Family Farms Lahore is the best choice for you if you are looking for farmhouse property. It is a place where you can still find some lovely secluded farm accommodation for a peaceful laid back lifestyle away from the noise of the resort centers. Farm properties at this place usually come with quite large plots or at least surrounded by vast areas of open farmland or beautiful lush green landscapes.

A back to nature style of living is still possible even in the urbanized area through the establishments of such projects. The beautiful and lush green environment of Family Farms Lahore often surprises people as it is a common belief that Lahore is a large bustling city full of a blend of architecture and modern culture. This farm real estate project is come up with larger than average plots of land, space for livestock and organic vegetable plots etc.

Family Farms Lahore

This place is ideal for living as well as it offers all the basic and luxurious living facilities in the best possible manner. A great opportunity is available to you where modern and natural living goes hand in hand. This new traditional farmhouse for sale in Lahore is becoming a favourite spot for families with landscaped gardens, swimming pool, healthy atmosphere and high development.

Why Buy Property in Family Farms Lahore?

With your budget and requirements in mind, this project directs you to an ideal place very suitable for living in all the ways. The prices of properties here are really affordable with enormous facilities and giving you ideal properties with excellent rental potential. Buying a property in Family Farms offers

  • Value of money

  • Peace and tranquillity

  • Close-to-nature lifestyle

  • Upscale amenities

  • Relaxed lifestyle

  • Safe and Pure Investment

  • Close to nature and facilities at the same time

What would you choose?

This vast and outstanding project offers you very large and suitable spaces for your farmhouses. Various properties are available to you from which you can choose according to your requirements within an affordable range. There are constructed farmhouses as well as plots for farmhouses. The property sizes are as follows:

  • 2 Kanal Farmhouse Land

  • 4 Kanal Farmhouse Land

  • 6 Kanal Farmhouse Land

  • 8 Kanal Farmhouse Land

Family Farms Lahore Location Map

This place is located on Bakri Road Lahore where enormous facilities are available to you. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city as its connection to many important roads. You can access directly this place from DHA Lahore phase VII. You will find the location very suitable and appealing as it is surrounded by beauty and facilities at the same time.

Family Farms Lahore Location Map

The community’s location area is very ideal for living, especially with its close proximity to the modern facilities, everyday amenities of shopping malls, educational facilities, transportation spots and some excellent hospitals. This place is really fabulous and suitable to lead a significant and delightful lifestyle.

The location is away from buildings and noisy areas. You will enjoy a peaceful life away from the hectic and artificial life. It is the best place for you where modern and natural approach makes it a complete and most desirable place to live.

Family Farms Lahore Payment Plan

Talking about the payment prices, you will be really happy to know that the payment plan of this venture is organized exactly according to your need and desires. The prices of properties here are very reasonable or almost low if we look overall though the price range varies according to the location and size of plots. The prices on the main roads are higher than the areas that fall in the interior of the main road. Buying a property here is really easy for almost all people because of the convenience and affordability it offers to its clients.

The possession will be handed over to the customers after the 30% payment of the total price. Flexible instalment policies are also available for you. The land-buying options here are aimed towards having spacious and comfortable houses in the midst of nature and facilities while without going out of your budget. The detailed payment plan with prices is given below!

Family Farms Lahore Payment Plan


It is a project developed by 6th sense group who aims to give you a luxurious lifestyle and give you an ultimate sense of comforts. It has a development portfolio at various stages of planning and progress asserting this place as the best project in this region. The group of developers of this project is the leading service providers in the flourished farmhouse development as this type of real estate is becoming very popular.

This project is exclusively designed to meet the needs of its contemporary clients. This company is serving the real estate to its best. Landscaping interiors and other excellent developments are an absolute example of sophistication offered by the skilled team of designers of 6th sense.

All the things are well-maintained and designed to make it the most desirable and ideal place for families. International ideas of farm housing are applied here where the living facilities and features are also developed. It is a best and uniquely developed place in all the ways.

Features and Facilities

Enjoy the best farmhouse residence with this project where you will love everything after visiting this beautiful land.  This place has a rural and agriculture flavour but this does not mean that it lacks in facilities. No, not at all! You will find more than enough essentials and services which will enhance the delight of living here. It is a complete picture of luxuries, modernism and naturalism where you will experience a totally different living.  

You’ll love the rural location with walks from the front door, the ambience, and the outdoor space. Ideal for families here you will be in direct interaction with all essential and advanced facilities. It is packed with everything one desired or wished to lead a remarkable life. Here you can spend a quality time with your friends and families in the lap of nature and world-class amenities. This place has the following features and amenities:

  • Gated Community

  • Active Security System and Staff

  • Modern Infrastructure

  • Lush Green Landscapes

  • Nearby Hospitals

  • Nearby Schools

  • Healthy and Clean Atmosphere

  • Wide Neat Roads

  • Mosque

  • Swimming pool

  • Gymnasium

  • Mini Theatre

  • Parks and Playgrounds

  • Underground Electricity Wiring


Family Farms Lahore is a very excellent and exclusive project which is developed on high standards. It is a farmhouse gated community where you will enjoy a life full of luxuries and facilities while interacting with the natural environment. This place provides a most secure, friendly and suitable atmosphere to lead a life with full potential and ease.


Family Farms Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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