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Kahuta Rawalpindi

Kahuta Rawalpindi is mostly associated with the Defense Personnel of Pakistan Armed Forces in terms of residency purposes. Now the area is getting attention from the general public and thus the area is getting development. That’s the big reason that now the civil residents are also starts to living in the area.

Now Kahuta is stated as the Tehsil of Rawalpindi District which is located about 45 minutes drive from Zero Point of Islamabad and 35 minutes from Islamabad International Air Port. It joins Islamabad Highway at Sihala Check Post. After getting rapid development, now the Kahuta is getting the status of developed city as all facilities are now available to the residents like Government departments including Judiciary, Law & Order institutes, Hospital, Schools and colleges and others. The availability of all these factors is making the Kahuta a place to live with prosperity and peace.

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