Many significant and remarkable societies are spread on the land of Islamabad as the real estate sector of this place is developing very rapidly. Many successful residential plots are held by different organizations in order to improve the living standards of people. Islamabad Co-operative Housing is a new project that gives chance to the average and middle-class community to upgrade their living standards and style. The place proposes an ideal and quality lifestyle on very easy terms and low price. This housing society is full of facilities and features which are crucially important to live happily and conveniently.

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Location Map
Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Payment Plan

The place provides a best residential experience for people who cannot afford to live in expensive housing societies yet want to improve their lifestyles. The Islamabad co-operative is come up with a desirable option to live in a quality way thus very affordable.  There are different sizes of commercial and residential plots available according to the needs of various people and families. Residential, business and investment options are very bright and promise the best return of one’s investment or payment. The place is enriched with every basic and some advanced facilities which give assurance of up mark and an awesome existence.  The combination of affordability and conveniences make this place a centre of attention where people can book their place for future benefits or quality residence.

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Society ICT Recognized

This project is documented completely and legally in every necessary way. It is approved by the Registrar Co-operative Societies Department, ICT Islamabad. The registration or approval number of this society is 313. There is no doubt regarding the legitimacy of this project as this place provides a completely safe and legal residence or investment to people who choose this place.

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Location Map

The location of any residential place is among the most vital aspects to consider while deciding a place to live. This project provides one of the supreme and well-recognized locations of Islamabad. Primarily, this place is situated on Fateh Jang Road which is in a close proximity to New Islamabad International Airport and Zero point. This place is closely connected to many important roads thus surrounded by many important and commercial places.

 Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Location Map

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Payment Plan

This project is established to provide the best residence experience to people at a low price. An amazing excellence and facilities are given to people thus without making them troubled about high and complex payment policies. Islamabad Co-operative is very ideal in this regard as desirable existence is given to people very easily and flexible. The easy and flexible payment or instalment strategies make obtainable the up rate and desirable lifestyle. Payment policy is very simple and attractive thus facilitate people in every way. Here is the payment plan for this outstanding project:

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Payment Plan

Project Plan

This is a very vast project which covers a considerable land thus various property types are available according to different people’s needs. 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plot are available while different size commercial plots are also there. The development work is going on rapidly and successfully in this place. The latest trends in designing, construction, planning and facilities are used in this project to give the desirable lifestyle to people.


This project is developed by ICHS Developers who work for the betterment of the middle-status people in a best possible way. The best customer and residential services are provided by them to people. They work hard and with considerable sincerity for the benefit of the residents of this place. They aim very high to improve the living standards of average people according to their resources. Thus on a very convenient and low payment, compromise is not made on any service or facility proposed by this project.

Facilities and Features

This residential project is designed as a completely new city packed with numerous facilities and striking features and to meet the fundamental needs of Infrastructure, resources, quality lifestyle and desirable environment.  The place promises to give all that one deserves and craves to have in one’s life in an appealing way. Valuable and sparkling amenities and services are available for the residents of ICHS. The society plans the following features and amenities for this venture:

1. Protected Community

Best security services are provided to people so that they can live in a terror-free and peaceful environment. The advanced security system is organized in this place which is very active and high alert. The place ensures 24/7 security surveillance to people as it is very important in today’s time. The community is highly secured by CCTV cameras, smart cameras and other security staff to make this place ideal for living.

2. Basic Necessities

The place assures the supply of basic necessities in a best possible way. Proper supply of electricity, clean water and Sui gas is assured to the residents. The electrification system is undergrounded through which major breakdowns could be avoided in unusual circumstances. Filtered and pure water is provided to people which is very necessary to have a healthy living.

3. Parks and Landscapes

ICHS provides one with a chance to interact with nature and serene atmosphere along with modern amenities. Much land of this project is allotted to wide green parks and beautiful landscapes which give the sense of aesthetic pleasure. Walking and sitting in these rich green parks are a source of great pleasure and relaxation. Separate playgrounds are available where children can play with ease and comfort in a safe zone.

4. Wide and Neat Roads

This society has a very attractive and pleasing roads network. The roads are extensive, neat and white along with green belts. Walking, jogging and driving all the tracks are very smooth wide and neat. Walking or driving on these roads is very comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

5. Central Mosque

There is a very luxurious and facilitated mosque built within the society. This is a very convenient feature where people can say prayers five times a day in a very comfortable and facilitated environment while very close to their residence.

6. Educational and Health Facilities

This society aims to facilitate people in the educational and health aspects by establishing schools, colleges and healthcare units within society. The best health and educational services will be provided to people to the best of possibility.

7. Shopping Center

For the convenience of people, a shopping mall and grocery stores are also a prominent part of this project. People do not need to go out or far away for shopping purposes and for basic needs of daily life.


Now, a marvellous and luxurious existence is no more a dream for people who have meagre income resources. Islamabad Co-operative housing society cares about the needs and cravings of people. The desires and demands of different families and people are kept in a very appreciably so that an eminence sort of existence could be provided to people in the best manner. So be quick to become a part of this safe, luxurious and facilitated community as soon as possible.



Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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