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Jinnah Garden Islamabad
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Jinnah Garden Islamabad is located close to Islamabad Highway, Naval Anchorage Road. This part of capital Islamabad is the most pollution free and calm and also considered to be well developed and planned. Jinnah Garden Islamabad is a model of sophistication with perfection, it’s a well thought out, managed and maintained Housing Scheme where every necessity of life is provided to its populace. The developments internally and in close proximity to Jinnah Garden are Naval Anchorage, Central Park, The Mark Associates and many other significant developments. Living in Jinnah Garden Islamabad is hassle free loaded with all the amenities. The roads & infrastructure are in good condition while traveling to any part of the city is not a problem from Jinnah Garden. All in all, it’s a place where everyone would wish to have his/her own house.

Salient Features:

- Gas

- Electricity

- Telephone

- Internet

- Sewerage

- Wide Roads

- Treated Water

- Jamia Mosques

- Indus Yoga Health Club

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