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Sector F11 is last developed and populated Sector of F series, though according to ICT Limit Sector F series will last till Sector F17 but Sector F12, F13 and F14 yet to be plan. Sector F15 and F17 are developed up to some extent but F11 is last fully developed sector of F series. Sector F11 is divided into 4 parts and F-11/1 is one of them. F-11/1 is located between Hillal Road on East and West Service Road on West of F11, while North side faces Hamza Road and South side faces Nazim-ud-din Road. The basic infrastructure includes main streets, electricity, gas, water treatment, and sewerage & drainage system. Main developments are cricket ground, parks, market, F.G Girl Model School, college of home economics, Islamabad Model College and restaurants as well. Naval housing Scheme is also located in F-11/1.

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