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The most outstanding and exclusive residential venture called Abdullah City Rawalpindi is here to provide the best living experience to people. This place aims to provide a highly standardized place where lifestyle could be maintained according to advanced modes and features. It is adorned with such amenities which grabs the attention of clients of families to start living a quality lifestyle. The facilitated and luxurious sort of environment is promised by this project. Different property types are available according to the needs of various families. This place holds a golden chance for people to start living at the place which is built to fulfill the needs and demands of high and standard existence. Located on a very ideal and prime location, this project offers a very calm and peaceful living to people who choose to live here.

Abdullah City Rawalpindi Location Map
Abdullah City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

It is established highly on international standards and contemporary time’s needs and demands. It facilitates people in every walk either in education, health, security, and entertainment aspects. Living here is synonymous to live prosperously and conveniently as this project is packed with many striking features and facilities.

Abdullah City Rawalpindi Location Map

The locality of any residential place is among the vital aspects and Abdullah City offers the best location of Rawalpindi. Ideally, this place is located on a very famous road called Ghous-e-Azam Road, Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. It is closely connected to many important and main roads while M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway is also near to this project. This location is prime as well as beautifully surrounded by a serene and healthy atmosphere. The direct interaction while living here is really a source of peace and comfort. Many beneficial spots are also in a close proximity to this place which is very convenient for the residents of Abdullah City Rawalpindi.

Abdullah City Islamabad Location

Abdullah City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The payment plan of this place is highly affordable and attractive while flexible installment plans are also available. The method of land ownership is very clear and straight without any complications. One gets the best return of one’s payment either in the form of best residence experience or in form of profit gained by investing at this place. The business future is also very bright at this place in a very convenient payment or installment policies. The payment plan is as follows:


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Project Plan

This vast project is consists of many property types as the place is suitable for multiple purposes. Along with the best residential option, Abdullah City also provides an opportunity for setting new business here or land is also available for farmhouses as this place is surrounded by a serene atmosphere. Residential property is available in the form of plots and constructed houses are also available. There are 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marla residential plots, 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marla built houses, 1 Marla to 3 Marla commercial plots and 60 Marla to 100 Marla plots for farmhouses.

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This tremendous project is developed by an excellent and well-reputed name called Aziz Builders and Developers. The professionalism and sincerity are shown by them in their every project. They care a lot about the comfort of people and provide the best sort of living experience to people through their brilliant ventures. This project is the best example of their public concerns about providing them a quality and highly standardized living opportunity thus also adds more prestige to the name of Aziz Builders.

Facilities and Features

This project is full of modern amenities and striking features to provide people with the best sort of lifestyle. Not only basic necessities but also additional facilities are available for people in a best possible way. It contains all those desirable features and amenities which are essential to living prosperously and luxuriously. This project is established according to new trends and thus proposes an existence equal to a global level. So here is the detail of everything you want to know!

  1. Beautiful Houses

Are you looking for a well constructed and an advanced architectural designed house to live? If yes then Abdullah City Rawalpindi has resolved your problem about finding an ideal house to live. The houses are constructed very amazingly and attract families or people to live in them while surrounded by a beautiful and serene atmosphere. The ventilation of the houses is splendid while equipped with every basic facility and feature. These generously wide houses are available at affordable prices where people can live with great happiness and ease.  

  1. Extensive Roads with Green Belts

The roads are designed very beautifully and modernly according to advanced techniques and modes. Wide and neat roads provide a source of comfort and ease while walking or driving on them. The green belts around the roads add more the pleasant sight and beauty of infrastructure. The walking, driving and jogging tracks are different which is very convenient for both drivers and pedestrians.

  1. Modern Sewerage

Drainage and sewerage problems are among the most serious issues of our country. To avoid this problem, Abdullah city has developed a very modern and advanced sewerage system through which serious sewerage problems could be avoided. The maintenance staff maintains the system on a regular basis so that people can be saved from these problems.

  1. Electricity, Water and Sui Gas supply

The provision of the basic necessities like electricity, clean water, and Sui gas is assured by the society to its residents. Every property in this project has a proper connection of these facilities in an advanced way. The electrification system is undergrounded through which major breakdowns could be avoided in a storm or in the rainy season. This project assures the supply of clean and pure water and proper gas supply to the residents.

  1. Safety and Security

The safety and security of people are among the main concerns of this project. The smart security system is available to provide the best possible security services so that people can live in a terror free environment. CCTV cameras are fitted everywhere to keep an eye on every happening thus security staff and the system is very high alert and active all the time. The checking at the entrance point is very strict while irrelevant persons are prohibited to enter the place.

  1. Serene and Healthy Atmosphere

This place is situated on a very beautiful and serene location which is a source of much calm and peace of mind. The lush green environment, beautiful landscapes, and parks within the society provide a great deal of relaxation and amusement to people. One can live in a place which is enriched with modern amenities as well as natural beauty.

  1. Other Facilities

Apart from the basic necessities, Abdulla City Rawalpindi offers some advanced and additional facilities for the entertainment and facility of people. There is a recreational corner which is a very attractive feature and provides a lot of entertainment opportunities for people. Best family restaurants are also there which gives the best food services to people in every way. There is also a health care center which provides the best first aid and instant medical treatment in an advanced way as it is fully equipped with the highly qualified medical staff and necessary equipment.


This place conveys such eminent and outstanding lifestyle to the people ornamented with modern amenities and features. One can enjoy both beautiful natural surroundings and urbanized lifestyle at the same time. So do you want an upscale and convenient living experience at an affordable price? If you want this choose Abdullah City Rawalpindi now.

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Abdullah City Rawalpindi Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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