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Project Highlights 

- LDA Approved Project 

- Located near Kala Shah Kaku Interchange 

- 3, 5, & 10 Marla Residential Plots 

- Modern Homes & Apartments 

- 5-Year Easy Installment Plan 

- Equipped with Modern-day Facilities 

Laban Garden Residencia is a modern and low cost housing scheme in Lahore located at Kala Khatai Road near M-11 Motorway. This LDA approved society is planned innovatively to provide a high-standard living to people full of comforts. You can enjoy a safe and facilitated lifestyle that is matchless. Laban garden is among the best housing schemes in Lahore featuring a lush green environment, sustainable community design, modern-day amenities, and premium living. Also, the investment potential is high at this place because of the ideal location and modern development approach.

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Facilities and Features

You will find this place ideal both for living and investment purposes. Laban Garden housing scheme is offering residential plots and commercial plots on an easy 5-year installment plan. Along with plots, this project is also planned to offer luxurious apartments and villas for sale. However, it is a great addition to Lahore real estate portfolio with its high-end community plan, location, and features. Even at the initial stage, this housing society is gaining immense response from potential investors.

Laban Garden Residencia Lahore

Laban Garden payment plan is flexibly designed that is suitable for everyone. This place is a perfect blend of luxuries and sustainability. While developing this society, special public concerns are kept in view by the authorities. Laban Garden Lahore aims to bring premium living for people with much affordability. Moreover, society ensures high investment returns in the coming time. Let’s discuss other Laban Garden details so that you can make an informed investment decision! 

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Laban Garden Residencia LDA Approval Status 

Laban Garden is a legal housing scheme in Lahore that has gained its approval from LDA and other concerned authorities. The society is planned according to the legal laws and regulations defined by Lahore Development Authority. However, this place will have access to all the basic facilities of life such as underground electricity, water, and Sui Gas.

Laban Garden layout plan has also been approved. However, the development work is going swiftly in society. Because of Laban Garden LDA approved status, the investors can make a safe investment here with guaranteed future returns. To make the best and profitable investment decision, consider Laban Garden housing scheme Lahore. 

Laban Garden Residencial Plots for Sale 

Laban Garden Residencia Lahore is an ideal living and investment place. The society is offering plots in multiple sizes from which you can choose the one that suits your needs. Investing at this place is highly profitable because of the strategic Laban Garden location, modern town planning, high-end development and affordability. The current property rates are affordable that will increase soon.

Here, all the plots are attractively priced to fulfill the living and investment needs of all types of buyers. Laban Garden plots for sale will have access to all the basic necessities such as electricity, Sui Gas, water, and more. Currently, the society is offering residential plots. Soon the commercial plots will also be introduced. You can book Laban garden residential plots in the following sizes! 

- 3 Marla 

- 5 Marla 

- 10 Marla 

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Laban Garden Residencia Payment Plan

Laban Garden Residencia Payment Plan

Laban Garden is among the most affordable housing schemes in Lahore that provides incredible living and investment opportunities. You can save your present as well as future by investing in this top-notch project. Laban Garden plot prices are reasonable that allow everyone to own space here. This is a new housing project that is set in the most prime area of Lahore. Laban Garden Lahore payment plan is conveniently designed so that anyone can buy a plot here with much ease and convenience.

Through this low cost housing scheme in Lahore, the developers aim to give people a chance to elevate their living standards without going out of budget. Besides, this place is ideal for investment purposes. Currently, the property prices can be booked at affordable rates as this society is under development. Soon, Laban Garden Lahore plot prices will increase ensuring high returns to the investors. Society has so much to offer to fulfill the diverse living and investment needs of people.

Here, you can buy residential plots and commercial plots on easy 5-year payment plan. With a certain amount of down payment, you can book your plot in Laban Garden Lahore society followed by easy monthly installments. The society is offering 3 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots from which you can choose that suit your specific needs. However, Laban Garden housing society offers plot possession in 2.5 years. Buying a property in this project is a matter of great profits as the value and demand of Laban Garden plots will continue to increase. Here is the detailed Laban Garden Lahore latest payment plan containing all the details!

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Laban Garden Residencia Location 

Laban Garden Residencia Location

Laban Garden is ideally located at Kala Khatai Road Lahore near M-11 Motorway. Kala Khatai interchange is just 8 KM away from the society. Lahore Ring Road Easter Bypass is also in proximity. Set at the prime location of Lahore, this is an ideal living and investment destination. Many important roads and highways are connected to this project making it the most accessible community. The residents of Laban Garden can enjoy a safe and facilitated living full of comforts. All the basic and advanced amenities are close to this location such as schools, universities, hospitals, commercial markets, and more. Hence, this area is emerging as a new real estate investment hub where many well-known housing schemes have launched.

Even at the current time, the property value is high at this prime location. The development of various top-notch projects is going on here such as Lahore Smart City, Capital City Lahore, Motorway Gardens, Mustafa Garden Phase III, and more. Laban Garden plot prices will continue to increase because of such an incredible location. However, the investors will gain high returns on their investment. Along with high investment potential, Laban Garden location is also beneficial for living.

From basic to advanced, all the facilities are closely available to this project. One can easily reach this place from all over Lahore as the major highways and roads are directly linked to this society. Allama Iqbal International Airport is also just 15 minutes drive away from Laban Garden Residencia. You can buy a plot in this well-located community in order to gain benefits both in terms of living and investment. With easy approach, high-end connectivity, and accessibility, Laban Garden Lahore is the top choice for everyone. 

