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Baghbanpura Lahore

Baghbanpura is a Town located around G.T Road Lahore near historical and famous Shalimar Gardens. The Town is also home to Shrine of famous Saint Madhu Lal Hussain, while UET campus Lahore is located at walking distance of 3 minutes only. Baghbanpura falls under the Shalimar tehsil of Lahore District. The inspiration of name for town drives from the Shalimar Gardens located North of Baghbanpur (not in original status), the original garden was very large and now reduced to current status. The City District Government of Lahore is also working to broaden the Shalimar Chowk. Further the first Chief Justice of Pakistan was also from Baghbanpura Lahore.


Baghbanpura Lahore is located nearby Lahore Ring Road and facing G.T Road on its Eastern side. Northern side faces Shalimar Gardens and College Road, while Southern side face Bhogiwal Road, Singhpura, Islampura, Begampura and UET University.


The infrastructure of Baghbanpura Lahore is one of the oldest and ancient one which reflects the old style development in that area. The narrow streets and old fashioned houses are easily available at aghbanpura. Though all of the facilities at Baghbanpura are available, however the area deserves more than current status. The infrastructure includes Roads, Streets, Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage System, Government College, UET University, Government Hospital, Gardens, and Pakistan Bazar as well.

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