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Banni Chowk Rawalpindi

 Rawalpindi is a city with a mix construction history i.e. after shifting of Capital of Pakistan to Islamabad, Rawalpindi got a lot of attention and people invest in every sector especially in Real Estate. Banni Chowk is a crossing point where several roads meet each other and it is an important place located in close proximity of Rawalpindi City. Murree Road is located at walking distance from it, while it connects Jamia Masjid Road, Kohati Bazar Road, Saidpur Road Circular Road and Karar Pur Road. Banni Chowk is a developed and populated area. Banni Chowk has developed infrastructure while the areas around Banni Chowk are fully populated. If you are looking for properties around Banni Chowk Rawalpindi, then visit this Page.

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