Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi is a mega project presented by Bahria Town offering highly luxurious apartments for sale to people at the very affordable price range. People who want to elevate their living standards in a remarkable manner can book their apartment on easy installments. The latest development trends and ideas inspire the whole project in order to assure the dream of living. The apartments here are in the range of everyone because of the attractive payments and convenient installment plans.

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You will find here a lifestyle of your dreams and desires as this venture is providing excellent living options to you and your family. The extensive and well-furnished 2 bed apartments and 4 bed penthouses are amazingly designed to give privacy, comfort and exclusivity. It is a new and innovative residential project which is here to cater to all the requirements of those who are looking for the ideal place to live and invest.


All the living spaces here have been designed to provide the luxury and ultra-modern living which will reflect style, sophistication and elegance. Everything about this place is unique and attractive. You will enjoy the living values and ways this place will offer you during your stay here. The apartments here are very well equipped with all the basic essentials. 


Because of its developed location, high financial and development value in the market, you will get out-class results of your investment here. Desired luxuries, comforts and standards will be available here for those who want to live in exceptional ways. This project is a mark of quality and excellence where all your desires.

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Project Plan

Central Park Apartments Karachi is a great residential venture established on very high concepts while consist of 32 acres of land. From all the perspectives, it would be an ideal place to invest and start living a lifestyle of your dreams. The developers have chosen a highly professional building design in order to meet the international standards. The whole plan and detailed scope, the professional designers, architects and interior designers are consulted while every single detail has given much attention. The New York Central Park very much inspires central park apartment building design, and the whole project is planned to be built on the same structure.

The material selection is done very carefully in order to assure not only the exclusive but also the secure kind of living. Earthquake resilient structure is used everywhere and all the parts of the project are very well-furnished. The floor plan is impressive with remarkable structural work. It will consist of multiple iconic towers offering 2 bed luxury apartments and limited 4 bed penthouses. The group of professionals and experts provide an ideal living to people with the best infrastructure and modern types of equipment.


The apartments and penthouses are deluxe with high and sustainable development status. Great popularity and admire has been attached to this project because of the ways, plans and ideas on which such a renowned group of developers establishes it. Available with so much affordability, this project is offering you an exclusive and luxurious residence where every living space is defined by sophistication, innovation and class while having exclusive features and amenities. 

Karachi's best location is chosen in order to give convenience to residents while the commercial surroundings indicate the high investment rate and bright future. The construction work is going on a rapid basis, and the floor excavation phase has completed already. All the primary, as well as advanced facilities of life, are made part to give immense comforts to the residents. People won’t need to go far away to fulfill the basic necessities of life as the commercial, entertainment, social and residential amenities closely available to you all the time. This place will transform you into a world of relaxation and uniqueness where you will enjoy each and every minute of your life. One can have the best sort of living with the loved ones while the full scope luxury with 24 hours security assure high returns of your investment.

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Central Park Apartments for Sale 

Everyone in today’s time wants to have a classy residence as it reflects their standards are personality. Bahria Central Park Karachi understands this aspect greatly and that is why all the homes are established in an exceptional way. The rooms are extensive and beautiful while the bathrooms, kitchen, TV lounge and other areas are built on an international level. All the apartments and living spaces are designed as per the international standards which you can choose according to your family needs. This project is specially planned for small families who want to lead a comfortable and facilitated life. 

All the apartments are designed in such a way which can easily catch the attention of anyone to start living here remarkably with his family. Modern architectures, designers and engineers show the best services by their intelligence and hard work. 

The overall building is also planned excellently where each and everything gets a good deal of arrangement, planning and attention. You will definitely live the best life with your family at such a tremendous place which has established to meet all your dreams and desires in the best possible manner. 

Central Park Apartments Karachi Aims

There are many aims which have been magnified by the developer regarding this project. Some of these aims are mentioned in detail below!

To provoke development

This project is basically the best way to provoke the development in all the sectors and Apartment communities of Karachi city.

To give the quality residence

There is the main motive which is defined by the developer. This motive is to provide the best residence. This will be the new way of exploring the ultra-modern era with the bright investment future.

To Give the Proper Facilities

The main aim is to facilitate all the people of this project. There is this very important point that facilities must reach to all even if they are from the middle class.

To Provide the Solution of Residence

To provide the desirable residential solutions to the citizens of Karachi because it’s the right of every person to get a perfect residence.

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Central Park Apartments Karachi Location Map

Having modern architecture and all luxuries the project also holds one of the best and ideal locations of the town and situated at between three major avenues within its most exclusive Bahria Paradise plan in Precinct 54. It’s easy to reach from any part of Bahria Paradise, thanks to 3 main roads that run next to it: Its linkage to main highways and commercial surroundings make it a very suitable business and investment locality.

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Central Park Apartments Karachi Payment Plan 

This venture is not for only elite class but for everyone. The people of average income and limited sources can also buy 2 bedroom apartments for sale are available in very attractive price which you can pay through flexible installment policies. You just have to pay a certain amount of down payment. 

