusive and sophisticated apartments for sale, which all are furnished and designed according to the advanced development ideas. All the living spaces are highly luxurious, where you will have a quality way of life packed with all kinds of amenities.

Extensive Shops

The shops in Madison Square are designed exclusively and extensively, assuring high investment returns to potential buyers. The great rental income options are also available; however, people will have a high retail experience here.

Fast and Safe Elevators

The whole project is designed on advanced technologies and concepts. There are fast-moving and safe elevators are available with excellent quality and reliability.

Prime Location

This project is developed in the heart of the commercial hub, where it enjoys seamless connectivity all over the city. One can access the place easily however, from the investment and rental aspect, the address of Madison Mall is very appealing. The living, investment, rental, and shopping all the options are bright here.


Madison Square Mall brings an opportunity for you to have a wonderful and quality time with your family. This place is also perfect for investment and business purposes by owning a shop here; however, the residential and rental profits are enormous because of the tactical location, seamless connectivity, and high-rise development approach. It is a great commercial establishment in Lahore, where you can discover something extraordinary in every sphere! 

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