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Lower Mall Lahore

Lower Mall is a timeworn historic road of Lahore situated adjacent to Mall Road Lahore. It’s primarily surrounded with some epic significant developments of old traditional Lahore.

The adjacent vital developments of Lower Mall comprise of Mao College, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore Museum, Anarkali, Lahore High Court, Punjab Civil Secretariat, GC University, Punjab University Old Campus and Hall Road also exists in close proximity to Lower Mall Lahore.

The above-mentioned developments clear the fact that Lower Mall is surrounded with some momentous progresses and is situated in the core area of the Lahore city that has its own unique entity and paradigms.

Furthermore, the contiguous infrastructure to Lower Mall is also of fine quality and being renovated and maintained from time to time as per required. All in all, it’s a vital section of Lahore city that has an historic spirit and vibrancy.

The connecting roads to lower Mall include Lake Road, Sanda Road, Laaj Road, Nabha Road and Mall Road as stated above exists in extreme nearness to Lower Mall Lahore.

Prominent Features:

- Ideal Location

- All utilities Available

- Significant Surroundings

- Excellent Infrastructure

- Active Locality 

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