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Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi

Abdullah Haroon Road is a famous Business spot in Saddar Town Karachi. It starts from M.A Jinnah Road which comes from Luxury Beach and last till Guru Mandir Chorangi. There are several famous buildings located on Abdullah Haroon Road and these buildings are providing good location for Business Activities. The famous and well known buildings at Abdullah Haroon Road includes Bank Alflah located on both facing M.A Jinnah and Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar Underground Market, Saddar GPO, Mehboob Cloth Market, Global Syndicate, Hotel Jabees, Al Najeebi Electronics Market (constructed last year with 17 floor plan and 164 feet of height), Mobile Market and several other Business and Residential Markets and Places. Abdullah Haroon Road provide people a proper place where they can run their business affairs and also enjoys the residency in large buildings. There are several buildings at Abdullah Haroon Road that offers both commercial and residency solution while buildings with specific purpose i.e. for residential or commercial purposes are also exist with proper infrastructure and layout.

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