Fortress Square Lahore

When we talk about specifically to Fortress, then we meant the area that is under the complete hold of Military of that country. While the Fortress Square of Lahore is the most entertaining area with all of the national and international brands availability within the same location. The modern and quality brands make Fortress Square the most convenient and modern Shopping Square with entertaining point.

The famous Fortress Square welcomes 30,000 daily visitors all around the city. While inhabitants of other cities also visit the Square to shop the latest and famous brands. The direct access from Mall Road of Lahore and in a secure area protected by Cantt Security council makes the area hot favorite one.

What sort of brands Fortress offers includes Luxury and Modern Boutiques, Global Brands, Outlets of Fashion Stores, all range of Kids wears, Branded Shopping Mall i.e. Hyperstar, Joy Land, Food restaurants includes continent, Euro taste, traditional food, fast food, Chinese food and Sozo World.

So the Fortress is not only a shopping spot but also an attracting entertaining point for visitors while the fodders can also found their relevant brands with a standardized manner.

Key Features:

The key features makes the Fortress Square one of the modern and attractive shopping point of not only Lahore City but also for Pakistan overall. Here are some of the Key Features of Fortress Square:

Fortress Square Lahore

Neat and Clean area

Cargo and service Lifts

Air Conditioned place with standby power backup.

Two Escalators in Hyperstar for both up and down way

An escalator connects Parking to Mall

Sufficient Parking Area for visitors to handle bulk visitors on festivals



Play land for entertainment

Famous restaurants

Fire Escapes in case of any emergency and active system to out off the fire

Garbage disposable system to make area clean and healthy

Wide Corridors

Washrooms separated by gender classifications and baby changing rooms

Beautiful Prayer Area

Information Desk for guidance

Business Opportunity:

Fortress Square is a best opportunity for those who are looking for a secure to get back their investment, the shops are developed according to modern style while the parking slot can handle a big expected crowd on special occasions like Eid Shopping or New Year Shopping. The good environment and location makes the investment in Fortress Square secure and one can get the return within a short period of time with respect to any other Shopping Square.