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Project Highlights

- 3 and 5 Marla Villas

- British and Egyptian Architecture

- Ideal Located in Al-Noor Orchard

- 5 Years Payment Plan

- Booking with 20% down payment

- Innovative villas designs

As one of the top real estate development in Lahore, Al Noor Orchard Lahore is going to introduce premium villas for sale where a luxurious lifestyle awaits you. This luxury community is all set to provide the best residential options to the inhabitants of Lahore, and now these well-crafted homes in Al Noor Orchard are going to redefine the meaning of sophistication, exclusivity, comfort, and quality. These family-oriented spaces are perfect for settling and starting a unique way of living; however, the investment potential is also very high here. Because of the alluring charm and exclusivity, this project is gaining high value and appreciation where people want to own their dream home.

Payment Plan

Project Plan

Location Map


Facilities and Features

Al Noor Orchard

A large area of land is specified for the development of different size homes for sale such as 3 Marla and 5 Marla surrounded by lush greenery and all kind of facilities. The houses are designed and planned extraordinarily, while international architecture adds more to the inspiration. Living here will surely be the most pleasant and amazing experience where luxury and affordability are combined very well for potential buyers. People can own a home to elevate their quality of life by surrounding them with all kinds of amenities and facilities.

Located in the heart of the Al Noor Orchard community, these homes offer spacious and well-defined living spaces for those who want to experience something incredible. Al Noor Orchard villas project is surely a great addition in the real estate of Lahore, where the modest villas are available to give people futuristic investment and ideal living opportunities.

The interior layouts, architectural styles, and development of the villas are planned in an exceptional manner where you can be a homeowner to the place, which gives you the freedom to design everything within as you want. Buying your home here is a wise and futuristic choice where comfort, privacy, and ideal living are maximized for you. Every villa here assures a delightful, safe, and luxurious living experience in accordance with the international way.

Your expectations to be packed with the best and extraordinary in your home are fulfilled remarkably by this project, which is based on new concepts and trends. A better lifestyle with a bright future is waiting for you to come and own your dream home here.

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Al-Noor Orchard Villas Lahore Payment Plan

Al Noor Orchard Villas are here to provide a safe, reliable, and futuristic investment to potential clients. The residential needs of people can also be catered very well by this project which has 3 Marla and 5 Marla designer villas fulfilling all the latest development trends. The developers have planned everything about this project remarkably including the payment plan. It is a plan of many conveniences and comforts which allow people to own their dream home while following easy booking terms and conditions.

Buying a home here will not be a matter of financial burden which is common in many housing schemes nowadays. The buyers and investors will experience the desirable benefits and future returns by owning property here to secure the future of themselves and their families. Remarkable financial status, global development, and ideal location indicate that it would be a wise decision to be a part of Al Noor Orchard villas through which you will get desirable returns and increasing value of the homes. The detailed payment plan containing all the details is described below for you. These are pre-launch prices that will increase in the coming time. 


Al Noor Orchard Villas Payment Plan

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Why Invest in Al Noor Orchard Villas Lahore?

Because of the strategic location and auspicious development of villas, this place is gaining high value and appreciation in the market where the properties are reachable at competitive rates. With 1 and 2 bedroom houses model in Al Noor Orchard Lahore, you can own a dream sort of residence as all the villas are well-constructed, making the perfect blend with the outside natural and peaceful surroundings.

The contemporary design, spacious parts, and the latest architectural approach originate an overall ideal living destination in Lahore where the freedom of individual living, privacy, security, desirable lifestyle, and higher returns are guaranteed. This will prove a smart investment as this project is initiated by Pakistan’s leading real estate name.

Investing in Al Noor Orchard villas is surely the wise and futuristic decision you should take now to gain high values in the future as well as to elevate your living standards. The comfort and high-class development of villas are the main attractions of this project, along with the appreciative market value, which makes this place worth both for residential and investment purposes.

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Villas Specifications 

- High-Quality finishes 

- Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms 

- State of the art design

- Terrace and Balconies 

Al Noor Orchard Villas Project Plan 

- 3 Marla Villas for Sale 

- 5 Marla Villas for Sale 

Al Noor Orchard Villas is a great development in Lahore city which provide people with a chance to experience a premium lifestyle packed with all kind of facilities. The luxury villas here allow you to fulfill all your dreams and fantasies related to your home and you. World-class residential spaces with advanced specifications make it the promising living hub which fulfills all the latest architectural and development concepts.

