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G.T Road Rawalpindi

G.T Road Rawalpindi as commonly known as “Grand Trunk Road” it’s one of the “Oldest Ancient Roads of Asia”. “G.T Road” was one of the main routes for trade purpose before the partition of Sub Continent. “National Highway Authority” took over this road in 90s and developed it and named N-5. “G.T Road Rawalpindi” connects to “Peshawar Road” from one side and ends near “Gujar Khan” on the other side, many significant cities of Pakistan is situated in close proximity to G.T Road and large no of people travel via “G.T Road” to reach their destination every day. Hundreds of Housing Schemes have been developed nearby “G.T Road Rawalpindi”. Some of the major Real Estate Developments close to “G.T Road Rawalpindi” are “PAEC Employee Housing Society”, “DHA Rawalpindi Phase 1-2 and Phase 2 Extension”, “New Lalazar”, “Gawalmandi Rawalpindi”, “Allahabad”, and “Awan Town”. No of Significant Roads also connects to “G.T Road Rawalpindi” some of them are “Kashmir Highway”, “Peshawar Road”, “Murree Road”, “National Park Road”, “Islamabad Highway”, and “Rawat-Chakbeli Road”. The most important rational to live in nearby “G.T Road Rawalpindi” that the infrastructure, Civic Facilities around “G.T road Rawalpindi” are one of its kind current and potential future residents can enjoy the luxury and have that privileged feeling of being living on the “Historical Grand Trunk Road” that has its own history and Identity. Residents of nearby Housing Schemes would have all the essential necessities of life within their reach on (G.T Road Rawalpindi).              

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