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Lehtarar Road Islamabad

Lehtarar is a forestry area located towards east about 35 KM way from Main Islamabad Highway. The road that comes from Kotli Sattian joins the cross section at Lehtarar point which further moves towards Islamabad Highway while one cross section moves towards Patriata. The Lehtarar Road has a due value as it connects the eastern area of Rawalpindi District with Islamabad Highway. There are various Housing Schemes, Government Institutes and Organizations located around the Lehtarar Road. The area around Lehtarar is getting attention as the development is in process from last 10 years. After the start of development the area is getting attention of public and now various Housing Projects have been started in the surrounding area. The start of New Housing Schemes around Lehtarar Road increases the value of area. Some of the famous Housing Projects and towns are and includes Gulberg Islamabad and Gulberg Green, Ali Pur, Ali Pur Farash and others. Khanna Bridge combines the Rawalpindi City with Lehtarar Road. Here Islamabad International Air Port is located only at 5 minute of dive.

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