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Asghar Mall Road Rawalpindi

Asghar Mall Road is a Link Road between Murree Road Pirwadhai Road. Asghar Mall Road starts from Murree Road near Islamabad International Airport located on Eastern side of it, while Asghar Mall Road after Murree Road known as Chah Sultan Road and connect north-Western part of Rawalpindi with Eastern part. Benazir Bhutto Hospital is located close to Asghar Mall Road, further the Saidpur Road also intersect Asghar Mall Road. Asghar Mall Road is also known as TB Hospital Road as TB Hospital is located on it. Asghar Mall Road is a residential area which offers developed homes. The area is developed according to traditional values while all living facilities are available in surroundings of it. Asghar Mall Road has a famous College named Government College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi, the college has historical value and is constructed in 1904. At that time the college has a status of High School, after independence, Government of Pakistan ranked the High School as College while the current building is constructed in 1914. Famous Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar also known as Rawalpindi Express studied in that college.

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