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Lahore is one of the most attractive cities of the Pakistan; the city is a center of cultural heritage and thus considered as the heart of Pakistan. Lahore City represents the blend of both modern attractions and historical places and also for its historical landmarks many new travel destinations. Lahore is one of the developed cities which are blessed with all kind of life facilities including health education, job opportunities to live a better life and most important it also provides leisure and shopping facilities also. The people of Lahore are shopping lovers and crazy for shopping and spend more on shopping than what they spend on other places. This is the primary reason why the city has now become the shopper's paradise and hub of shopping and commercial centers.


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Every day many new shopping malls, retail centers, and shopping bazaars are introduced. Recently one of the well-established consultancy firm Hanan Group has initiated one of the biggest commercial market of Lahore with the name Lahore Grand Bazar. Lahore Grand Bazar is a different commercial and retail concept first time introduced in Lahore. The project Lahore Grand Bazaar is initiated to provide the people of Lahore, and its surroundings, an integrated, stylish wholesale and retail community which help them in business growth by connecting traders and buyers from across Pakistan on an entirely new level with unmatched state of the art facilities.


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Lahore Grand Bazar will be a market just like ShahAlam Market, Anarkali Bazar and Azam Clothe Market where the traders will find all essential services to grow their Business. Due to CPEC, all the international investors has now moved toward Pakistan to invest thus Lahore Bazar will be a great opportunity thus making the Lahore an international city. Lahore Grand Bazar is a part of Pak-China International trade center that will provide exposure to all the local and international traders and serve as a one-stop shop where they can do trade all across the Pakistan through Grand Trunk Road.


Developers and Consultants

The project is developed by Pak-China International Trade Center with the partnership of a leading consultancy firm Hanan Group. The management team of the project has experienced and skilled team of engineers and consultants who work day and night to give something new and unique every time. They work on each and every phase of the project from planning to designing till its finishing and execution and take care the every aspect of projects assigned to them. The time is an essential priority for the developers, and they deliver all their plans on active time.



The location is always the primary factor which matters in the success of the project and set its future. And Lahore Grand Bazar is situated just outside the city on main G.T Road and Motorway M-2 at Kala Shah Kaku Bypass. The location is one of the most accessible and ideal sites as all the main towns including Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Narowal, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Sargodha has to access to the place through G.T Road. Jhang, Faisalabad, Multan and DG Khan has easy access to the Lahore Grand Bazar through Sheikhupura Road and Sialkot by Pass motorway.

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Project Plan

Lahore Grand Bazar is a mega commercial project that will be developed in the area of 5 acres land out of the intended area of 26 Acres. The project is the first phase of the project plan of Pak-China Trade Center which is approved by LDA. The Bazaar will launch operations by serving strategic sectors including Textile & Clothing, Furniture & Décor, Leather & Footwear, Electronics & Appliances, Crockery & Cutlery and also Carpets wholesale stores and display centers. Lahore Grand Bazaar is currently in its first phase that consist of lower ground, ground, first, second and top floors and the entire of the building will serve some key sectors mentioned above. The whole project is stationed with the advanced technology and variety of unusual feature that will give a universal base for both buyers and seller.


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The size of the shop starts from 185 square feet and the rate per square feet is 14000. The booking can be made with 10% down payment and 10% confirmation after 1 month of booking. Then the investor will be required to pay 5% after 10 months of Booking and 15% on Possession the balance will be payable in equal monthly installments. 

Lahore Grand Bazaar
Payment Plan for Shops 
Per Square Feet Rate                14,000
Size   185 sq.ft 
Total amount (14000x185)         2,590,000
Booking 10%             259,000
Confirmation 10%             259,000
After 10 Months 5%             129,500
On Possession 15%             388,500
Per Month Installment                43,167

Anticipated Features

The project will feature with open and capacious construction with full passageways, complete security system installation with CCTV coverage; the entire building will have installed personnel and cargo lifts on every level with uploading facility also with the availability of crabs and lifters and 24/7 power backup generation. There will be a beautiful and freakish food court and a grand mosque for the owners and general public to offer prayer. The developers have made an extensive parking plan where a separate area is dedicated for car parking of business owners and a different place of car parking for customers.

Day and Night Truck transportation

Both the buyers and sellers at Lahore Grand Bazar will have day and night truck and other transportation facilities to carry their goods without any hindrance to their destination.


Metro Bus access

The location is very convenient and accessible and has close access to Metro bus.


Availability of Electricity & Gas

The basic utilities like Electricity & Gas facilities are available 24/7 for the smooth running of businesses. The highly efficient generators have been installed to provide unbreakable electricity.


Fire Alarm System

Highly equipped and modern firefighting system has been made available on every floor of the Lahore Grand Bazar for the safety of sudden fire incidents.


Wide car parking

The developers of the project have provided a spacious and separate parking area for both the owners and visitors.


Booking Plan

The developers are providing a very convenient and comfortable payment plan with the affordable booking process. To buy a shop the investor will have to pay 20% of the total amount as down payment while the balance 80% amount will be payable in 2 years easy installment plan. The price of any shop or display center starts from 25,000 per sq.ft.


Lahore Grand Bazar 
Payment Plan 
Floors  A-B C-D E F-G H Inside Plaza 
Lower Ground Floor 20000/sft 18000/sft 25000/sft 18000/sft 16000/17000/sft 21000/sft
Upper Ground Floor 18000/sft 16000/sft 24000/sft 16000/sft 14000/16000/sft 19000/sft
1st Floor 16000/sft 14000/sft 22000/sft 14000/sft 12000/14000/sft 17000/sft
2nd Floor 14000/sft 12000/sft 20000/sft 12000/sft 10000/12000/sft 14000/sft


- Day and Night Truck transportation

- Metro Bus access

- Availability of Electricity & Gas

- Railway Track linked for goods transportation

- 300 ft. Front Facing

- Wide Car parking

- 50 ft. Wide Roads

- Fire Alarm System

- Power backup system 

For Booking Contact 

Fawad Chaudhry 0337-4632532