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Korangi is a part of Karachi City located eastern side of Karachi City. Malir River flows from southern side of Korangi Town. Korangi is a residential town and is one of the largest Industrial Area of Pakistan. Korangi Industrial Area also includes a 220 Megawatt Power Plant. Korangi Residential Areas include different ethnic groups including Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Mujharis, Pakhtuns, Memon, Bangali and Tamil as well. Malir River separates Korangi and DHA Karachi.

Korangi Town Karachi include Allahwala Town, Bhittai Colony , Gilgit Colony, Korangi Industrial Area, Mehran Town, Awami Colony and Korangi Creek. Korangi also include an Operational Air Base of Pakistan Air Force.

Kornagi Town is considered as a big residential as its population has crossed 1 million mile stone. The area is well known for both residential and industrial use.

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