All the residential units are planned spaciously and stylishly so that people can have a lifestyle matched with the current requirements however the sustainable designs increase the worth and demand of this project. The project includes 3 Marla and 5 Marla villas for sale which are planned in an international way where living would surely give you a sense of immense peace, delight, and exclusivity in close proximity to all the facilities. The rooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen area, and other parts of the houses are spacious and modernly maintained to provide a private and remarkable sort of living to the residents. 

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Plan 2

Al Noor Orchard Lahore

A lot of world-class amenities and all the necessities are made part of this place to attain a better lifestyle which is a dream and desire of every person. You are also available with a chance to design the interior as per your desires and preferences as this place gives you the freedom to do so. With the perfect flooring and slanting roofs, Al Noor Orchard Villas are perfect for investment as well as for living where you can treat yourself to wonderful amenities in the comfort of your exclusive living space.

Al Noor Orchard Villas

Al Noor Orchard Villas are gaining immense appreciation in the current time and becoming the most sought-after project nowadays. The ample privacy and personal spaces are the main features while remarkable planning and make it stand prominent among the other real estate developments of Lahore. These gated community villas assure the safety and security of the residents while giving them sought-after access to the main attractions of the city. The resale value of these villas is also very high because of the global approach and growing demand in the market.

The designer kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces make it the ideal home to live in while you will get better returns on the money you paid. Al Noor Orchard Villas ensures tremendous investment returns because of the unique project development status and planning.

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Al Noor-Orchard Villas Location Map

This Marvelous project is found in the heart of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore on Main Sharaqpur Road which is the most sought-after location of Lahore for real estate investments. This new development is going to be placed near al Noor orchard block D from where society’s all attractions are closely connected making it the perfect location to live and invest. The developers have chosen the prime position of the Al Noor Orchard housing scheme for the development of modern homes where people can attain a dream lifestyle packed with all the world-class options which are essential to lead a significant life.


The educational and health options are closely available however the current neighborhood is excellent and definitely, the status will improve in the future. Transportation facilities are also closely available making access and connectivity more appealing. Many local amenities also bring a great impact on the real estate price and demand of Al Noor orchard villas where the grocery stores, food, and shopping opportunities are within a close radius and increase the property value.

Al Noor Orchard Villas Location Attractions

The proximity to all such amenities and options from your residents makes your living really comfortable and convenient where you do not need to go far away for these facilities. The location from all the aspects is the most important factor while buying a home or making any other real estate investment and Al Noor Orchard Villas location is truly ideal in this regard. Everything around the villas and neighborhood will surely bring a huge impact on the living quality of the residents as well as on the property status in the future.

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Al Noor Orchard Villas Developers 

Al Noor Orchard Villas Lahore is a project of Al-Jalil developers which is the top real estate name in Pakistan for introducing the finest projects ideal for living and investment. The developers have shown great public concerns and high quality in all of their projects including Al Jalil Gardens, Al Noor Orchard Lahore and now they are going to redefine the concept of urbanization after introducing the exclusive villas for sale. 

Al Noor Orchard Villas Facilities and Features

If you want to have the best and international level of facilities, Al Noor Orchard is your destination. This society is the mega project which will cover the entire essentials you need to spend a quality and convenient sort of lifestyle. To lead a balanced and convenient way of living, we all need a good living environment enriched with the features and utilitarian amenities to make your life remarkable. Al Noor Orchard villas are established with the aim to provide immense comfort to all the residents. This place is truly ideal for living and investment where world-class facilities and amenities are available to people which will make their residence excellent in every way.

Al Noor Orchard Villas

The peaceful and serene environment away from the city life adds more to the charm and delight of residing here while people will not face any issue to avail the necessities of life because everything is available within the society. Living here is an incredible experience for all those who want to lead a meaningful life surrounded by all kinds of convenience all the time. The social, health, recreational and environmental; all facilities are closely available which is a great attraction for people to own a home in Al Noor Orchard. Here, the following facilities are available!

- Prime Location 

- Peaceful Surroundings 

- Parks & Green Landscapes 

- High-Alert Security 

- Well-Designed Homes

- Jamia Mosque  

- Recreational facilities 

- Modern Insfrastructure 

- Wide Carpeted roads 

- Underground electricity 

- Advanced Sewerage 

- Water Filtration Plant 

- Schools 

- Hospitals 

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This is a perfect place to start living a pleasurable life with affordability. Now if we look at the overall development and the facilities even the aim of the organization Al Noor Orchard Villas will prove one of the best projects and this will not only change the future of the urban lifestyle but also the repute of Multan by developing the new ways of urbanization not only in upper class but for the middle class as well. Built a home or invest whatever you want, but don’t miss this chance and book your plot now!

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