Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi is an ongoing project which ensures the quality existence to people according to advanced modes. The place offers a variety of properties including residential and commercial plots. This place ensures the provision of facilitated and comfortable residence through the striking features and amenities it offers. The project is spread over the vast land while divided into different sectors and blocks. There are 5, 10 and 1 Kanal residential plots and 1 Marla commercial plots for shops. The modern approach of this venture in all its aspects attracts many people towards this place to live, invest or start a new business.

Al-Jannat Garden Location Map
Al-Jannat Garden Payment Plan

Development work is rapidly going on and considerable work has been done. The ideal location and other various features make this project one of the top-class projects of Rawalpindi. Living at this place among the peaceful and beautiful surroundings is a source of great pleasure. This venture guarantees the best living and business experience to people as it is enriched with tremendous amenities. With affordable payment, one can enjoy the deluxe and pleasing living experience in its real sense. This is an attractive place for families to surround themselves with every type of facility and comfort while living here. The value of this land is becoming high day by day so there is also a good chance to invest and set new business in this venture. This place is appealing to clients or families in every way because of the excellence it is wrapped with.

Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi Location Map

The location is one of the central concerns while deciding to live in any place. Well-known and easily accessible location is the priority of everyone. Al-Jannat Garden is chiefly located at the very famous Chakri Road, a few minutes away from Chakri interchange. Many important roads like Motorway, Islamabad and GT road are closely linked to the place. Many renowned housing projects like Bahira Town DHA are in close proximity to this society. The close proximity to numerous famous projects, schools, colleges, hospitals, transportation spots, and many others attract the attention of clients or families to live at this ideal location which is beneficial from every aspect.

Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi Location Map

Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The payment policy of this project is announced according to the needs and desires of the clients. Plots can be booked on cash payments while easy installment plans are also available thus the allotment of the plot will be conditional until the full payment. The payment plan is as follows:

Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi Payment Plan


This outstanding project is developed by Al-Jannat Marketing (PVT) LTD which is rising as a prominent name in real estate sector with its proper project plan, expert engineers and designers, and a brilliant marketing team. The first priority of the developers is to form up the appropriate land of one’s dreams and desires with a peaceful and facilitated environment. The residents of Al-Jannat Garden certainly enjoy the quality lifestyle because of the professional excellence and high experience of Al-Jannat Marketing corporation.


This residence is idyllic with many striking features and amenities it is enriched with. The place offers such peaceful and facilitated surroundings through which people can live fully without being troubled about basic necessities and facilities. This vast project managed all sort of services like educational, health, entertainment and others within itself and this is a source of great convenience to people who live at this place. Wide arrange of amenities the place proposes are as follows:

  1. Educational and Health Facilities

These two are the basic needs to live properly and Al-Jannat garden facilitates people in these aspects very excellently. There are society’s own schools where people can send their children close to gain high standard education very close to the residence. People do not need to be troubled about sending their children far away from the homes. Moreover, health services are also available for people 24/7 as there is a medical center within the place. The medical services or first aid is provided without delay and carefully to people. While living in this society is like surrounds oneself with top class health and educational conveniences.

  1. Security and Safety

This is a place where people can enjoy the living in a fully secure and protected environment. It is a gated community with boundary walls all around the place. CCTV cameras and electronic security system are very active and monitoring team monitors everything with great care. All the security staff is very high alert and active to ensure the protected sort of place. Checking at the entrance is very strict and irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter the place.

  1. Modern Infrastructure

This project has one of the fine and best-developed infrastructures of this city. Roads of the society are built according to advanced modes which are extensive, smooth and neat with green belts. They are designed with such planning through which the traffic mess would be avoided. The jogging walking and driving tracks are different which is very convenient for the people. Furthermore, the society has its own beautifully designed mosque with an amazing exterior and interior. The mosque is a center of attention because of its architectural designing and facilities it is equipped with.

  1. Advanced Sewerage System

Sewerage and drainage problems of daily routine or especially in the rainy season are very prominent issues in Pakistan. Al-Jannat Garden society established an advanced sewerage system to avoid this kind of issues. Maintenance team maintains the system on regular basis in order to make the system work properly.

  1. Parks, Playgrounds and Natural Beauty

This place is located in a very beautiful location which is surrounded by amazing scenes of nature and a healthy atmosphere. There are many large and small rich green parks within the society where walking and sitting is very pleasant and peaceful. Separate playgrounds are also there for children where they can play with ease in a secure environment.

  1. Electricity, Water and Sui Gas Supply

This project ensures the proper supply of basic necessities like electricity, water, and Sui gas to the residents. The electrical connections are undergrounded and this way major breakdowns or electrical failures in storm or rain could be avoided. Clean water and Sui Gas are supplied to people properly and every plot has connections of these basic facilities.


This project is emerging as one of the successful and vast projects of Islamabad as it is adorned with so many facilities and features which are crucial for ideal living. From luxuries to small basic necessities, Al-Jannat provides one with the best living experience in an affordable payment plan. This place is something not to be missed because of its appealing approach in every aspect of life. So be quick as the limited land is available now because of the demanding value of the land.


Al-Jannat Garden Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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