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Introduction to the most awaited project

Lahore is well-known as the hub of Business, fastest growing, and most facilitated and most modern City in Pakistan, therefore, attracts people from all parts of the country. There has always been a charm of new developments and commercial centers in Lahore because the inhabitants from all over the province wish to come here with the expectation of new possibilities for work, study, better living and to boost their standard of life. As we discussed above that Lahore is the urbanized and metropolitan city that provides all above opportunities, so people desires to have a home or business in Lahore. But it’s hard for an individual to buy a home or business place in Lahore as he can't afford to buy. Hayat Engineers and Developers Pvt. Ltd has solved this problem by introducing an innovative multi-purpose venture Al-Hayat Center at the pleasant and upscale residential area of Lahore.

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Now anyone can have a business place and a modern and luxury living at Lahore in his will and his budget. Al-Hayat Center is an unmatched housing scheme at the prime location of PIA Road Lahore. The project is exclusively designed to cater the both commercial and residential needs of the inhabitants of Lahore. Al-Hayat Center is an up to date commercial center and state of the art business place featured with living facilities also. Al-Hayat center is located in the most upscale commercial area of Lahore and in Lahore's busy Central residential place where there is a desperate need for a convenience residential and retail space that caters the needs of heavily populated and wealthy neighborhoods.

Al-Hayat Center is a progressive project that will give you a new experience of doing business and take you to a new level. It is most innovative concepts that will give your business space it demands to grow. At Al-Hayat Center, you will be served with a complete and a secure occupant of luxury amenities, modern shopping, and Residence.


The Location

Al-Hayat Center is a grand project that is located in the mandated commercial area of the city on Main Boulevard of PIA road Lahore. The chosen site is the most up scaling place having more than 90% constructed societies in the surroundings. The major and posh communities are located in the surrounding of Al Hayat center including Wapda Town, PIA Housing Society, Bahria University, University of Central Punjab, and the SAREMCO Group. The site also has excellent road links with Nazariya e Pakistan Avenue, Wapda Avenue, Servis Road, Sardiyaab road, Baig Road and College Road.


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The offerings of project

Al-Hayat Center is a tall building that is spread over the vast area of land and offers seven storeys. The whole seven floors are divided into two commercial floors and five apartment floors and a basement with a parking space. The most acceptable and classic attribute of Al Hayat center is that the separate and exclusive entrance has been provided for residential floors and commercial levels. The lower levels of center offer a variety of shopping experiences and styles and multinational standard corporate facilities.


Corporate Offices

The Hayat Engineers has offered the opportunity for custom built offices. The each office represents the real picture of organizational culture. Each post is featured with conference room, spacious cubicle, elegant sitting area and top of the range equipment that support and fulfill all your business requirements. The developers have also provided convenient access to separate lift facilities.

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Shopping Mall

The lower floor and first-floor of the building will consist of a shopping mall that will entertain the best local and international brands of the country. The mall is going to provide a well-bred shopping experience to you and your family members.


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Al-Hayat Center is also offering beautiful and well-finished apartments to give you a real life. Each single unit is designed by artists who have extensive experience and expertise in contemporary apartment designs. The highest level of environmental quality has been used by the application of an uttered floor plan to give you a modern and comfortable living experience.

For the people who require simplicity with a touch of style, our apartments are small yet capacious with functional spaces for living rooms, spacious bedrooms, modern kitchens and bathrooms, and convenient underground parking.

The Al Hayat apartments are designed by keeping in mind the light and sun and the building take care of the light within the center of the and fulfill the need of the sunlight required.

Al-Hayat Center is such a venture that fulfills all your dreams, as no other project can give you the feeling of enjoyment that you get from owning a shop, or apartment. The developers have made perfect and ideal planning for the selection of the location and the architecture, state-of-the-art designing to even the minor details with exclusivity.


Booking Details

The project offers an exclusive opportunity to you with the convenient and easy installment plan. You can make the booking with 10% of total amount after that you have to pay 10% confirmation price within 30 days of booking. The balance amount 80% will be covered in an easy installments plan of 24 months or 8 quarters.


Al-Hayat Center
 Rate per Sqft 
Lower Ground Floor                                      10,000
Ground Floor                                      15,000
1st Floor                                        7,500
2nd Floor                                        7,000
3rd Floor                                        7,000
4th Floor                                        6,000
5th Floor                                        6,000



The developers have arranged the parking space for over 200 vehicles in its basement. The separate parking outside the building is also available so you won't have any trouble of parking your car. 

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The whole building is connected with efficiently managed elevators. The traffic flow is well controlled within the mall through the modern elevators and escalators at all the floors.

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Power Backup

Al-Hayat Center is equipped with 100% power backup system where they have installed high voltage producing generators. So after living here, you will never worry about load shedding or electricity breakdowns.

Prayer Room

Separate prayer rooms for ladies and gents have been constructed on each single floor.


The Automated Teller Machines are also installed on around the commercial area to facilitate the residents and visitors.

Air Conditioning

The Building is being designed centrally air-conditioned, including commercial areas and service areas. Reversible air conditioning system is also operational in all the residential apartments.

Gas Supply

The Bulk gas supply has also been made available with the primary billing system.

Water Supply System

Natural, uninterrupted manageable water supply system also provided through turbines inclusive of central hot water supply system.

Fire Security System

Extensive fire detection with alarm system and fire reduction system has been made available on each floor.

24/7 Maintenance Service

General maintenance services are also made available 24/7 on one call. Now all essential services are available at your just for your support on Round the clock.

24 Hour Security

Highly sensitive security system with closed circuit TV system (CCTV) and walk through the gate is installed to monitor different locations within and around the Building.


For Booking Contact:

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