The living standards are becoming high day by day by the establishment of many remarkable and excellent additions in the real estate sector. Many outclass residential and commercial projects are developed which improve the living standards of people in many ways. Karakoram Greens Islamabad is one of the most exclusive and luxurious residential projects which is built completely according to global style. The project has a very unique approach towards providing a quality existence to people. This place gives a residential opportunity in an ultra-luxurious, peaceful and facilitated environment which grabs the attention of people to live here. The striking features and modern amenities influence people very much to improve their lifestyle after choosing this place to live.

Karakoram Greens Islamabad Location Map
Karakoram Greens Islamabad Payment Plan

This venture is established with a brilliant planning and aims to provide apartments where living would be a source of much ease and pleasure. International Architectural Building has deluxe apartments which are also luxurious and designed according to new trends and styles. Living in this place is very much like the ideal living dreams have become true. Karakoram Greens Islamabad is adorned with everything one needs to live a quality and high-level lifestyle. This desirable residence is available for people to live in a tremendous sort of environment at the very prime location and in affordable payments.

Karakoram Greens Islamabad Location Map

The location of this venture is among the most appealing aspects while considering this place. The place is ideally located on Gulberg Greens, Islamabad which is a very prime location of this city. The area is surrounded by a serene and healthy atmosphere where people could live with the peace of mind. Many beneficial and important places are closely connected to this place while it is easily accessible from all over the area. One enjoys the amenities as well as the natural and serene environment at the same time.

Karakoram Greens Islamabad Location Map


Karakoram Greens Islamabad Payment Plan

This venture is enriched with such amenities and features which provide the golden chance to live ideally and conveniently. The payment policy of this project is highly convenient and attractive which is organized according to the demands and needs of people. One can get the desirable lifestyle through easy instalment strategies. One gets the best return of one’s payment while living at this place which is full of facilities and services. The payment plan of Karakoram Greens Islamabad is as follows:

Karakoram Greens Islamabad Payment Plan Full Cash


Karakoram Greens Islamabad Payment Plan Full Cash

Karakoram Greens Islamabad Installment Plan

Karakoram Greens Islamabad on Installment

Project Plan

The project offers deluxe and stylish apartments with the option of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms. People can choose the suitable apartment according to their family needs. All the apartments are highly designed and facilitated in all the aspects. Generously broad apartments have airy and beautiful rooms, attached bathrooms, kitchen designed according to international level, comfortable TV lounge, and balconies. The outside view from the balconies is very pleasant as the place is located on a very beautiful and ideal location of Islamabad.


This outstanding project is developed by a well reputed and excellent name called Karakoram Enterprise who has a very unique approach in their projects. The best residential experience is promised by them in their projects where the main concern is to provide the most comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to people. This project is here to add more esteemed and brilliance to the reputation of Karakoram enterprise. It sets new trends in the real estate of Islamabad as it proposes the best and up to date features and facilities.

Features and Facilities

This place is full of modern amenities and striking features and living here is very much like surrounds oneself with full fledge facilitated environment. The place ensures the convenience in every way and makes one life highly prosperous and luxurious. This project is featured very uniquely in every way and one enjoys while living in this place. Here are the striking features and facilities the place offers to the residents.

  • Security Surveillance

The place ensures the safety and security of the residents in a best possible way. It has an advanced security system and high alert security staff which works 24/7 to provide a protected sort of place. The CCTV cameras and other smart security system is organized very highly and monitored very carefully by the security staff all the time.

  • Electricity, Water and Sui Gas

The supply of basic necessities is ensured in a proper way to the residents of Karakoram Greens Islamabad. The project has a standby generator setup through which continuous electricity is supplied to people. The supply of clean water is also a problem of today’s time but Karakoram Greens ensure the proper supply of clean and pure water to the residents. The fundamental necessities are provided in the best way to the inhabitants of this venture.

  • Maintenance Staff

A maintenance staff is available for the guide and help of people every time. If anyone faces any kind of problem or wants a guideline in any way the helping staff is here to guide them in a best possible manner. Every member of the staff is very helping and coordinate with people in a very sincerer way.

  • Parking Space

There is an extensive parking space for the people where they can park their vehicles with much ease. This is really a source of convenience for the residents as they do not need to be troubled in this regard. The parking area is fully secure and built according to advance style to avoid the mess or other problems.


Karakoram Greens Islamabad is one of the most outstanding and awesome projects which promise an ideal and advanced existence to people who choose this place. The place is highly convenient while packed with every facility and feature essential to lead a quality lifestyle. International standards are introduced in form of this project which could be a dream place for anyone to live in an advanced way. What are you waiting for then? Be quick to experience the best and luxurious living as soon as possible.


Karakoram Greens Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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