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Laban Garden Nearby Attractions 

- 10 Minutes’ drive from Kala Shah Kaku Interchange

- 15 Minutes’ drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport 

- 18 Minutes’ drive from Lahore Cantt 

- Adjacent to Lahore Smart City 

- Near UET KSK campus 

Laban Garden Residencia Master Plan 

Laban Garden is a well-planned community that is designed innovatively. Society has so much to offer its residents. Spread over a large land area, this project is offering residential and commercial properties in easy installments. Laban Garden has already gained its NOC from LDA and other concerned authorities. However, it is a safe and futuristic investment hub in Lahore.

The project is planned according to international concepts and ideas. Through this top-notch housing scheme, the developers aim to redefine the living standards of people. Laban Garden Residencia is a vast housing project spread over large land. Hence, it is divided into several blocks and sectors. Each block will be equipped with the basic as well as advanced amenities of life that include wide carpeted roads, parks, electricity, Sui gas, water, telephone exchange, advanced sewerage, school, hospital, and more.

Along with plots, the society is also planned to offer luxury apartments and villas for sale. Also, there will be a medical center, departmental store, playgrounds, parks, shops, offices, commercial sector, and more. This is going to be the safe, luxurious, and modern housing society in Lahore featuring a lot of amenities. By investing in residential plots, you can secure land to build a dream home in the coming time. Moreover, the commercial plots give you incredible business opportunities. Currently, Laban Garden has introduced its Phase I. Soon, Laban Garden phase II will also be introduced by the developers. 

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Laban Garden Residencia Development Status 

Laban Garden is a new housing scheme in Lahore that has already gained its NOC from LDA. The layout plan of the society has been also approved according to which the development work in Laban Garden Phase I has started. At the initial level, boundary wall, Main Boulevard, and road construction are going on.

The developers ensure to complete the development work as soon as possible. For this, the construction work is going on at a fast pace. You can also visit the society on the ground to encounter the development progress. The following images elaborate on Laban Garden development status! 

Laban Garden Residencia development status

Laban Garden Lahore development update

Laban Garden development status

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Laban Garden Residencia Developers 

Laban Garden Lahore is a project of Iza Developers that is a remarkable name in Pakistan real estate industry. The developers have planned this gated community according to global standards in order to elevate your living standards. Highly professional and brilliant members, architectures, and town planners are consulted in order to establish such a housing scheme that fulfills the international living requirements. The developers at the initial stage set up the whole plan and then seek the final approval from the concerned authorities so that all kinds of issues in the future can be avoided.

With vast experience in real estate because of which Iza Developers have proven themselves as the premier property developers with a significant approach in every matter. Through their innovative and excellent work, they are contributing to the rapid growth of the property market. Transparency and reliability are the main tools through which they achieve a higher customer satisfaction level. The expertise in architect development, land acquisition, construction, and designing has helped them to be ranked among the best real estate developers.

By establishing long-lasting and trustable relations with the customers, they are continually enlarging the role of the leading and best real estate developers. Their performance is based on confidence, trust, and honesty and that is why people trust them to gain futuristic benefits through their investment in Laban Garden Lahore.

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Laban Garden Lahore Facilities and Features 

Laban Garden is a master-planned gated community packed with an abundance of facilities and features. The developers aim to introduce high-standard living to people with affordability. There are many facilities which have been provided through the continent location and within society, all the major facilities are provided keeping in mind the requirement of modern-day people. Laban Garden Residencia Lahore is offering the following facilities and features! 

24/7 Security 

Laban Garden is a gated community that offers a safe living to people. The society has boundary walls and CCTV cameras in all parts to make sure the safety of the residents. 


The main factor that is extremely necessary for a modern society is bringing the best health district for the residents. In Laban Garden Residencia Lahore health department is the key part of the society plan and buyers can enjoy first-class services with the best doctors available 24/7 using advanced medical gear.

Modern Infrastructure

Laban Garden housing scheme is designed in the proper way to provide the impact of modern infrastructure and the certain and proper way shows the content initiative of urbanization in Lahore. 

Educational Facilities 

In this society, your children will get a top-notch education and you can enroll them in top international reputable schools, colleges, and universities that will be extremely close to your future homes.

Departmental Stores

The LGR society gives the best area for buying daily life products in one shop. The best shopping malls to purchase all types of essential groceries will be available in this society to facilitate the residential sector. 24/7 open stores including pharmacies and local grocery centers will be the main part of the residential block to offer convenience for residential families.

Theme Parks

The best feature of LGR Lahore includes dedicated green spaces for commercial and residential blocks by creating a natural environment to breathe fresh air every day. This society is best for spending time with friends and family by enjoying beautiful views covered in green layers of trees and flowers, creating an exciting parkland for residents.

Sports Districts

Within Laban Garden Residencia Lahore developers objective is to create a healthy and eco-friendly environment by designing sports districts that can facilitate all age groups. This society will bring fresh ideas related to the sports community by offering stadiums for cricket, football, hockey, and indoor games.

Modern Houses 

Laban Garden is also going to offer luxurious apartments and homes. These exclusive homes let you have peace of mind by starting each day surrounded by high-end features and facilities. The infrastructure planning is done with parking available for cars and bikes. 

Underground Electricity 

Laban Garden will have an underground electrification system. Hence, the smart electricity connections for residential and commercial properties are safest with no threat of power failure. The clean water drainage system and 24/7 supply of gas allow one to experience a convenient living. 

How to Book Plot in Laban Garden Residencia?

Laban Garden Lahore is your one-stop destination to invest and gain desirable profits in the coming time. Here, the plots are available on easy payment plan. For Laban Garden booking, contact the expert team of now! 

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