A distinctive and sophisticated lifestyle is available through Annafeu Garden Karachi. This place offers a great living experience to you with its best surroundings and facilities. Karachi is the most important and largest city of Pakistan which has been developed greatly in all the sectors. The real estate of this city is developed very greatly with so many remarkable establishments in Karachi. Annafeu Garden is the top-class place which enables you to own a lifestyle you always wished to have.

Annafeu Garden Karachi Location Map
Annafeu Garden Karachi Payment Plan

Here the residential and commercial plots are available with the chance to live with class and high standards according to the contemporary time. Everything here matches your taste very well and give you a sense of peace, comforts and luxurious existence. You will be able to celebrate every minute of your life while surrounded by the world-famous attractions and amenities. This place is a key to contemporary living.

The best of Karachi and of an ideal residence is available to you here at one place. The life you craved for is no more a matter of the dream with the development of Annafeu Garden Karachi. A memorable and significant life is guaranteed through this place which is the best one for all of you. If you really want to elevate the living standards and raise them to new heights, then this society is the best choice for you.

Plots Available in Annafue Garden Karachi 

Residential Plots 

  • 120 Sq. Yd
  • 200 Sq. Yd

Commercial Plots 

  • 100 Sq. Yd
  • 400 Sq. Yd

Annafue Garden Karachi Location Map

No matter whether you are a residential or commercial plot buyer, location is the most important factor. It matters a lot and effects greatly on your living, your business and investment also. The location of Annafue Garden is really very ideal which tends to give you the best experience.

Annafeu Garden Karachi Location Map

It is located in Scheme 45, Northern Bypass where you will enjoy great connectivity to the city's best schools, hospitals, restaurants, roads and many other places. It is the most desirable and profitable location of Karachi which provides the best conditions to you. The financial reward is higher as it is the developed and prominent region where many developments have been done and still going on.

The safest and facilitated surroundings of Annafeu Garden Karachi are enough to make it the appealing place to own property. It is the most suitable and prime location in every way for your living and investments. The value and status of this locality are supposed to be increased more in the future.


Annafeu Builders and Developers have established this project to gives you a sense of modernity, reliability and lavishness. A need of modern and advanced living spaces has urged many real estate developers to establish places which can fulfil all the cravings about an ideal living and investment hub.

The developers of Annafeu Garden Karachi are among those who understand the need of urban developed places which meet your desires and needs. Everything is planned and designed very exclusively which ensures a desirable living or investment options. It is becoming the preferred choice of people with its growing status and reputation.

Its sustainable and unique development status has already made it the popular while it is expected that it will endure more in the future. The aim behind this project is to provide an elevated sort of existence within your budget. This place is established with the highest specifications and possesses unique characteristics.

Features and Amenities

It is crucial to living with comforts while surrounded by all the basic and advanced facilities. Here in Annafeu Garden Lahore, you can have the best of world-class amenities and features which facilitate you at every step of your life. This project claims all those essentials you find necessary to have in your life.

All these features and facilities are very effective while attracting the large number of people to choose this place for living or investing. This sophisticated place ensures a lifestyle of your dreams and desires with the world-class options available to you. Here is the detailed list of everything this place is enriched with.

  • 24/7 Sense of Security
  • Gated Community
  • Proximity to City's Main Attractions
  • Commercial Sector
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Wide Roads
  • Sports Club
  • Fitness Center
  • Community Complex
  • Mosque
  • Educational Facilities
  • Health Facilities
  • Modern Sewerage
  • Continuous Electricity Supply
  • Filtered Water
  • Swimming Pool


This properly planned and organized community is an exceptional living and investment place for people. Annafeu Garden is the best option for everyone as highly important factors of ideal living space is available for the people. It is one of those urbanized projects who has changed the face of the real estate market in Pakistan.

This well-maintained gated community provide a very suitable and top-class atmosphere with the best options and opportunities. Move your lifestyle to a new and exclusive direction with this project which has more than you expected and desired for you!


Annafeu Garden Karachi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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