Living among the beautiful and serene atmosphere while surrounded by numerous facilities and features is a dream of many people. Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi is a project which aims to fulfil this dream in a best possible way. This residential place offers various size plots which are ready for construction. People can enjoy a highly flexible and facilitated sort of existence at this place while in an affordable range.

Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Location Map
Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Dhamial Villas established in a way through which a remarkable and comfortable existence is promised to people who choose to live at this place. All the essential amenities and features are part of this tremendous venture which helps to lead a happy and contented life.

Residence at this place provides a golden opportunity to live in a healthy and peaceful atmosphere as this society is located on a very serene and prime location of Rawalpindi. While living with modern amenities and striking features according to modern time demands, one can directly interact with nature. The perfect combination of natural beauty and advanced techniques make this place a centre of attention to many people who want to live ideally.

Project Plan

This is a very vast project which is spread over many areas while providing different size residential plots. People can choose according to their family needs. There are 5 Marla, 7 Marla and 10 Marla residential plots available. People can start a new business at this place in an affordable range as the commercial plots of 4 Marla are also there. The investment opportunity is also bright at this place as the demand and value of this land is increasing day by day.

Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Location Map

Now let’s get informed about where this place is exactly located. The location of any residential place is a very vital aspect to consider while deciding a place to live. One wants to live in an ideal as well as beautiful location. Dhamial Villas fulfils both aspects very remarkably as it is primarily located on Dhamial Road, Rawalpindi which is a very well known location of this city.

This is closely situated to the Motorway Chakri Interchange and New International Airport. Many important roads are closely connected to this place while it is also surrounded by numerous beneficial and facilitated spots. This place is also packed with beautiful lush green and healthy atmosphere which gives a very pleasant view.

Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Location Map

Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan


With the development of Dhamial Villas, now the quality and comfortable lifestyle are available to people very easily and in an affordable range. The payment policy of this society is appealingly convenient and attracts the large number of people to live and invest in this place. The best return of one’s payment is assured to people either in residential form or in form of investment. The plots can be booked on cash payment while flexible instalment policies are also available. Here is the payment plan for this fabulous project:

Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan


This is a project by HAZ Associates and Developers which is a name of excellence and reliability. Dhamial villas are built according to modern trends and techniques to provide the best sort of living experience to people.

This project is developed very remarkably and it is a result of exclusive planning where people can live with much ease and comfort. The developers of this project aim to provide a standardized and quality lifestyle to people and Dhamial Villas Society is a perfect illustration of this.

Features and Facilities

This venture is organized in a way where people can live among the best of the amenities and features which are highly attractive and awesome. The world-class living environment is given to people as the project is wrapped with striking features and amenities. Here is the detail of everything you need to know about this place.

1. Wide Neat Roads

This place has developed a very modern and amazing infrastructure. The roads are neat and wide where walking and driving is a source of great pleasure and comfort. Walking, jogging and driving tracks are different and all are constructed according to advanced techniques and modes. Roads are carpeted thus green belts are there on both sides of the roads which give a very pleasant sight to people.

2. Electricity, Water and Gas Supply

This project assures the proper supply of the basic necessities like Sui gas, electricity and clean water. The connections of these things are undergrounded through which the supply is not affected by the weather conditions. Major breakdowns of electricity can be avoided through the underground electrification. The proper supply of Sui gas and clean water is also assured to the residents of Dhamial Villas, Rawalpindi.

3. Modern Sewerage

The sewerage and drainage problems are becoming serious because proper attention is not given to this aspect. Dhamial Villas has developed a very modern and advanced sewerage system through which many serious problems of sewerage could be avoided. The maintenance staff maintains the system on a regular basis so that problems are not faced by people in daily routine or in a season of rain.

4. Safety and Security

Security is very important in today’s world and Dhamial Villas considers this aspect very carefully. The place provides a protected sort of living to people as it has an advanced and very active security system. CCTV cameras are fixed everywhere while the security system and security staff is very high alert all the time to provide a protected and peaceful sort of environment for people.

5. Central Mosque

There is a beautiful central mosque which has a very amazing interior and exterior design. It is constructed for the residents so that people can say prayers easily and this also shows the unity of the Muslim world. The mosque is equipped with all the basic and also some advanced facilities.


Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi provides the best living experience to people as it has numerous facilities and features which are very appealing to lead a comfortable life. One gets a standardized and quality lifestyle in a very low and attractive payment plan. The amalgamation of natural beauty with modernistic amenities makes this place a centre of attention to many people. You have to book your plot now if you want to lead a significant and luxurious lifestyle.  


Dhamial Villas Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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