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Bin Qasim Town Karachi

Karachi City spans over vast area and every day new towns and societies are increasing the size of Karachi in every direction. Bin Qasim Town is also part of Karachi since 14th of the August 2001. Bin Qasim Town came into existence as the Federal Government of that time introduced local government reforms in 2000, these reforms resulted in elimination of third tire of government and the fourth tire of i.e. districts instead of administrative divisions came into existence. All of the former Divisions were dissolved to form a New Karachi City District along with eighteen autonomous constitute towns. Bin Qasim Town Karachi is one of them.


Bin Qasin Town is located in South-East of Karachi along with Indus River and Arabian Sea Delta. The site is named after famous Muslim Fighter Muhammad Bin Qasim. Famous Bin Qasim Port is also located in this Town. The Town is so vast that it comprises of 7 Union Councils.

Bin Qasim Town:

Bin Qasim Town is an important Town of Karachi and has an important value due to its geological location. The Port Qasim (2nd Largest Port of Pakistan) is another port of Karachi City which is now fully functional and is dealing cargo handling on larger scale and that port has shifted the load from Karachi Port to Bin Qasim Port. The area in Bin Qasim Town is turning to be industrial and residential area where industrialists are investing on larger scale as government is supporting them with several incentives and by providing all supporting facilities. According the population census of 1998, Bin Qasim Town has a population of more than 3,15,000 people and now after several facilities are available and area is further developed, the population is increasing rapidly. People of various backgrounds are residing in Bin Qasim Town but majority of them are Sindhi People while other are Punjabis, Seraikis, Bloch, and Memons.

Following Union Councils are part of Bin Qasim Town Karachi.

Gaghar, Cattle Colony, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Ibrahim Hyderi, Landhi Colony, Quaidabad and Rehri. Lala Munawer Khan is Town Nazim of Vin Qasim Town.

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