Commander Enclave Karachi presents a truly extraordinary lifestyle that is highly convenient and luxurious. This ultra-modern residential place offers class, quality and sophistication at the same time. It is a very prime real estate development which is offering the safest and best living atmosphere.

Commander Enclave Karachi Location Map
Commander Enclave Karachi Payment Plan

Situated on an iconic location, every apartment is designed to capture the high standards. This exceptional residential project is a landmark in the real estate of Karachi where the living standards have raised very high already. Commander Enclave Karachi will contribute greatly after its completion to elevate the living standards of people who are still waiting for the best options.

Commander Enclave Karachi

Very few projects are developed with such excellence, care and exclusivity exactly according to your requirements and taste. A sense of security and fulfilment will always be with you after choosing this place to live. Living here will nothing than delights and comforts in every way. It is a worth living place which guarantees an amazing and unforgettable living experience.

The Luxurious Apartments 

The magnificently designed apartments in Commander Enclave offer the best lifestyle to you. They all provide perfect luxuries with their advanced and modern architectural designs. You will be served here with all those amenities you like to have for you. The flats are crafted by the finest and expert designers and architects.

These lavish living spaces could be an embodiment of anyone’s dream about a standardized and quality living place. The state of the art planning and implementation of advanced technologies make it prominent and appealing for everyone.

Property Types and Floor Plans

The building of this project consists of 5 floors where different apartments in different categories are available to you. They are available in the following sizes:

Ground Floor 

  • 2 Bed Apartments of 600 Sq. Ft. (Type C)
  • 2 Bed Apartments of 900 Sq. Ft. (Type C1)
  • 3 Bed Apartments of 1,646 Sq. Ft. (Type A1)

1st Floor 

  • 3 Bed Apartments of 1,646 Sq. Ft. (Type A1)

2nd Floor 

  • 2 Bed Apartments of 1,300 Sq.Ft. ( Type B Gold)

3rd Floor 

  • 2 Bed Apartments of 1,300 Sq. Ft. (Type B Silver)

4th Floor 

  • 2 Bed Apartments of 600 Sq. Ft. (Type C)
  • 2 Bed Apartments of 900 Sq. Ft. (Type C1)
  • 2 Bed Apartments of 1,246 Sq. Ft. (Type B Platinum)

Commander Enclave Karachi Location Map

The address and area of your residential space is always an important thing to consider. It affects greatly to the living of people as well as the value and demand of a place. Commander Enclave shares a very tactical and ideal location which adds more to its status and attraction. You will find it situated on Gadap Road, Karachi which is a very renowned and developed locality of this city.

Commander Enclave Karachi Location Map

Many well-known educational and health institutions are closely available. Its connections to the city’s main transportations spots and roads make it easily approachable from all the parts of the city. This location has become the hub of many top-class developments among which Commander Enclave stands very distinguishable and remarkably.

The financial status will raise in the future because of its best location and connectivity it enjoys. The proximity to the important places makes it the most desirable and preferable area to live in an ideal way. The popularity and demand of such location are still high in the market while it will continue to increase in the coming time.

Commander Enclave Karachi Payment Plan

The prices of lands and properties have raised after the much competitions in the real estate market. People are preferring to luxurious places in order to live according to new modes with comforts. But sometimes high prices come between. It is the desire of many people to elevate the living standards within an affordable range.

Commander Enclave Karachi Payment Plan

To fulfil this idea about luxury and affordability, Commander Enclave Karachi is here. It is introducing a very reasonable payment plan to people which is a source of much delights and conveniences for people. As we know that this venture is offering different size plots of different categories on different floors.

The prices are being set according to all these factors. You can choose what suits your needs and budget. Flexible instalment policies are also available. Have a look at the detailed payment plan of this project which will update you about every detail about payment policies. It is given below:


Commander Builders & Developers is the excellent and prestigious name behind the development of such out-class project. It is a project which has been established and designed with finest ideas and plannings. 

Salient Features 

  • Modern Architectural Designed Building
  • High-Quality Material
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Deluxe Apartments
  • Top-Quality Residential Experience
  • Modern Sewerage
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Proper Ventilation System
  • Highly Secure Environment
  • CCTV Security
  • Ideal Location
  • Best Connectivity
  • Peaceful Surroundings


Commander Enclave Karachi is an ultimate living space which offers style, distinction and exclusivity at the same time. You cannot ignore this place because of all it is offering you. How you live and where you live is a very important factor which reflects your personality.

So your choice must be a tremendous one like Commander Enclave. It is a unique and top-class place for you and your family where you will find the true meaning of luxuries and comforts.


Commander Enclave Karachi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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