Bahria Town is an International Developer that owns and developed several world class and state of art real estate developments which presents better image of Pakistan. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is a part of Bahria Town which offers a complete living community in lush green and healthy environment. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is located in West-South of Rawalpindi City. Awami Villas Rawalpindi is a residential project of Bahria Town Rawalpindi offering a comprehensive living community especially to those with lower level of income and limited resources. This reflects that Bahria Town is also fulfilling its social responsibility by providing residency to those with lower level of income.


Awami villas Rawalpindi is located adjacent to Phase 7 and located at the main Bahria Expressway which reflects the beauty and adds value to adjoining projects of Bahria Town. This also reflects that Bahria gives proper attention to all of its projects by providing all possible facilities regardless of class and profit margins.

Awami Villas Plan and Facilities:

The project is mainly meant for Public welfare and to offer standard and affordable housing units to those who want to enjoy a dedicated community with all living facilities available to them in close proximity. The semi commercial project offers a comprehensive and unique living experience with low cost that it directly benefits those with lower income and those who passes through the hardships of life and has experience the economical crisis. The well planned and fully developed constructed houses offers all living and aiding facilities that are a part of Bahria Town all residential projects.

Awami Villas are based on Pre-Fabricated technology that lower the construction cost. This technology is working fine in Malaysia, Australia, Middle East and South America as well. The pre-mature Fabricated Housing technology is serving well from past 20 years in above stated countries. Following facilities are part of Awami Villas Rawalpindi.

Beautifully Constructed Houses

Maintenance Center

Commercial Area

Wide and Carpeted Roads


Park and Amusements


Gas, Water, Electricity and Telecommunication Medium


Quality Education School and Colleges.