DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi launched in 1980 and spreads over large area of more than 8852 acres. The Living Standard reflects high class and standardized living values. Life at DHA Karachi is just like heaven on earth as all of the facilities are available within the same location.


DHA Karachi spreads over a large areas, it faces Arabian Sea towards its southern side. Clifton is located towards west side of DHA Karachi while Bundle Islands are located towards Eastern side. Korangi Creek is towards Northern Side


DHA Karachi is a city within a city, which represents one of the best and modern way living styles in Pakistan. The area is fully developed and is one of the most populated areas of Karachi City. DHA Karachi offers all of the basic and luxurious life style, like Golf Clubs, Resorts, Parks, community centers, entertainment clubs, monuments and landscapes. The site has a aggregate population of 661,000. Mainly the residents of DHA Karachi City are belongs to Pakistan Defense Forces including Pak Army, Navy and Air Force while the civilians are also part of Housing Scheme.

DHA Karachi


DHA Karachi is located towards the South of Karachi City facing the Clifton Beach which is a famous and well known entertainment point. The eastern side of DHA Karachi faces the Korangi Creek. Western side faces the Gizri and Karachi Cantt Railway Station.

Life Style:

DHA Karachi is a versatile and modernized Housing Society providing shelter facility to the residents of Karachi City. It offers not only the improved way of living style but also the aiding factors that make life easy, happy, prosperous and a sensible touch.


Developed area

International standard living style

Standard development

Commercial Markets

Amusement Parks

International Cuisine

Sports Complex

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Golf Course

Sea View Picnic Points

Secure environment

Standard Shopping Malls