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Allama Iqbal Colony Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi has spread on both sides of G.T Road, the area between Islamabad Highway and G.T Road is known as Main Rawalpindi City while area on West of G.T Road is also mush developed and like Main City, it also has same modern facilities and amenities of life as well. Allama Iqbal Colony is located in populated area while the colony is fully developed and populated. Allama Iqbal Colony spans over a large residential area and hundreds of families are residing in constructed homes.


Allama Iqbal Colony is located in close proximity of Main City, Tench Road passes from its Southern side while Dhok Sayeedan Road passes from Western side. The residential colonies on Eastern side are Hazara Colony, Azizabad, Muhammadi Colony and Dhoke Chaudrian. Famous Tench Bhata Colony is located in South-East of it. Western side faces Chaman Abad with Dhok Sayeedan Road as common.


Allama Iqbal Colony is a complete residential colony which offers all residential facilities and complete infrastructure to its residents. Colony has developed area including developed roads, streets, street lights, sewerage and drainage system, park, marriage hall, mosque, cemetery while facilities includes electricity, drinking water, gas, schools, health centers and commercial market. All plots of Colony have been converted into developed homes. With the availability of all facilities, Allama Iqbal Colony is a good choice for residency.

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