Most of the people have a proper setup in Lahore regarding their job and they are motivated in their carrier settlement. During this phase, they want a home. That home is their essential requirement and they don’t have time to build it. As we know that finding a new land and then construction process seems very long and we don’t have that much time in our life. This is the reason why most of the people like to buy flats. But these flats or apartments must be in the ideal location. Most of the housing schemes are providing them but all of them very far from the actual city. It takes a long time to travel.

To solve this problem Burj Al Saeed has been constructed on the best location of Lahore. So that all those who want to stay in Lahore or want to shift with their families for the purpose of studies or making more money through the job. There are many people who want to reshape the way they live but still, they want a cool and perfect location within Lahore. For all those these apartments are their dream destination. That is the reason why most of the people trust Burj Al Saeed in their residential solution because it is perfect for each and every perspective.

Burj Al Saeed has been successfully running a gold market. Now the developers want to use utilize their property in the residential scheme also. They seem quite successful in this project too. Let's discuss the detail below.

Burj Al Saeed Location Map

Now let me explain you the prime location of Burj Al-Saeed. It is located at one of the most developed regions of main Shalimar link road Mughalpura in Lahore. This location is the key location for all the important areas in Lahore. All the firms and the colleges are just 10 mins away from this specific area. G.T road is a few minutes drive away and so are the Shalimar gardens. After 3 mins you will reach Saddar bazar and Cantonment area by Flyover.

  • Jail Road is not more than 10 mins away

  • Anarkali is not more than 7 mins drive away

  • M.A.O College is really close and 5 to 10 mins away

  • Saddar is also close to your location

  • Gulberg comes after few mins drive because of Burj Al Saeed is a key location to all the important roads and places in Lahore

Burj Al Saeed Location Map

Burj Al Saeed Payment plan

You can book your apartment now by following the instructions you can have commercial shops and residential apartments on both cash payment and instalments.


Booking of Residential apartments starts at 10% down payment and the rest of the amount could be paid in monthly instalments. Whereas the cash price of commercial shop starts from Rs 950,000/-.

For the residential plots, the price varies from area to area of the apartment you have selected.

Burj Al Saeed Features

There is very few apartment building in Lahore which is in such an ideal location and also equipped with the facilities you need in your life as a compulsion.


The supply of electricity does not stop and you will remain tension free. As there are most of the areas where the weak wiring cause the weather changes to affect the electricity supply. But here this issue could never be created due to the high-quality wiring. Where are building a has its own generator which supplies electricity during load shedding.

Water Supply

Water supply remains constant and it is never disturbed even in the top floors

Sui Gas Supply

Even in winter, the Sui gas supply is not at all interrupted. As the problem could be solved urgently. This is the advantage of prime location.

Parking Area

There are a separate parking lot and two-story parking area where you can safely park your vehicles are staying tension free.


High-quality elevators are there. They are very fast at speed. The maintenance is kept in mind all the time that is the reason why lifts are never jammed.

Prime Location

Due to the prime location, you are linked with all the important hospitals and the educational complexes in Lahore. You can easily avail them from your home. Even all the important job firm and organization and the important fun places like Zoo is near your location

Praying Area

There is a small praying area in building for offering prayer. All the important mosques are already near your location.

Sitting Area

There is a sitting area which is designed for the visitors. Neighbours can also sit and know each other in this lounge.

Terrace and Balcony

There are a terrace and a balcony too in every apartment for making your living experience more cool and relaxing.

Modern Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the building is developed for every resident to avail the modern and urbanized lifestyle with comfort and luxury.

Developed Building

The building is developed and this is the reason why gold plaza is already too much successful and the best project Lahore have, regarding the development sector.

State of Art Architecture

The architecture of the apartment is marvellous. Everything is arranged and kept according to the planned way, Not even a single ambiguity has been faced by the residents of the building,


Sewerage system of most of the areas is not that much efficient. Especially when we talk about the sewerage system. Many of the areas and housing schemes failed to deliver the quality of sewerage system properly. But here things work very differently and everything is planed in the map of the building to avoid the issues.


The most important component is the safety and security if the residents the high alert guard faculty is there which is monitoring all the actions through the CCTV cameras.

Burj AL Saeed Pvt

This project is a phase 2 of the shopping mall in Lahore where the successful gold market is already creating the best image of the developers. The aim is to provide new ideas of development to the world by the developers.


If you want t live securely in a building where everything is close. You are at the right place. Burj Al Saeed is the solution to your residential issues. This place is designed to comfort you in all the ways. And make your residential experience like never before! You can find the apartments and payment plans from as your location is our destination.



Burj Al Saeed Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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