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Ameen Town Rawalpindi

Ameen Town is a small housing society which offers complete residential plan on prime location. It is located on I.J.P Road which is said to be common road of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Sector I10 is located in front of Ameen Town. The Town is fully developed and all living facilities are available at Ameen Town. Availability of living facilities in Ameen Town Rawalpindi makes the site perfect choice for residency. Ameen Town offers complete infrastructure including roads, streets, sewerage & drainage system while facilities are electricity, drinking water, gas, commercial market, schools, shops, park and mosque. A river also follows from Eastern side of it. Ameen Town is a small residency community which suits best for those who want to have a dream home with availability of all living facilities while located on prime location and direct and easy access within a few minutes to all main points of Rawalpindi an Islamabad.

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