The best living experience is provided to people where people after the successful establishment of Dream Villas Rawalpindi. By identifying the excellent in home design, this project shows that how beauty, safety, sustainability, and comfort can come together. This project is developed in such a way where people can live according to modern trends and while remaining within the easy payment plans. The place is one of the top housing societies of Rawalpindi where one can live in a desirable way.

Dream Villas Rawalpindi Location Map
Dream Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Various size houses are available according to different family needs while highly equipped with enormous facilities. The facilities are highly appealing to clients where the find a serviced and comfortable existence very easily. Development work is going on rapidly and successfully where advanced techniques and planning is the foundation of Dream Villas. The combination of ideal location along with the other amenities makes this place a centre of attention for living and investing purposes.

The desirable residential destination is available to people who choose to live in this place. It appeals to people in every way of life while offering the best of living standards. Dream villas Taj Residencia Rawalpindi is a project of excellence, reliability and luxuries which will be the best choice for those who want to lead a significant life in its true sense.

Project Plan

This is a very vast project where different properties are available for different families. 5 Marla, 8 Marla 10 Marla houses are available which are well constructed and furnished. The houses are designed very beautifully while having an amazing interior and exterior design. All the parts of the houses are designed tremendously and in an advanced way including bedrooms, bathrooms, TV Lounge, drawing room and porch. Dream Villas provide a chance to live happily and comfortably while surrounded by full-fledged amenities and conveniences.

Dream Villas Rawalpindi Location Map

The location of any residential place is highly important to live expediently. This project doesn’t let down itself in this aspect and provides a very renowned and prime location of Rawalpindi. Supremely this place is situated in Taj Residencia Rawalpindi which is closely connected to main and important roads and places. It is surrounded by many facilitated and beneficial spots which add much to the convenience of people. The location is facilitated as well as beautiful at the same time.

Dream Villas Rawalpindi Location Map

Dream Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Let’s discuss the payment plan for this project which is very convenient and affordable. If we consider the facilities and features of this project the payments are highly flexible while easy instalment policies are also available. High quality and deluxe sort of living is no more a dream for average people after the successful establishment of this project. Here is the payment plan of this tremendous venture:

Dream Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan


This place is developed by LINKERS International (PVT) LTD who has raised its standards very high in the real estate world. This company is well esteemed for its unique approach in its project. All the projects are developed very highly and exclusively by them which appeals to people in every way. This project is a very fine example of their brilliance and their public concerns.

Facilities and Features

Urban development, exclusiveness, safety and comfortable lifestyle, these are some traits demonstrated by this residential project. It is founded on such features and facilities which make this place one of the most demanding and famous residential places of Rawalpindi. Let’s have a detailed look at the striking features and facilities the place offers to its residents.

1. Modern Architecture

The houses are built exactly in accordance with the contemporary time’s requirements. All the houses are well furnished while the interior and exterior are amazingly constructed. Every house has a wide front and spacious space for parking purpose. All the rooms have balconies while all the parts of the house are built very extraordinarily. Generously wide villas are established to provide an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle to the people who choose to live in this place.

2. Wide and Neat Roads

Roads are well constructed according to in a quality way where walking and driving is a source of convenience and ease. The smooth, wide and neat roads are surrounded by green belts which add more to the beauty of this place. Every house meets the roads which are very convenient for people.

3. Security Surveillance

Proper safety management is very important in present time to live peacefully and happily. Dream villas consider this aspect very carefully. An advanced and active security system is organized to provide the best security services to the residents. CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed everywhere while the monitoring staff and security staff is very high alert and active to assure the terror-free environment.

4. Central Mosque

At the centre of the society, there is a central Mosque. This Mosque is developed specially for facilitating Muslim Community and for showing unity in every sect of Islam. It is equipped with all the facilities while constructed very beautifully and attractively. It is specially built so that the residents of Dream Villas could easily offer their prayers in a place very close to their residence.

5.  Parks and Playing Area

Much land of this project is allotted to greenery as many small and large parks are part of this project. The lush green parks and playgrounds provide a great source of enjoyment and relaxation to people. Walking and sitting in these lush green parks are really pleasurable and entertaining. Separate playing areas are there for children where they can play freely and securely in their leisure time.


Rising as one of the most successful and progressive residential places of Rawalpindi, Dream Villas assure the desirable lifestyle to people. It is packed with everything and anything which is essential to living ideally while in a convenient payment plan. After choosing this place, one can avail one’s home of dreams and desires which is located on an attractive location. The high standards of development make this place a centre of attention to clients or families. What are you waiting for then? Come and buy a place of your desired vision!


Dream Villas Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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