This project offers different sizes of a single storey and double storey houses on one-time full payment and installments facility is also made available. Booking is currently open for these apartments and penthouses on first come first served premise, venture developers claim that development work of the project has also begun and venture is equipped with all fundamental and extravagance amenities. The booking procedure is very simple. 

All the chances are very bright here because of its admired and high financial status, market value and tactical location. Your dealing today with attractive and affordable prices will earn you a desirable lifestyle and enormous benefits in future. Flexible instalment policies are also there for the convenience of people. We are sharing a detailed payment plan with you through which you will get all the information about rates and booking.  


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Facilities & Amenities 

 The project is pledging some breathtaking features for its future inhabitants mentioned down below:

Luxury with an economical price

This is the vision behind this residential project as it provides the economical price range and with that price comes the massive luxury and best facilities to develop a stamen and signature project delivery. The desirable luxuries are available to the inhabitants of Karachi with highly affordability. It is a remarkable feature of this project which allow the average income people also to adopt a quality lifestyle with attractive property prices.

The modern infrastructure

Every apartment and the building presents a statement to the viewer and keeping that mind all the homes designed in Central Park Apartments are saying the story of new development and urbanization in a different way. The living spaces are constructed, specially designed in a modern and a compatible way where every essential thing has given the measured space. This is what most of us look for in a living place that it should appear more prominent than its size and everything should be modern.

Innovative structure 

The structure of the project is kept very simple and modern, with every apartment has the essential features. The style is new and different from other apartment projects and gaining high value because of the uniqueness. Apartments are styled in such a way that not even the single change in the infrastructure would cause ambiguity for the residents. These designs which are built keeping in mind the comfort are called comfortable designing.

Commercial area

The commercial surroundings of Center Park View Apartments add more value to this place. The future cost will increase while people will have access to all the basic essentials in close proximity to their residence. In the coming time, the commercial growth will highly affect the property demand, rental incomes and investment opportunities giving best value of your money. 

High Alert Security

This is the main point of any residential area and most of the projects compromises the security of the residents for their hidden reasons. Central Park Karachi is the best and the most secure place to live as all the force which is kept to guard the society is specially trained and then appointed. CCTV cameras and the advanced security system assure a peaceful and terror-free living environment.


Water is also an essential thing, and Karachi is suffering from a big water crisis. In this scenario, the water purifying plant is also provided to the resident and the water supply is always made sure by the project. It is planned that a convenient and healthy lifestyle will be given to people with the proper provision of basic necessities and of course clean drinking water comes first.


Sui gas supply is sometimes interrupted by the issues for that the underground pipes are made strong so that this approach all the places even during winter. This will not be the case in Central Park where every apartment has a proper access to the Sui Gas and the residents won’t face any issue in this regard.


Proper electricity supply is provided to residents with the backup generators, proper and underground electrifications. Every living space has an appropriate electricity access without the troubling load shedding which is common in all the area. The proper electricity supply through the advanced electrification is the most significant advantage provided to the residents of this venture.


The sewerage system is made on the rules of the international and modern standards to provide the best sanitation facilities in the society. The pipelines will be undergrounded while the whole sewerage plane is based on the advanced concepts in order to avoid the serious problems in this regard. Every apartment will have a proper sewerage, pipelines and sanitation system in Bahria Town Center Park View Apartments Karachi.

Entertainment spaces and gym

The developers have also planned to make part various entertainment options of this project so that people can spend the quality time without going anywhere else. The gym, cinema, swimming pool and sports options are remarkable which will be established and maintained by the management. People will surely have a tremendous living experience with the availability of all these attractive amenities around them. 

Building management

A proper maintenance and management staff will be there to resolve the problems faced by the residents of this place. You will find the quick assistance in all the matters without any delay. It is a great feature to give people convenience whenever they need. 

Wide and fully maintained roads

The building of the Central Park Apartment is connected to the main and carpeted roads while all the roads are developed before the construction was done so that there was a nice and pleasant image which could be observed by the residents that the main focus is to provide easier and urbanized resources and roads are included in them. There will be parks around the building, including jogging tracks and swings. You can enjoy these both at the same time this infrastructure is adopted from the foreign style of architecture.

Theme Park

This promising residential project in Bahria Town will have a theme park in close vicinity which will be the source of much entertainment. This theme park will change the way you think quality time is! With the modern and more developed swing and rides from children to adults, everyone will have the equal fun.

Parking Space

There will be an extensive and advanced parking space available where the residents can park their vehicles easily without any additional cost. All kinds of vehicles can be parked here with reliable security management who will look after them all the time. 

Best Location

Location plays a very crucial role in setting the value and demand of any residential and investment property. The developers of this venture have chosen the excellent location which is attracting the large number of people to own a place here surrounded by all the essential facilities, comforts and conveniences. 

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