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Federal B Area Karachi

Federal B Area is one of the oldest residential areas in Karachi, after independence of Pakistan, Federal B Area Karachi was chosen for Residential & Office Buildings for the employees of Federal Government. That’s why the area was named as Federal Capital Area of F.C Area and the area for residential purpose for Federal Employees named as Federal B Area Karachi or F.B Area. The Ex-President of Pakistan and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf renamed the area as Gulberg Karachi, however the old name is still in use and as popular as earlier was. Surrounding areas include Buffer Zone Area, Liaqatabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, University Road, Nazimabad, PIB Colony while Lyari Expressway passes from Eastern side of Federal B Area. All of the surrounding areas of Federal B Area are well known and developed according to modern life style. Shahrah-e-Pakistan passes from Federal B Area, while the area is divided into Blocks and assigned a numeric value to every block like Block 4, Block 7, Block 9 and Block 10 etc. Some of the Main Roads of Federal B Area Karachi includes Azizabad Main Road, Hussainabad Road, Josh Malih Abadi Road, Ziauddin Road, Islamabad Colony, Indus Area, Saadat Colony, Samanabad Road, Dastagir and Shahrah-e-Jahangir. The area is marked as one of the most populated area of Karachi and Pakistan and reason behind this is that the availability of all basic to modern facilities and modern and developed infrastructure.

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